Small Business Innovation Research Program

SBIR Contacts


With SBIR & STTR, inventors and small businesses can:

  • Fund innovative, high risk, early stage projects to start or  expand a business
  • Receive funding quickly -- in as little as 4 months from application
  • Apply for funding with very little paperwork, time or effort
  • Retain full ownership of their technology & intellectual  property
  • Receive additional, active support for business planning, commercialization at NO COST
  • Establish a bid-advantaged, sole-source marketing position with the world's largest, ready-made customer
  • Gain credibility with their marketplace and their potential  investors
  • Receive real cash revenues, usually paid in advance of the work required


Phase I    
  Funds: up to $150,000 (some less)
  Time: 6 months (some 9 months)
  Purpose: demonstrate feasibility (can be on paper)
  Product:: report and Phase II Proposal (can us Phase I funds)
Phase II    
  Funds: up to $1,000,000 (some less)
  Time: up to two years (or more)
  Purpose: refine, test & evaluate the concept
  Product: report and /or prototype
Phase III    
  Funds: unlimited (no SBIR funding BUT can market sole-source to US
  Time: unlimited (no graduation, no size limit)
  Purpose: commercialization of the concept
  Product: product or service for sale


Participation Requirements Project Should Offer
No more than 500 employees Solution to agency's problem or enhancement to agency's mission
Organized as "for profit " firm Early stage, innovative, technology-based idea/concept
Independently owned and operated Actual research (needed to show feasibility --real possibility of failure)
51% owned by US citizens /resident aliens Feasibility determined within the funds available ($50k - $100k)
Principal place of business in USA Prototype evaluated with limited Phase II funds ($225k - $750k)
Principal investigator must be primarily (51%) employed by the proposing firm A demonstrable business opportunity for the applicant


  • Acquire funds for plant /equipment, advertising, patent writing, etc.
  • Get unsolicited proposals funded - MUST be responsive to solicitation