2020 Vision: A Strategic Plan for NJIT

2020 Vision–The NJIT Strategic Plan (.pdf) sets a bold challenge for NJIT, one that will move the university into the top tier of technological research universities. With its pragmatic focus on students, learning, scholarly research, community and investment, it lays out a blueprint for growth. The plan offers specific objectives and strategies that will improve the way NJIT educates students, advances research, and ultimately contributes to the local, regional and national economy, thereby responding to its four-part mission of education, research, service, and economic development. It also describes the specific investments required to implement the improvements and achieve the goals. Although ambitious, 2020 Vision is built on the reality of NJIT finances and shows how well-planned stewardship can bring about transformation while investing within our means.

This strategic plan is the next step in NJIT's growth and continuous improvement. As a university, NJIT has changed its profile over the last four decades, growing from a small engineering school into a doctoral research university, and this growth continues. Today the university enrolls more than 10,600 students and spends over $100 million on basic and applied research every year. Over the next decade, guided by this plan, NJIT will accelerate the pace of change. This vision for the university in 2020 includes strong education and support systems for our students. It also intends to transform the curriculum, advance scholarly research, and foster the objectives of partnerships with industry, government and other higher education institutions globally through appropriate and manageable investment in human, physical, and technological resources.

Our aim is to develop a student body of the best prepared and most ambitious, entrepreneurial young men and women. They will see themselves as future leaders in their fields, well prepared because they know that an NJIT education has provided them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, as well as an understanding of the world’s complexity enabling them to be engaged as designers, engineers, managers, scientists, and technologists in a global society.

2020 Vision – President’s Memo to the Board