Minors and GUR Information


Minors require a minimum number of credits of which half must be in upper level courses and earned at NJIT.  Minors may not be earned in the same area of specialization of a student's major. 

NJIT offers an array of academic minors – more than 20 – so students have no problem finding minors they love.  And that’s precisely how you should choose a minor: You should be passionate about your minor, in the same way that you are passionate about your major.  

That said, however, you must check to see how many extra courses you’ll need for a minor, and what major-minor combinations work well together.   Computer engineering majors, for example, need to take just two extra math courses to constitute a minor.  But, conversely, if you major in architecture it’s implausible to minor in math, since you’ll need a host of math classes to complete a minor.  But whatever major-minor combination you choose, be sure that you are passionate about both.  For that’s what leads to academic success – a passion for learning. 

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General University Requirements (GUR: Humanities)

NJIT aims to produce well-rounded students with keen intellects and sharp social consciousnesses.  Here, students learn not only to master technologies but also to use them ethically.  And what gives students that understanding is our General University Requirements (GUR), also known as a core curriculum. To graduate, each student must take a mix of science, math and humanities classes.  The requirements do vary slightly depending on your major, so be sure to check how exactly the requirements correlate to your major.

But nonetheless, all of our students must take a mix of classes that will teach them to think critically and deeply.  NJIT is not a trade or a vocational school. It’s a major research university whose graduate must not only know how to problem solve, but also how to speak well and write well and how to work with diverse peoples and cultures. NJIT produces engineers and scientists, architects and lawyers, programmers and designers, all of whom will have an immense affect on American and international cultures. Our graduates must thus have a deep understanding of American culture, and of world cultures: It is the GUR that gives them that understanding.

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