Global Community: Diverse Leadership

Strategic Priority


Responsible Group




5. Global Community: Diverse Leadership

5.1 Diverse Research Leadership: To hire, develop, and retain diverse faculty leaders in strategic education research areas.

5.2 Diverse Administrative Leadership: To hire, develop, and retain diverse leaders in academic and administrative departments.


Lead: Office for Human Resources

Co-Lead: Office of the Provost

Academic Leadership Council

Murray Center for Women in Technology

Faculty Senate:  Academic Strategic Planning and Budget Priorities

University Senate: Human Resources

Industrial Advisory Boards and Industry Partners

5.1 & 5.2 By year, identification of significant, meaningful increase in diverse faculty and administrative leaders.

5.3. To support diverse leadership, develop a financial model that becomes an integral component of a fiscally responsible financial planning model for the university.

Report Card: Each spring, significant increase reports will be used by key stakeholders to increase the hiring, retention, and promotion rates for diverse faculty and administrative leaders.


Creation of a campus environment in which the diverse perspectives of faculty and administrative leaders are integrated into the campus environment.