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Interoffice Mail Procedures

External Mailing Procedures

Mail Center Services


Incoming University Mail



Located in Room B10, Cullimore Hall basement, the Mail Center is open during normal university business hours.  To reach the Mailing Services Manager, please call extension 3191. For Charge Backs and Account Information call Office Services at 3190.


The mail truck leaves for the Newark post office each day at 3:00 p.m. Mail must be brought to the Mail Center no later than 2:45 p.m. to be included in that trip. Later mailings will be deposited in the outside mailbox and collected by USPS (United States Postal Service) at 5:00 p.m.

The university metering machines are closed each day 15 minutes before the end of business hours. If you require postage on an item you are planning to deliver to the Post Office yourself, please bring it to the Mail Center before that time. All metered mail must be delivered to the post office, on the same day it is metered.


Services include envelope stuffing, labeling, sealing, tabbing, metering, packaging, and full mail sorting for bulk discounts on large mailings.  Also, United Parcel shipping, insured, certified, registered and express mail are processed through the Mail Center.

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Interoffice mail consists of enveloped correspondence for delivery internally to the NJIT community. We also deliver interoffice mail to Rutgers-Newark and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

DO NOT USE WHITE ENVELOPES FOR INTERNAL MAIL. They may be mistaken for outgoing mailing envelopes and inadvertently metered. As a result, sorting and delivery will be delayed and unnecessary postage may be applied at considerable expense to the university, with the attendant delay for the correspondents.

Interoffice envelopes are provided by the Mail Center for internal mail. When using interoffice envelopes, make sure all previous markings have been marked out to ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. The addressee should always appear on the last line. Do not address between previous markings.

Please provide a full name and department on all interoffice envelopes.


For your use, the Office of University Communications produces News@NJIT. All announcements and notices for the university community should be included in this internal publication. Contact University Communications for further information.

Announcements not being sent to the entire community can be addressed through the Mail Center. The following internal mailing lists are maintained for your convenience:

List –1 Faculty
List –2 Administrators
List –3 Support Staff
List –4 Laboratory Staff
List –5 Physical Plant Staff
List –6 Public Safety Staff
List –7 Mt. Laurel Tech.
List –8 VP’s, Department Heads and #9
List –9 Chairpersons

If you wish to have notices mailed to any of the above lists, please mark your duplicating requisition in the appropriate space. For information regarding the counts on these lists, contact the Mail Center.


Corrections or additions to the interoffice mailing lists should be made by completing a Personnel Information Form in Human Resources. For deletions, please send a memo directly to the Mail Center.

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Each department should include their department in the return address location. This will aid in charging postage correctly and delivering returned mail.


The following is recommended, in sequence and position indicated for addressing, to insure most efficient handling and delivery by the USPS:

EAST WEST FL 99999-9999

When addressing keep in mind that the post office automated equipment reads address information from the bottom up. Make sure the place where you want the mail delivered appears on the line immediately above the city, state and ZIP code. Eliminate all punctuation except the hyphen between the ZIP code and plus four. Use all upper case letters when typing, and always use two-letter state abbreviations. Handwritten addresses must be legible. The USPS will return illegible mail as undeliverable.

Do not place any plastic or scotch tape over the address or the stamp since the automatic equipment cannot read through it.

Please Note: All outgoing mail should show the correct ZIP Code.

The address labels on flats (envelopes 6 X 9" and larger) should be positioned with the opening flap on the left. Envelopes that are improperly prepared may be damaged by mailing equipment.


The size of the envelope should properly accommodate the contents. For use in the postal system, there are basically two categories of envelopes: letter size and flats. White, standard size envelopes should be used whenever possible. Flats are envelopes larger than letter size, but not larger than 12" high by 15" long and ¾" thick. Flats must be sealed prior to sending to the NJIT Mail Center, since the machine cannot automatically seal envelops larger than letter size. Standard size envelopes should be sent to the Mail Center with the flaps open, nested into each other and secured with an elastic band.

Overstuffed envelopes will not pass through the postage machine and will be returned to the sender. Senders will be advised to flatten them or put the contents in an appropriately sized flat and reseal.


Departments should prepare outgoing mail for pickup as follows:

  • Separate bundles should be created for inter-office mail, outgoing USPS mail, and Foreign Mail, each bound with a rubber band. Attach identification showing department or account number.


Incoming and Outgoing

Outgoing personal mail is handled along with university mail. You may deposit your personal mail in your outgoing departmental mail if it is sealed and has the proper postage affixed. For your convenience, a stamp machine is located in the Hazell Center. Our personnel will be glad to help you determine the proper amount of postage. NJIT, however, can assume no responsibility for personal mail deposited in the university system. All mail addressed to an NJIT address is the property of the university. The receipt of personal correspondence at the university is strictly prohibited.


The Mail Center handles all outgoing United Parcel Service (UPS) shipments. Incoming UPS packages are received daily by Physical Plant at the Tiernan Loading Dock. Packages to be sent out via United Parcel should be delivered to the Mail Center along with typed address label showing the recipient and the sender. UPS will not accept packages covered with wrapping paper.

These packages are picked up each afternoon by United Parcel and must be in the mailroom by 12:00 noon to make the same day pickup.

Any packages returned to the original shipper must be sent to the Mail Center with a new mailing label showing the vendor, delivery address and ZIP codes. Each department must assume the cost for packages returned unless prior arrangements have been made with the original shipper and an appropriate pick-up number is provided.


12:00  noon Package must be in the Mail Center for UPS pick-up
2:45 p.m.     Final mail due in Mail Center for same day Post Office delivery.
4:15 p.m.    Postage meters are closed for the day.

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A Bulk Mailing Requisition form must accompany any bulk mailings. These forms are available through the Mail Center.  Mailing Requisitions must be sent to the Mail Manager showing complete details of your requirements and, if available, samples of your mailing pieces.

For information on prices for services please contact Office Services at ext. 3191.


NJIT offers an optional discounted bulk mailing program for mailings consisting of a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of the same item.

Depending on your delivery needs and advanced planning, this program can reduce your postage costs considerably. Postage cost reductions can run as high as 50% of that for individual piece rates. However, allowance must be made for possible extended delivery times. Third class bulk mail usually arrives at its destination within 7-10 days, but the USPS will make no guarantees.


The university bulk mailing permit may also be used to mail items at First Class postal rates. Even though using the First Class permit does not save on your departmental postage costs, it does save time and labor in the Mail Center. Each piece of your mailing does not have to be individually metered by our personnel. Requirements for using the permit for First Class are the same as those for standard mail shown previously. However, your mail will be processed by the postal service in the same time frame as any other First Class material.


To assist you in planning your large scale mailings, please note the following:

  1. Upon receipt of a mailing requisition and appropriate material each job will be given a place in the queue and a mail date projected.
  2. This projected mail date will depend on complexity of the job, staffing levels and work back-log in the inventory. If the date exceeds the time frames listed below, the coordinator will notify the department by phone.

The time frames listed below are for guidance only:

     Size of Mailing

    Up to 1,000 pieces ..............2 working days

    1,001 to 5,000 pieces.......... 3 working days

For bulk mailings over 5,000 pieces and all large first class mailings, please call the Manager, ext. 3191, for scheduling information. Allow an additional time for USPS delivery after your mailing has been processed by the Mail Center.

When using an outside mailing house and the NJIT permit please give the Manager at least a one week notice to assure sufficient funds are on deposit with the U.S. Post Office. Outside mailing houses should be instructed to call the Manager on the day prior to dispatch.


The Mail Center has automated equipment to label your envelopes. We can process mailing lists printed either on self-adhesive address labels, ink-jet printer or four-across Chesire labels provided through the computing center.

Labels should be provided to the manager in ZIP code sequence accompanied by a mailing requisition.


The insertion of correspondence, reprints, and other printed matter (in excess of 100 pieces) into regular envelopes or window envelopes is available. Our automatic equipment can handle up to four standard size inserts at once. Any mailings with more than four inserts or large size envelopes requires hand inserting in the Mail Center so be sure to allow sufficient time for your mailing to be processed.


Automatic sealing of standard size gummed envelopes is provided by the Mail Center. For ten or more envelopes requiring sealing, leave the flaps open, nest into each other and then secure the envelopes with an elastic band.


A limited supply of recycled cartons are sometimes available. The Mail Center will prepare, package, process and mail each item. Your item must be accompanied by department name or account #. This service cannot be extended for the shipment of personal items.

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The following are classified as non-mailable and will be returned by the post office.

  1. Envelopes and Cards that are less than:
    • 3-2/3" in height, or
    • 5" in length, or
    • 007" in thickness (thickness of a post card)
  2. Window envelopes with enclosures stapled to prevent slippage of the address from window view. If the address does not properly fit the window, use an envelope without a window.


Listed below, with a brief description, are the most used available classes of mail.  If you have any questions regarding your mail, contact the Mail Center for further information.

First Class Mail

Any mailable matter may be mailed as First Class Mail. The following examples are considered First Class matter and must carry postage at First Class rates:

  1. Matter wholly or partially handwritten or typewritten
  2. Matter sealed against postal inspection
  3. Blank printed forms filled out in writing, including canceled or uncanceled checks.

Priority Mail

All First Class mail described above which is between 10 ounces and 70 pounds is considered priority mail and, at the option of the mailer for an additional charge, any mail weighing 10 ounces or less. There is a flat rate for up to two pounds. The two or three day promised service by the post office for Priority Mail has been discontinued.

Standard Mail A

The following is considered Standard Mail:

  • Circulars   
  • Catalogs
  • Booklets 
  • Newsletters
  • Merchandise
  • Product Samples
  • Photographs
  • Printed Matter

Each piece of individual Standard Mail must be less than 16 ounces. Anything heavier must be mailed as Standard Mail B or Priority Mail.  Standard Mail A cannot be personalized and any signatures must not be originals.

The standards for the overall size for single piece Third Class mail weighing one ounce or less are the same as for a First Class envelope.

Standard Mail B

The following is considered Standard Mail B.

  • Packages or Parcels
  • Computer Media
  • Library Materials 
  • Books
  • Bound Printed Matter  
  • Films
  • Sound Recordings     
  • Video Tapes


Certified Mail

Certified Mail provides you with a mailing receipt and the record of delivery is maintained at the recipients post office for two years. Certified Mail service is available only for First Class Mail. No insurance coverage is provided. A numbered label and completed receipt must be affixed.

Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested

Same as above, except that for a high additional fee a return receipt will be provided to you with proof of delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you must have a return receipt on file, you should not pay the additional fee. A receipt for certified mail can be requested from the recipient’s post office through the Mail Center within two years, if needed.

Registered Mail

The registered mail system is designed to provide added protection for valuable mail. Postal insurance may be purchased to cover articles valued up to $25,000. Registered mail is the most secure mail the Postal Service offers. It incorporates a system of receipts to monitor registered articles from the point of acceptance to delivery. Return receipt and restricted delivery services are available for additional fees. However this may delay delivery by 24-48 hours.

Registered mail should also be used for delivery to a foreign country, if return receipt is required.

Insured Mail

You can obtain payment for domestic mail that has been lost, rifled, or damaged, by having it insured. The maximum value is $600. Contact the Mail Center for information on available mail classes and rates.

Expedited Mail via USPS

Express Mail is a fast delivery service available from the USPS. It reaches all major markets in the U.S. and 84 foreign countries including P.O. Box addresses.

Express Mail provides for shipment of letters, documents and other mailable items. You may mail up to 70 pounds. Address labels are available in the mailroom, but please be sure to indicate your department above the account number when completing your label.

Courtesy Reply Mail

You may have reply envelopes preprinted with your departmental name. The right hand corner indicates that sender must affix the proper postage.  On courtesy business reply mail, the university is not assuming the cost for the postage when the piece is mailed back.

Prepaid Business Reply Mail

The university maintains a business reply mailing permit with the post office. When using the business reply permit, pieces must be preprinted with required barcoding, facing identification mark, and ZIP + 4. Currently, we have three different setups. They include: letter size return, postcard size return, and oversized postcard return. If you do not use the proper setup, your return mail will not be processed.

Please check with the Manager, extension 3191, before printing these permits. Postage is charged to your department monthly and only for pieces that are returned. Remember, there is a surcharge for each piece returned so the university is paying regular postage plus an additional fee for post office handling.

Non-profit Bulk Mail

The university maintains a non-profit bulk permit with the post office. Mailings of 200 or more identically printed pieces, or a minimum of 50 pounds for heavier material, can be sent at a very economical bulk nonprofit rate. These mailings must comply with detailed postal regulations concerning the permit use and printing, number and weight of mailing pieces, presorting, bundling, and sacking. Due to the extended delivery time, bulk mailing must be planned well in advance.

The university Mail Center processes bulk mailing from beginning to end. (See Mail Center Services section for further information.)

INTERNATIONAL MAIL                

You can mail letters and packages to almost any country in the world by using international mail service from the U.S. Postal Service. United States possessions and territories do not require international postage. The university currently uses an outside vendor to process international mail via Fed Ex at a significant reduction in cost.

Reminder: Please separate your international mail when sending to the Mail Center

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Incoming mail is picked up by the Physical Plant Department at the loading platform of the mail branch of the Newark Post Office prior to the start of your business day. Mail processed by the post office during the morning is delivered by a postal mail truck at approximately 11:30 a.m.


  1. Generally, all incoming First Class Mail received before 9:00 a.m. is sorted by the Mail Center for delivery to departments the same day.
  2. Interoffice mail is sorted as soon as it is returned to the Mail Center and is also normally delivered the following morning.

The Physical Plant trucks normally leave the Mail Center at approximately 10:00 a.m. to begin the three university mail routes. If you have interoffice mail which must reach another department the same day please bring it to the Mail Center before 9:00 a.m.

  • Business Reply Mail arrives at the university along with the other mail delivered by the post office truck at 11:30. It is sorted and processed for delivery to departments the following morning.

If you are waiting for responses to a program, you may contact the Mail Center in advance and arrange to pick up your Business Reply Mail the same day.


If you encounter problems with your incoming mail, contact the Manager, extension 3191, immediately. Please keep copies of any envelopes with delayed postmarks or problems, so that we can refer them to our regular customer service representatives within the postal system.

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