August 2016 Graduates

Name Department Degree

Abdelhamid, Bassem M. Electrical Engineering BS
Abdel-Kader, Hady Business BS
Abraham, Achsah Biology BA
Acton, Patrick M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Adelaja, Adeyemi F. Chemical Engineering BS
Adriazola, Jimmie Applied Physics BS
Afolabi, Temilade M. Electrical Engineering BS
Afzal, Ahmad Engineering Management MS
Ali, Ahmed Mechanical Engineering BS
Allas, Erick P. Information Technology BS
Alvarez, Erica Architecture MAR
Alvarez, Gustavo Engineering Management MS
Alzoebie, Mowafak Biomedical Engineering BS
Anapan-Lavalle, Hector A. Internet Engineering MS
Angel, Jose L. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Antwi-Boasiako, Richard Engineering Science BS
Arya, Ruchir Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Asare, Eric Power and Energy Systems MS
Ashong, Kwadwo T. Biomedical Engineering MS
Babb, David C. Civil Engineering MS
Bailey, Andrew J. Construction Management Tech BET
Baker-Drummond, Quinn J. Information Technology BS
Basarab, Casayndra H. Mathematical Sciences PHD
Bashan, Jonathan Civil Engineering MS
Bassali, Fred Electrical Engineering PHD
Batista, Vanessa Civil Engineering MS
Benedetti, Nicholas M. Emergency Management Bus Cont MS
Berardy, Matthew Computer Science MS
Bhagat, Kamal J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Bhavsar, Raj H. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Bieth, Robert J. Information Technology BS
Bitsadze, Giorgi Industrial Design BS
Booth, Eric M. Industrial Design BS
Booth, Matthew R. Electrical Engineering MS
Botas, Metin K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Boujabar, Adil Mechanical Engineering BS
Boyle, Christopher J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Boyle, Shane P. Biomedical Engineering BS
Bravo, Christian M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Cacnio, John V. Mechanical Engineering BS
Caputo, Daniel P. Civil Engineering BS
Chadalawada, Sruthi Bioinformatics MS
Chan, Sydney C. Civil Engineering MS
Chang Alves, Virginia E. Communication BS
Charguini, Abderrahim Civil Engineering BS
Charles, Shakiya S. Business BS
Cheng, Ruihua Mathematical Sciences PHD
Cheriyan, Jeffrey Business BS
Choi, Hojin Industrial Engineering BS
Chu, Dongliang Computer Science PHD
Cooper, Dominique Electrical Engineering BS
Cramer, Laura Chemistry MS
Crowley, Austin D. Architecture BAR
Dankwah, Ama Computer Science MS
Datta, Vidhi Business & Information Systems MS
Davis, Christiaan C. Architecture BAR
Dela Torre, Jennifer Business BS
Dereta, Ivana Civil Engineering BS
Desai, Harshkumar M. Computer Science BS
Devlin, Nicholas J. Computer Science BS
Dhanjal, Mantej Singh H. Computer Science MS
Dhavala, Lakshmi Narayana Business & Information Systems MS
Dhruve, Nishant Sunilkumar Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Dickson, Ethan Mechanical Engineering BS
Diecke, Kyle W. Civil Engineering BS
Ding, Yiming Electrical Engineering PHD
Dirks, Renate Applied Statistics MS
Dogra, Shashank Computer Science MS
Dort, Walner Mechanical Engineering BS
Dudley, Olivia Biology BA
Dumervil, Ralph W. Electrical Engineering BS
Dunbar, Craig D. Computer Science BS
Duran, Marino Computer Engineering BS
Duru, Murat Mechanical Engineering BS
Dussack, George A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Edwards, Sherry A. Civil Engineering MS
Efremovski, Velimir Computer Science BS
El-Aawar, Rawad R. Architecture BS
Elmenghawi, Fathia M. Urban Systems PHD
Elrashidy, Yasmine M. Architecture BS
Elreda, Ali Mechanical Engineering BS
Eteson, Adriana Digital Design BA
Eteson, Larissa L. Architecture BAR
Fatima, Maham Business & Information Systems MS
Fleming, Charles R. Business Administration MBA
Forbes, Jerdain A. Concrete Industry Management BET
Gashinski, John P. Materials Science & Engr MS
Gayle, Glenice A. Chemical Engineering BS
George, Nathan R. Chemical Engineering BS
Ghabour, Monica F. Biology BA
Ghanime, Michelle E. Architecture BAR
Ghanime, Michelle E. Concrete Industry Management BET
Ghebrial, John Chemical Engineering BS
Giannelli, Nicole Civil Engineering MS
Gibbs-Reid, Alisha B. Architecture BAR
Giordano, Jacquelyn L. Civil Engineering MS
Gjoreski, Darko Mechanical Engineering BS
Golabek, Jason D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Golding, Jonathan E. Engineering Management MS
Gonzales, Omar S. Industrial Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Luis Information Technology BS
Gramegna, Christopher J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Grandhi, Deepthi Chemical Engineering BS
Grundy, Yoshi S. Biomedical Engineering BS
Guindo Dasilva, Gaby S. Business BS
Habib, Akram Computer Technology BET
Hafez, Aya M. Interior Design BA
Halabi, Makram M. Civil Engineering MS
Haldar, Nilanjan Biology BS
Hanna, Mina S. Civil Engineering MS
Hanna, Vicky K. Biology BA
Hashmi, Samir Business & Information Systems MS
Hassan, Imrul Computer Technology BET
Hassan, Saifeldein Architecture BAR
Hathiwala, Jay H. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Heiblim, Samuel G. Computer Science MS
Hernandez, Christian N. Computer Science BS
Hernandez, Norberto A. Civil Engineering BS
Hidalgo, Alex Mechanical Engineering BS
Honeywell, Bennett Communication BS
Hoover, Tiffani J. Business BS
Howard, Aidien K. Business BS
Hughes, Tyler E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Islam, Mohammed N. Information Technology BS
Izhar, Sarwat Business Administration MBA
Jain, Smit S. Computer Science BS
Jajoo, Sandesh R. Business Administration MBA
Jaswal, Rajbir S. Biomedical Engineering PHD
Jordan, Stephanie Digital Design BA
Joseph, Alan E. Information Technology BS
Kapernick, Christopher N. Business BS
Kaur, Harsimran Biomedical Engineering BS
Kelly, Ryan Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Kemiksizgil, Tuncay H. Computer Science MS
Khoblall, Farah D. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Kirandeep, Fnu Computer Science MS
Kolhatkar, Soniya Computer Science MS
Kopuri, Hemanth Kumar Industrial Engineering MS
Kovalcinova, Lenka Mathematical Sciences PHD
Kpandja, Saidou Electrical Engineering BS
Kuo, Lawrence Biomedical Engineering MS
Lara, Freddy Pharmaceutical Sys Management MS
Lee, Kadeem A. Business BS
Lee, Richard Biology BA
Lema, Milton D. Architecture BS
Lesbirel, Patrick M. Architecture BAR
Liu, Guogen Chemical Engineering PHD
Lomet Jr., Dennis S. Information Technology BS
Lopez, Courtney A. Architecture BAR
Lopez, Martin Civil Engineering BS
Lopez, Mynor E. Business BS
Lourenco, Gustavo F. Civil Engineering BS
Love, Alisa A. Chemistry MS
Luberisse, Edner Construction Engineering Tech BET
Luong, Brian Information Technology BS
Mahendo, Farahani M. Information Technology BS
Mahjabin, Naoshin Electrical Engineering BS
Malek, Antwan A. Electrical Engineering BS
Mancheno, Ken Business Administration MBA
Mangipudi, Laxmi Manasa Information Systems MS
Marciniak, Christopher J. Industrial Engineering BS
Margiotta, Andrew J. Civil Engineering BS
Martinez, Ronniel Mechanical Engineering BS
Masilang, Vania M. Architecture BAR
Matias, Baltazar Mechanical Engineering BS
Matievski, Anton D. Electrical Engineering BS
Mazyrko, Anton Architecture BAR
McCabe, Matthew J. Architecture BAR
McLoughlin, Thomas I. Architecture BS
Mehta, Devansh S. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Mendez, Rudy Information Technology BS
Messick, Edward Bioinformatics MS
Miller, Damon R. Biochemistry BS
Miller, Maxwell W. Business BS
Mills, Esther Information Systems MS
Montagne, Anthony J. Architecture BAR
Morales III, Luis F. Information Technology BS
Morales, Ivan A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mosaad, Muhammad Civil Engineering BS
Moustafa, Sharief H. Civil Engineering BS
Munir, Sarika Chemistry BS
Mushtaq, Farah Biomedical Engineering BS
Muttick, Eric G. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Naeem, Junaid Civil Engineering BS
Nagle, Brandon Architecture BAR
Nagra, Mogheera Civil Engineering MS
Nammour, Jonathan F. Information Technology BS
Narayan, Madhusudhan Business Administration MBA
Nashef, Adyl M. History BA
Ness, David-Michael K. Information Technology BS
Nichols, Nelson Mechanical Engineering BS
Nunez, Federico Architecture BAR
Oh, Troas H. Civil Engineering BS
O'Mahoney, Brian L. Theater Arts and Technology BA
Onochie, Odili Architecture BAR
Ouedraogo, Nabiga R. Power and Energy Systems MS
Owusu, Victor K. Civil Engineering MS
Padmanabhan, Ashwanth Information Systems MS
Palmer, Bianca Mechanical Engineering BS
Pan, Bowen Management MS
Pandya, Kalp M. Business BS
Park, Keon Tae Civil Engineering BS
Parker, Kenneth Information Technology BS
Parmar, Chiragkumar Ramanbhai Computer Science MS
Patel, Adit R. Chemical Engineering BS
Patel, Bhaumik B. Computer Science BS
Patel, Dev Computer Science BS
Patel, Jaymit Hareshbhai Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Miraj A. Information Technology BS
Patel, Patel I. Information Technology BS
Patwa, Darpan Mechanical Engineering MS
Pecina, Robert A. Information Technology BS
Phillip, Kristin Civil Engineering MS
Pisarski, Michael W. Environmental Science BS
Pleho, Aida Chemical Engineering BS
Ponce, Jose I. Business BS
Poveda, Toha I. Engineering Management MS
Pritykin, Andrew Gregory Computer Science MS
Radici, Christopher J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Rafiq, Majid R. Pharmaceutical Sys Management MS
Rally, Imraaz Computer Science BS
Ramrattan, Totaram Computer Science BS
Rashid, Mehwish Business BS
Redona, Nicole A. Communication BA
Relva, Matthew P. Civil Engineering BS
Rengarajan, Venkatakrishnan Biomedical Engineering PHD
Rivas, David E. Engineering Management MS
Rivera, Sonya Chemical Engineering BS
Roberts, Allison Business BS
Rodriguez, Hamlet A. Transportation MS
Rodriguez, Victor A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Rojas, Hector A. Industrial Engineering BS
Romano, Anthony V. Architecture BAR
Rosa, Roger Computer Science BS
Rygiel, Ryder J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Rynkowski, Damian Construction Management Tech BET
Safiullah, Mohammad Business & Information Systems BS
Saglam, Bersan Civil Engineering BS
Santos, Connor G. Civil Engineering BS
Schaad, Zachary T. Architecture BS
Scott, Erroll K. Business BS
Shah, Hitesh M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Shail Mukeshkumar Computer Science MS
Shah, Smit Business & Information Systems MS
Shahin, Noor A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Shamroukh, Hani M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Sharjeelullah, Syed Computer Engineering MS
Sharma, Manishi Information Systems MS
Sheth, Charmi Biology BA
Simpson, Kenneth A. Civil Engineering MS
Singh, Gagandeep Concrete Industry Management BET
Singh, Rajbeer Mechanical Engineering BS
Sohail, Wesley Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Soletto, Spencer A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Steiner, Joshua N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Stephens III, Lawrence S. Information Systems MS
Stuppard, Emmanuel S. Civil Engineering MS
Suarez, Joey M. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Sugrim, Joshua R. Biology BA
Sumida, Ryoji Applied Statistics MS
Suthar, Jay N. Computer Science BS
Taboada, Stephanie D. Chemical Engineering MS
Tafaro III, Francis V. Mechanical Engineering BS
Tatai, Mohand Information Technology BS
Temple, Matthew J. Chemical Engineering BS
Thakkar, Megha Chemistry PHD
Thibodeaux, Noah A. Civil Engineering BS
Tobin, Sylvia Civil Engineering MS
Tonna, Declan J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Traore, Mohamed Computer Science BS
Trapp, Juan C. Industrial Design BS
Trigoso, Victor M. Business & Information Systems BS
Tripathi, Harekrishna Business BS
Vaishnav, Kaival H. Mechanical Engineering BS
Valle, Gerardo A. Civil Engineering BS
Vander Fliet, Christopher A. Environmental Engineering MS
Vangerud, Jason M. Architecture BAR
Vargas, Alodie Y. Mechanical Engineering BS
Varoqua, Nalby Electrical Engineering BS
Vedala, Venugopal Computer Science MS
Veligurskaya, Yuliya Architecture BS
Vijjapu, Sri Venkata Alekhya Engineering Management MS
Vogt, John P. Architecture MAR
Vora, Tarang Electrical Engineering BS
Wadhwa, Kanishka Business BS
Wang, Shaobo Mathematical Sciences PHD
West, Sarah I. Computer Science MS
Wilson, Anson M. Business BS
Wolf, Tyler A. Architecture BAR
Wong, Ari K. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Xiang, Yaoji Applied Statistics MS
Xu, Chang Computer Science MS
Yabut, Joseph N. Civil Engineering BS
Yacoub, George Biomedical Engineering MS
Yip, Derek S. Biomedical Engineering PHD
Yun, Daqing Computer Science PHD
Zaloum, Adam V. Computer Technology BET
Zhao, Liuhui Transportation PHD
Zhong, Ling Computer Science PHD

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