GUR: Social Sciences

At NJIT there is a series of courses that all undergraduate students must take as part of their degree requirements, regardless of major. These courses are known as the General University Requirements or GUR. Information about the GUR can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Currently students at NJIT must take 6 credits of basic social science coursework. Three of these credits are in economics (SS 201). (Management majors take ECON 265 and ECON 266). The remaining three credits are satisfied by HSS 202 - Society, Technology and the Environment, or students also may take approved introductory courses in basic social sciences at Rutgers-Newark to fulfill this requirement.

For students that wish to take an approved introductory course in the basic social sciences at Rutgers-Newark we have prepared a guide to approved courses available at Rutgers-Newark to assist you in the decision making process. Some students that complete a lower-division social science course at Rutgers-Newark may also be eligible to take an additional upper division course in that same discipline to fulfill the upper division Open GUR requirement in the humanities and social sciences. For more information on the lower division requirements, download our lower-division guide (107 KB, pdf)

In addition to the 6 credits of basic social science coursework that all students must complete there is an Open GUR requirement in the humanities and social sciences required of all students. This Open GUR requirement can be fulfilled with courses in either the humanities or social sciences. If a student would like to take a social science course to fulfill this requirement they may take a NJIT course with the prefix SS, or an approved upper division course at Rutgers-Newark. For information about upper division social science courses available at Rutgers-Newark that may be used to satisfy the Open GUR please download our upper-division guide (139 KB, pdf). For a comprehensive listing of all courses that can be used to satisfy the Open GUR course (including Humanities courses), please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Before taking any courses at another college, it is best to make an appointment with a faculty member in the division of social sciences to ensure that your course will meet the necessary requirements. Please consult our advising schedule to make an appointment.

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