Scholarship: Multidisciplinary Approaches

Strategic Priority


Responsible Group




4. Scholarship: Multidisciplinary Approaches

4.1 Establishment: To establish a national presence in strategic research areas.

4.2 Advancement: To advance and sustain an enduring presence in strategic research areas.


Lead: Office of Research and Development

Co-Lead: Office of the Provost

Academic Leadership Council

Office of University Advancement

Faculty Senate: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Academic Activity; Faculty Rights and Responsibilities; Information Technology, Library, and Academic Resources

University Senate: Finances and Facilities

Student Senate; Graduate Student Association


4.1 Significant increase analysis to identify baseline and significant, meaningful increase in research activities reported in Activity Insight for Faculty.

4.2 Growth analysis to plan strategies for sustainable research expansion.

4.3 To support scholarship, develop a financial model that becomes an integral component of a fiscally responsible financial planning model for the university.


Report Card: Each spring, significant increase and growth reports on research status will be used by key stakeholders to establish and ensure the growth of strategic areas of research.

Identification of strategic research areas that will earn national recognition.

Strategies for evaluation and sustainable growth of present and new initiatives.