Counseling Services

For Students

Phillis Bolling, NJIT Counseling Center The NJIT Counseling Center located in Campbell Hall 205, ext 3414. The counseling center provides screening, assessment, outpatient counseling and referral to off campus treatment facilities and 12 step groups for students with substance abuse problems.  Students may also receive assistance and referrals from Student Health Services, ext.3621.

NJIT trained professionals are ready to assist  students, faculty and staff with available counseling and awareness programs.  The university encourages an academic environment that respects individuals freedom while promoting the health, safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff.

Counseling services are confidential, in accordance with legal and ethical professional practices.  Legal and ethical exceptions to confidentiality are discussed with students, faculty and staff prior to receiving services.

NJIT is committed to maintain a drug-free environment and has strict guidelines and policies for students, faculty and staff governing the use or distribution of drugs and narcotics.  Substance abuse issues are addressed as part of first year students Connections and Miniversity programs, as well as during the annual Alcohol Awareness Week program.

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For Employees

The employee assistance program provides assistance to university employees.  Contact Dean Conrad, ext. 3293, for employee assistance.

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