Verification of Presence

The U.S. Department of Education rules require NJIT to verify the presence of students in classes prior to the disbursement of financial aid. Details can be found in the Federal Student Aid Handbook.

Students must be present at least once before aid can be disbursed. Click here for the Verification of Presence FAQ.


Below are step by step instructions for faculty to verify the presence of students.

1. Go to Highlander Pipeline ( and log in with your UCID and password.

2. Click the “Faculty/Staff Services” tab.

3. Under “Administrative Services” click Banner Self-Service.

4. Click the “Faculty Services” tab and then click the link “Verification of Presence.”

5. Select the current term

6. Select the class for verification

7. The verification roster for the selected class will appear. For each student, select Yes or No from the dropdown menu


8. When completed, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

9. After submitting, additional sections may be verified by clicking “CRN Selection” at the bottom of the page.