Life Sciences & Engineering Center

​NJIT’s Life Sciences and Engineering Center is a $19 million state-of-the-art research facility, of which about $13.5 million was funded by the State of New Jersey Higher Education Capital Facilities Grant Programs and the remainder by NJIT.

Life Sciences and Engineering Center Features

  • 24,500 Sq.Ft. of New Construction
  • 10,000 Sq.Ft. of Wet & Dry Labs
  • 10,500 Sq.Ft. of Core Functions & Support
  • 4,000 Sq.Ft. of Collaborative Space
  • Four Floors, Each Connected To Otto H. York Center For Environmental Engineering & Science
  • Promotes Trans-Disciplinary Research & Open, Shared Environment
  • Outdoor Plaza & Social Space
  • Multi-Use Science Commons
  • Science “On Display”