2018 May Candidates

This list contains those students who have been pre-certified by their department indicating that they will graduate pending successful completion of Spring 2018 coursework and also those eligible to participate in the ceremony.  Please note that this list will be refreshed weekly.

Any names submitted to the Office of the Registrar after March 27 will appear on this list but will not appear in the Commencement Ceremony book.


Name Department Degree

Abate, Daniel G. Electrical Engineering BS
Abbas, Hala Biology BA
Abbas, Mehdi Business Administration MBA
Abbassi, Layan N. Biology BA
Abdi, Atah Computer Science BS
Abedrabbo, Ikhlas K. Biomedical Engineering BS
Abelo, Jedidiah A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Abishai, Peter N. Business BS
Abraham, Marina N. Engineering Management MS
Abrahamsen, William E. Electrical Engineering BS
Abuhadba, Hamza Mechanical Engineering BS
Aburub, Yousef Mechanical Engineering BS
Ackerman, Ryan E. Computer Science BS
Ackon, Reyn Information Systems MS
Adaba, Ibukunoluwa A. Information Technology BS
Adaboyna, Rakshit Reddy Computer Science MS
Adapala, Vaishnavi Reddy Computer Science MS
Adediji, Gideon I. Mechanical Engineering MS
Adelaja, Adeyemi F. Engineering Management MS
Adesida, Faramade A. Civil Engineering BS
Adhav, Priyanka Surendra Information Systems MS
Adolphe, Claude Electrical Engineering MS
Afolabi, Blake Industrial Engineering BS
Afolabi, Temilade M. Business & Information Systems MS
Agarwal, Shivam Computer Science BS
Agbozo, Derick Chemical Engineering BS
Agrawal, Ronak Subhashbhai Computer Science MS
Agrawal, Sushobhan Business & Information Systems MS
Aguas, Willan D. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Aguda, Akinlolu O. Concrete Industry Management BS
Aguilar, Christopher Chemical Engineering BS
Aguilar, Jordan C. Computer Technology BET
Agyen, Emmanuel Mechanical Engineering BS
Ahmed, Ahmed A. Civil Engineering BS
Ahmed, Dania A. Business BS
Akcam, Metehan Construction Engineering Tech BET
Akinnuoye, Olaoluwa A. Electrical Engineering BS
Akowonjo, Segun S. Information Systems BA
Alabi, Phinehas B. Information Technology BS
Alam, Mirana Electrical Engineering BS
Alatar, Mehul M. Computer Science BS
Alawi, Amjad R. Computer Technology BET
Alba, Alexis M. Chemical Engineering MS
Albecker, John R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Albyn, Theresa S. Interior Design BA
Alcala, Myles Information Technology BS
Aldrich, Everett B. Digital Design BA
Al-Ebbinni, Nadia Chemical Engineering BS
Alenezi, Ali H. Electrical Engineering PHD
Aleti, Nainika Computer Science MS
Ali, Ayesha F. Biomedical Engineering BS
Ali, Modeen Mechanical Engineering BS
Ali, Syed S. Computer Technology BET
Ally, Amanda A. Mechanical Engineering MS
Almeida, Brian Engineering Management MS
Almeida, Emily F. Chemical Engineering BS
Almusally, Istabraq Information Systems MS
Alnsour, Sabaa A. Science, Technology & Society BS
Alor Jr., Jeger G. Business BS
Al-qarni, Laila S. Chemistry PHD
Alvarado, Anthony J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Alvarado, Cesar V. Civil Engineering BS
Alvarado, Cesar V. Concrete Industry Management BET
Alvarado, Roddy J. Information Technology BS
Alvarez, Joseph Civil Engineering BS
Alvarez, Yajahira Biology BA
Alvi, Aayesha Healthcare Systems Management MS
Alvi, Asma Healthcare Systems Management MS
Alzubi, Sadam K. Industrial Engineering BS
Amah, Edison C. Mechanical Engineering PHD
Amankona, Kwasi IT Administration & Security MS
Amaria, Rukshad Zubin Business & Information Systems MS
Amato, Dave Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ameyaw, Kofi A. Electrical Engineering BS
Amirhom, Bishoy A. Industrial Engineering BS
Amirihormozaki, Negaar Interior Design BA
Amofa-Boachie, Addae Computer Science BS
Amra, Firass N. Biopharmaceutical Engineering MS
Ananya Punyatoya, Fnu Computer Science MS
Anchan, Mayur M. Industrial Engineering MS
Andanar, Nicole C. Biochemistry BS
Andrade, Andrew E. Chemical Engineering BS
Andreou-Rodriguez, Peter Architecture BAR
Andres, Krzysztof A. Computer Engineering BS
Angajala, Siva Sankar Software Engineering MS
Anies, Michele Angelica A. Business & Information Systems BS
Ankireddy, Gouthami Computer Science MS
Antholis, Chris K. Civil Engineering BS
Antony, Meghna L. Chemical Engineering BS
Anwar, Amman Computer Technology BET
Aponte, Angela Mechanical Engineering BS
Aranda, Ariel R. Civil Engineering BS
Aranda, Ariel R. Concrete Industry Management BET
Arasu, Bhuvanesh Computer Science MS
Arbolino, Robert Chemical Engineering BS
Archer, Ryan P. Chemistry BS
Archibold, Danielle Digital Design BA
Arcure, Mark J. Information Technology BS
Arevalo, Lucero J. Chemical Engineering BS
Arhin, Kusi Civil Engineering MS
Armada, Alyssa V. Business BS
Armour, Lindsey Business & Information Systems BS
Arroyo, Julio Computer Science BS
Arthur, Denzel D. Electrical Engineering BS
Asalieh, Ali Business BS
Asante, Terry Industrial Engineering BS
Asare, Nkuah O. Civil Engineering BS
Asghar, Rehma Architecture BS
Asham, Tiffany Engineering Management MS
Ashish George Jacob, Fnu Mechanical Engineering MS
Ashokkumar, Ashwini Computer Science MS
Asif, Shan Civil Engineering BS
Ateyat, Sarah M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Atlak, Kathleen Management MS
Atyat, Aliaelamira Business BS
Austin-Rivera, Alfonso G. Information Technology BS
Avendano Lozano, Gary A. Information Technology BS
Avila, Antony S. Architecture BAR
Avington, Erica N. Business BS
Awachat, Prasanna K. Computer Science MS
Awad, Majd G. Electrical Engineering MS
Ayala, Ricardo V. Civil Engineering BS
Ayman, Dina Computer Engineering MS
Azama, Hideyoshi Digital Design BA
Azeez, Rasheed Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Azimi, Seyyed Mohammadreza Electrical Engineering PHD
Azzam, Nadder Biophysics BS
Babar, Hasan B. Business BS
Babashyam, Prashanth Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Babia, Alexander M. Biology BA
Babrekar, Akshay Prakashrao Electrical Engineering MS
Babu Rajasekaran, Lokesh Sheo Prabu Computer Science MS
Babu, Arun Electrical Engineering MS
Bacuilima, Karol D. Digital Design BA
Badaraco Jr., Edgar E. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Badasu Venkateslu, Jay Dhwarak Industrial Engineering MS
Badillo, William D. Architecture BS
Baird, David W. Architecture BS
Baldwin, Christopher Civil Engineering MS
Balkay, Yagiz Mechanical Engineering BS
Baltazar, Trisha Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Bamne, Swapnil B. Industrial Engineering MS
Banks, Eric Z. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Banobre, Asahel Materials Science & Engr PHD
Bansal, Megha Architecture BAR
Bao, Fangsong Computer Science MS
Bao, Yifan Electrical Engineering MS
Barela, Bryan Construction Engineering Tech BET
Barker, Joshua E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Barnes, Tiffany M. Digital Design BA
Baroi, Derick A. Mechanical Engineering MS
Barra, Valeria Mathematical Sciences PHD
Barrientos, Miguel M. Information Technology BS
Barron, Daniel Computer Science BS
Bartz, Andrew C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Baskar, Jemima Biology BA
Bastriaga, Samir Electrical Engineering BS
Basu, Ankan Business & Information Systems MS
Basuino, James Computer Engineering BS
Bawa, Pranav Information Systems MS
Baxter, Nicholas A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Becerra, Pablo A. Civil Engineering BS
Bekhet, Alessandra Biology BA
Bekhit, Mina G. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bekkelman, Maria I. Civil Engineering BS
Belal, Amgad S. Civil Engineering BS
Bell, Lukas W. Software Engineering MS
Belluardo, Nicholas Mechanical Engineering BS
Beniwal, Kirti Computer Science BS
Benony, Betty Biomedical Engineering MS
Benosmane, Elmehdi Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Berko, Samuel Y. Business BS
Bermudez, Nicole Concrete Industry Management BET
Bermudez, Nicole Construction Engineering Tech BET
Berrios, Brandon Industrial Engineering BS
Bess, Mark E. Architecture MS
Bezabeh, Abraham A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Bhangale, Bhupesh E. Industrial Engineering MS
Bhanushali, Nimesh Dinesh Chemical Engineering MS
Bharucha, Hardik S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bhatambarekar, Prasad Vijay Mechanical Engineering MS
Bhatia, Palash Ashok Computer Science MS
Bhatt, Noopur Shailesh Computer Science MS
Bhatta, Spoorthi L. Architecture BAR
Bhattarai, Rahul Information Systems MS
Bhavsar, Sarika V. Business BS
Bhoombla, Hersh D. Biology BA
Bhowmik, Tanwi Chemical Engineering MS
Bhutta, Asadullah Computer Engineering BS
Bieber, Eric J. Business Administration MBA
Bimbu, Anita Y. Civil Engineering MS
Bindas, Adam J. Chemical Engineering BS
Bingham, Stephen G. Computer Science MS
Binns, Nadine D. Chemical Engineering BS
Bioletti, Steven C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Bobak, Patrick D. Civil Engineering BS
Boghossian, Sacha Digital Design BA
Bohn, Brianna N. Biomedical Engineering BS
Bokash, Hunter G. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bolesa, Ariel J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bolous, Ramy Civil Engineering BS
Bonite, Janpaolo R. Civil Engineering MS
Bono, Anthony F. Civil Engineering BS
Borland, James F. Biomedical Engineering BS
Borruel, Jhun Fiyell Computer Engineering BS
Borthwick, Edward Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Botros, Romany A. Engineering Management MS
Boules, Michael N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Boulis, Abanoub Civil Engineering BS
Bouzaglo, Michael J. Computer Technology BET
Brancato, William B. Business BS
Brauer, Michael G. Business BS
Brazdovic, Rudolph S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Briggs, Ross R. Civil Engineering BS
Brion, Alec M. Computer Science BS
Brodbeck, Nicole M. Civil Engineering MS
Brown, Matthew C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Brown, Tanya C. Management MS
Brown, Timothy J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Bucoy, Melanie D. Civil Engineering BS
Builes, Jonathan Information Technology BS
Buitrago, Gustavo A. Computer Science BA
Bukhari, Syed F. Engineering Management MS
Buonauro, Joseph E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Burke, Michael J. Computer Science BS
Bustamante, Kevin Construction Engineering Tech BET
Bustos, Santiago S. Civil Engineering MS
Butryn, Kevin Computer Science BS
Bynoe, Adrianne Shanika Business BS
Byrne, Kevin J. Business BS
Caballero, Chris Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Cabrera, Carl Adrian A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cacoilo, Richard A. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Cadag, Marc U. Mechanical Engineering BS
Caffarelli, Luca Engineering Management MS
Cai, Zhoujun Information Systems MS
Caitan, Emile A. Information Technology BS
Cajuste, Yvens Information Technology BS
Calamari, Robert J. Information Technology BS
Calderon, Ester J. Mathematical Sciences BS
Calzaretta, Anthony J. Civil Engineering MS
Cambisaca, Jeferson D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Campbell, Cheryl N. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Campos, Way J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cancado, Bruna Construction Engineering Tech BET
Cao, Fang Computer Science MS
Cao, Xiaojun Management MS
Capizzi, Vincent G. Theater Arts and Technology BA
Capodice, Jeffrey A. Architecture BS
Capodice, Jeffrey A. Concrete Industry Management BS
Caraballo, Gilbert Business BS
Cardenas, Charlie Computer Engineering BS
Cardona, Christian D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Carlone, Alexander U. Computer Science MS
Carnevale, Michael G. Business BS
Carrasco, Leonard B. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Carrillo, Natalia Civil Engineering BS
Carvajal, Angie Architecture BS
Casas, Yules-Yose M. Civil Engineering BS
Casey, Anna P. Civil Engineering BS
Castelli, Pedro H. Business Administration MBA
Castiblanco, Rafael H. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Castillo, Beatriz Mathematical Sciences BS
Castro, Elizabeth J. Mathematical Sciences BS
Castro, Lourdes C. Architecture BAR
Catanzarite, Dana P. Business BS
Cecinini, Jordan Civil Engineering MS
Celiberti, Giuseppe Engineering Management MS
Centeno, Michael L. Architecture BS
Cerra, Nicholas A. Electrical Engineering BS
Chahla, Abraham R. Electrical Engineering BS
Chakraborty, Sameer Information Technology BS
Challa, Lalitsaisubrahmanyam Industrial Engineering MS
Chan, Kocheng Mechanical Engineering BS
Chand, Juhi Computer Science MS
Chandra, Venkata Sai Rohith Computer Science MS
Charles, Leronn K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Charos, Kevin M. Business BS
Chasmar, Shawn M. Civil Engineering BS
Chaudhry, Asaad S. Biology BA
Chaudhry, Sunna Z. Information Systems MS
Chauhan, Hemal Computer Technology BET
Chauhan, Kautilya A. Information Technology BS
Checco, Steven J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cheema, Noor F. Computer Technology BET
Chelluboyina, Krishna Manmitha Software Engineering MS
Chemmacheril, Leia Biology BA
Chen, Shu Business Administration MBA
Chen, Siyu Computer Science MS
Chen, Tiffany Biology BA
Chen, Xiaoyu Electrical Engineering MS
Chen, Yu ting Computer Science MS
Cheng, Wei Yuan Mechanical Engineering BS
Cheng, Yifei Applied Statistics MS
Cheung, Arthur Mechanical Engineering BS
Chhabra, Akshay Jagdeep Industrial Engineering MS
Chheda, Bhavya Vipul Electrical Engineering MS
Chiappa, Michael B. Architecture MAR
Chicas, Edgar R. Information Technology BS
Chicmana, Stephanie A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Chiliquinga, Victor A. Computer Science BS
Ching, Galen S. Computer Science BS
Chinmayi Maitreyi Venkteswaran, Srividhya Computer Science MS
Chinnaraman Srinivasan Ananth Kumar, Deephak Computer Science MS
Chiou, Joseph C. Information Systems MS
Chipa, Christopher B. Information Technology BS
Chipman, Richard L. Information Technology BS
Chirichiello, Steffen G. Computer Science BS
Chisholm, Angela K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Chitre, Abhishek A. Information Systems MS
Choi, Jae Young Computer Science BA
Choi, Won Jun Computer Science BS
Chokshi, Parth H. Biology BA
Choudhry, Talal A. Electrical Engineering BS
Choudhury, Farah J. Science, Technology & Society BS
Choudhury, Mahdia S. Biomedical Engineering BS
Chowdhury, Mihad Information Technology BS
Chu, Travis Mechanical Engineering BS
Chuah, Guan Yi Architecture BAR
Chukuka, Joy C. Business Administration MBA
Church, Shane A. Chemical Engineering BS
Claro, Geoffrey Computer Science MS
Coccoluto, Christopher C. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Cole, Leslie Management MS
Colella, Jonathan G. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Collazo, Joshua A. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Collins, Renee Industrial Design BS
Colon, Kendy R. Computer Science BS
Colon, Lionel Construction Engineering Tech BET
Coluccio, Stephen Computer Science BS
Connell, Andrea M. Business Administration MBA
Contreras Portillo, Wilfredo B. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Conway, Joshua R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Cornejo, Victor C. Web & Information Systems BS
Correa - De Ysasi, Rafael Business & Information Systems MS
Corson, Robert C. Electrical Engineering MS
Cortright, Craig D. Computer Engineering BS
Costa, Phillip J. Civil Engineering BS
Cox, John Information Systems MS
Crescenzi, Robert A. Chemical Engineering BS
Cristman, Dean Information Technology BS
Crowley, Thomas M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Cruz, Esdras D. Computer Engineering BS
Cruz-Mahecha, Cesar A. Civil Engineering MS
Cummings, John I. Information Technology BS
Cunningham, Michael T. Business Administration MBA
Cunningham, Patrick S. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Curry, Jay T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Czarnecki, Christopher Information Technology BS
Czerniak, David Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Daas, Pooja Computer Science MS
Dabre, Jerry Computer Science MS
Dahiya, Birender Information Systems MS
Dalal, Jinay P. Industrial Engineering MS
Dallas-Newell, Karim T. Computer Science BS
Damito, Samantha E. Biomedical Engineering BS
Damon Jr, Donnie R. Computer Science BA
D'Aries, Kimberly Engineering Management MS
D'arpa, Christopher M. Information Technology BS
Daudelin, Elizabeth J. Mathematical Sciences BS
Dave, Jay J. Computer Technology BET
Davis-Fletcher, Khari L. Information Technology BS
Dayananda, Upasana Computer Science MS
De Guzman, Patricia A. Civil Engineering BS
De Leon, Heidi V. Civil Engineering BS
De Oliveira, Matheus Chemical Engineering BS
De Silva, Stephon D. Concrete Industry Management BET
Deboer, Daniel J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Decarlo, Elizabeth A. Civil Engineering MS
DeCarvalho, Thiago C. Computer Science BS
Defries, Thomas B. Architecture BAR
Degeorges, Coleman C. Computer Science BS
Degrote, Jami L. Chemical Engineering MS
Del Carmen, Jonathan IT Administration & Security MS
Del Real, Erick M. Electrical Engineering MS
Del Rio, Devin W. Construction Management Tech BET
Delmonico, Dylan T. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Deluca, Kimberly R. Biomedical Engineering BS
DelValle, Alejandro Mechanical Engineering BS
Demarco, Kevin T. Information Technology BS
Demartino, Daniel M. Information Technology BS
Dente, Brendan R. Chemical Engineering BS
Derby, Danielle M. Architecture BS
Deritis, Anthony N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Desai, Harshpalsinhji Y. Information Technology BS
Desai, Jhanvi S. Computer Science MS
Desai, Meet A. Software Engineering MS
Desai, Shail K. Business & Information Systems MS
Desai, Shivam J. Business BS
Desai, Shivam S. Biology BA
Desouza-Silva, Jonathan E. Information Technology BS
Devan, Caroline M. Biology PHD
Devanapalli, Ashish Computer Science BS
Devarakonda, Abhilash V. Information Systems MS
Dhamsania, Rishita J. Biomedical Engineering MS
Dialle, Rickin Electrical Engineering BS
Diaz, Ashly Computer Science BS
Diaz, Carlos A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Diaz, Deliris M. Biophysics BS
Diaz, Josmar Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Diaz, Julian A. Industrial Engineering BS
Diaz, Manuel H. Industrial Design BS
Diaz, Shannel C. Electrical Engineering MS
Diaz, Steve Computer Science BS
Diaz, Wilson T. Business & Information Systems MS
Dickson, Wesley S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Digiovacchino, Nicholas J. Computer Engineering BS
Dihora, Sandeep N. Telecommunications MS
Dijamco, Joshua D. Computer Engineering BS
Dillon, Brandt T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Dimitrijevic, Branislav Transportation PHD
Din, Alim Information Systems BA
Din, Hizza Science, Technology & Society BS
Dirle, Andrei T. Civil Engineering BS
Divan, Pooja H. Biomedical Engineering BS
Djuric, Katarina Architecture BAR
Dobrowolski, Michael Computer Engineering BS
Docker, William H. Mechanical Engineering BS
Dolan, Patrick F. Communication BS
Domke, David M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Dong, Evelina Business BS
Dong, Fuqiang Applied Statistics MS
Dopp, Douglas J. Business Administration MBA
Doshi, Devang Bakulkumar Computer Science MS
Dou, Zuochao Electrical Engineering PHD
Dougherty, Jonathan R. Electrical Engineering MS
Draben, Zouhair Biostatistics MS
Dragon, Elizabeth S. Engineering Management MS
Dresher, Jacob Mathematical Sciences BS
Drori, Alon Business BS
Dsouza, Anuj Virgil Electrical Engineering MS
Dubey, Shashank Computing & Business MS
Dulger, Tavkan B. Construction Management Tech BET
Duque, Juan S. Civil Engineering BS
Dutta, Ankita Information Systems MS
Dwyer, Matthew A. Computer Science BS
Dynow, Robert E. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Eastman, Louis S. Information Technology BS
Ebid, Mina M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ebrahim, Sara A. Interior Design BA
Eddanfil, Rachid Civil Engineering BS
Edmunds, Shenika L. Healthcare Systems Management MS
Edwards, Myles P. Civil Engineering BS
Edwards, Terehas N. Information Systems MS
Egan, Elizabeth M. Computer Science BS
Egan, Michael T. Business & Information Systems BS
El Marrachi, Amine Information Technology BS
Elfarra, Yasmine H. Biology BA
Elhadad, Maryam W. Human Computer Interaction BS
Elia, Michael L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Elias Perez, Juan V. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ellatif, Elmahfoud Architecture BAR
Elliott, Carley M. Architecture BAR
Elmedani, Omar A. Science, Technology & Society BS
Elsayed, Ahmed Civil Engineering BS
Elsayed, Mohamed A. Civil Engineering BS
Elshamma, Adam K. Industrial Engineering BS
Elwalily, Zakaria Electrical Engineering BS
Elwertowski, David Architecture BS
Emnas, Luke Civil Engineering BS
Enokida, John S. Business BS
Enriquez, Kevin Mechanical Engineering BS
Epstein, Alyssa Information Systems MS
Eras, Edison D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Erdogan, Ferhat Biomedical Engineering PHD
Errachide, Adnane Information Technology BS
Eskander, Beshoy W. Information Technology BS
Espinoza Reano, Daniela Architecture BAR
Espiritusanto, Erica Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Esposito, Anthony Civil Engineering MS
Esposito, Robert L. Civil Engineering BS
Estfanous, Mina R. Business BS
Estrada-Perez, Ivan Electrical Engineering MS
Euceda, Michael E. Electrical Engineering BS
Eugene, Geto Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Ezcurra Adanez, Eduardo Business BS
Fajardo, Pedro O. Architecture BAR
Falcon, Renzo J. Chemical Engineering BS
Fallarme, Richard A. Civil Engineering BS
Fan, Sheldon Biology BA
Fan, Siqi Chemical Engineering MS
Farag, Mina Computer Science MS
Farooq, Linta Chemical Engineering BS
Faruque, Muhammad T. Business & Information Systems BS
Fasullo, Paul A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Feliciano, Lester M. Industrial Engineering BS
Feng, Can Electrical Engineering MS
Feng, Lixin Biomedical Engineering MS
Feratoski, Amdija Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Fernandez, Adriel Mechanical Engineering BS
Fernandez, Andres Business BS
Ferreira, Jagger S. Business & Information Systems BS
Ferreira, Michael Mechanical Engineering BS
Fila, Angelica Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Filato, Frank A. Architecture BAR
Filippidis, Lambros G. Information Technology BS
Filippone, Luke A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Filpo, Fidel A. Mathematical Sciences BS
Fischer, Joshua Concrete Industry Management BS
Fisher, Sean Web & Information Systems BS
Fitzgerald, Cory A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Fitzsimmons, Ashley M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Flanagan, Jack M. Civil Engineering BS
Fleischmann, Alexander J. Biochemistry BS
Flor, Kristel Biochemistry BS
Flores, Michael A. General Studies BGS
Flores, Rod J. Web & Information Systems BS
Flores-Vazquez, Manuel Civil Engineering BS
Florez, Daniel Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Fonseca, Adae G. Management MS
Foppiano, Jonathan Mechanical Engineering BS
Fornasari, Francesca Engineering Management MS
Francis, Sanal Electrical Engineering MS
Francisco-Parra, Albeirys J. Interior Design BA
Fredericks, Michael H. Chemical Engineering BS
Freire, Susana M. Computer Engineering BS
Frost, Nicholas T. Computer Science BS
Fu, Yirui IT Administration & Security MS
Fujikawa, Patric K. Information Technology BS
Funes, Kendrick Civil Engineering BS
Furey, Casey G. Chemical Engineering BS
Gabriel, Ysobell M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Gadalla, Christine T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gadalla, Michael M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Gadde, Sarat Chandra Computer Engineering MS
Gagneron, Simone S. Business Administration MBA
Galati, Jessica Science, Technology & Society BS
Galperin, Dmitry Information Technology BS
Ganesan, Abirame Chemical Engineering BS
Gann, Sadie L. Biomedical Engineering BS
Gao, He Computer Science MS
Gao, William Biomedical Engineering BS
Garcia, Alfredo A. Computer Engineering BS
Garcia, Gabriel A. Civil Engineering BS
Garcia, Gabriel A. Concrete Industry Management BS
Garcia, Julia Business BS
Garg, Shreya Electrical Engineering MS
Gathers, Nydia Architecture BAR
Gatson, Christopher A. Mechanical Engineering MS
Gatson, Nicholas B. Mechanical Engineering MS
Gattuso, Hannah C. Biomedical Engineering BS
Gautam, Ashaar Computer Science BS
Gayuma, Leone Roy G. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gentile, James Information Systems MS
George, Jenny Computer Engineering BS
George, Stephanie S. Biology BA
Georges, Marian M. Business Administration MBA
Geranio, Gianpiero Industrial Engineering MS
Ghaleb, Wail A. Industrial Engineering BS
Ghali, Peter G. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ghobrial, Karim L. Industrial Engineering BS
Gianan, Matthew R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gibbia, Matthew R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gilles, James R. Information Technology BS
Gilmore, Vencente L. Computer Science BS
Girgis, Mina Electrical Engineering BS
Girgis, Samuel Information Technology BS
Goel, Abhinav Mechanical Engineering MS
Gogdani, Raj K. Chemical Engineering MS
Gok, Sinan Biomedical Engineering PHD
Gokberk, Kimberley T. Architecture BAR
Gokhale, Abhilesh Chemical Engineering MS
Gokulakrishnan, Praveena Business & Information Systems MS
Goldbach, Christopher A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gomez, Darren Computer Science BS
Gomez, Idilio J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Gomez, Jean P. Information Technology BS
Gomez, Louis M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gomez, Louis M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Goncalves Neto, Angelo M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Daniela C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Gonzalez, Esteban Chemical Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Jason L. Civil Engineering BS
Gonzalez, Manuel Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Gonzalez, Raymond Computer Technology BET
Goodwin, Brian Computer Science BS
Gopidi, Sai Akhil Reddy Computer Science MS
Gordon, Daniel H. Computer Science BS
Gordon, Demar D. Chemical Engineering BS
Gordon, Kevin Civil Engineering BS
Gorlewski, Nicholas Chemistry BS
Gorski, Kathryn A. Bioinformatics MS
Govani, Saahil Information Technology BS
Goyal, Khushboo Rakesh Engineering Management MS
Gozdz, Marek Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Grace, David M. Management MS
Granados, Steven Mechanical Engineering BS
Grant, Earl D. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Gray, Deshawn A. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Gray, Kelly C. Communication BA
Greendyk, Steven R. Biomedical Engineering MS
Grewal, Inderdeep S. Civil Engineering BS
Griffin, Kevin J. Chemical Engineering BS
Grotheer, Kristen V. Biology BA
Gu, Yi Electrical Engineering MS
Guan, Zibin Information Technology BS
Guardia, David B. Web & Information Systems BS
Guduru, Manogna Biology BA
Guerrero, Alexander Civil Engineering BS
Guerrero, Jefferson A. Electrical Engineering BS
Guevarra, Angelo J. Computing & Business BS
Guintu, Beatriz R. Biology BA
Guirassy, Mamadou Business BS
Guleria, Sachin Software Engineering MS
Gumastedesai, Aditya Apparao Computer Science MS
Gunawardana, Ravindu W. Computer Engineering BS
Guntupalli, Mounika Information Systems MS
Guo, Hao Mechanical Engineering MS
Gupta, Archit Computer Science BS
Gutesa, Slobodan Transportation PHD
Gutierrez, Claudia Medical Informatics Tech BET
Gutierrez, Emily R. Interior Design BA
Gutierrez, Jesus D. Civil Engineering BS
Guzman, Charlie Mechanical Engineering BS
Guzman, Christian A. Architecture BAR
Guzman, Nestor L. Electrical Engineering BS
Gyani, Ankur Rajkumar Information Systems MS
Gyorgypal, Aron Chemical Engineering BS
Habib, Rami A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Habijan, Christopher F. Industrial Design BS
Hachlica, Justin M. Electrical Engineering BS
Hafeez, Muhammad U. Information Technology BS
Haj-Ibrahim, Tameem M. Computer Science BS
Haldar, Debanjan Biomedical Engineering BS
Halder, Rahul Mathematical Sciences BS
Halimbanoub, Jonathan W. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hall, Brady S. Construction Management Tech BET
Hall, Philippa L. Chemical Engineering BS
Hallihan, James Information Technology BS
Halm Lutterodt, Wilhelm A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hamdeh, Aulla M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hamidullah, Nazifa Digital Design BA
Han, Yuanyuan Environmental Engineering MS
Hancock, Kevin S. General Studies BGS
Hands, Samuel D. Information Technology BS
Hanley, Ian Mechanical Engineering BS
Hanna, Mina E. Electrical Engineering BS
Haq, Parsha R. Information Technology BS
Harb, Sara A. Industrial Engineering BS
Hardaway, Yolanda S. Business BS
Hareema, Safia Bioinformatics MS
Hargrave, Shannon Information Technology BS
Harizeh, Sanaa S. Biostatistics MS
Harley, Tiaja Y. Civil Engineering BS
Harrigan, Thomas J. Computing & Business BS
Hashmi, Mehvish Iqbal Business & Information Systems MS
Hashmi, Sidra K. Biology BA
Haskins, Christa R. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Hassan, Samer M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Hatchard, Jenene Information Technology BS
He, Jia Applied Statistics MS
He, Yuhong Electrical Engineering MS
Hebbal, Abhishek Computer Engineering MS
Heckman, Shannon M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hedhli, Amjed Computer Engineering BS
Helmi, Nermin Computer Engineering BS
Helmy, Miriam K. Business Administration MBA
Henao, Ruben J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Henney, Richard H. Chemical Engineering BS
Hernandez, Eric M. Business Administration MBA
Herrera, Axel A. Architecture BAR
Herrera, Joan J. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Hewa Batagoda, Janitha Civil Engineering PHD
Hidalgo, Jorge A. Concrete Industry Management BS
Hidar, Sonya V. Information Systems MS
Hill, Alexander L. Science, Technology & Society BS
Hinanto, Theodore S. Information Technology BS
Hinds, Zakie Information Technology BS
Hirya, Hasahya A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Hmamou, Zakia Civil Engineering BS
Ho, Sean H. Computer Science BS
Ho, Simon Electrical Engineering MS
Hodgson, Daniel J. Construction Management Tech BET
Hogan, Dandre T. Science, Technology & Society BS
Hong, Lydia L. Industrial Design BS
Hopler, Gregory A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Horton, Leah V. Business Administration MBA
Hosein, Adam Industrial Engineering BS
Hottigimath, Naveen Basavaraj Information Systems MS
Howard, Justin D. Information Technology BS
Hrapsky, Ryan J. Management MS
Hsu, German Biomedical Engineering MS
Hu, Kaizheng Computer Science MS
Huaman, Nicole N. Civil Engineering BS
Huang, Xuejin Computer Engineering BS
Hughes, Kendall L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hughes, Mikalah M. Science, Technology & Society BS
Humbert, Craig J. Digital Design BA
Huntakul, Tanawat B. Information Technology BS
Hussa, Heidi Architecture BAR
Hussain, Waqaas Mechanical Engineering BS
Huynh, Bernadette A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Hyland, William C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Iacobellis, Francis A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ibrahim, Abdullah M. Industrial Engineering BS
Ibrahim, Ali A. Civil Engineering MS
Ibrahim, Faria R. Business Administration MBA
Ibrahim, Patrick G. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ijaz, Arslan Chemical Engineering MS
Ilie, Razvan G. Engineering Management MS
Imtiaz, Zohaib Engineering Management MS
Inaty, Khalil G. Business Administration MBA
Intustitayakul, Kritsada Civil Engineering MS
Irizarry, Andrew T. Architecture BAR
Isaac, Nandini M. Biochemistry BS
Isaacs, Jonathan S. Architecture BAR
Ismaili, Zakaria Information Technology BS
Itona, Micaela S. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Ivlev, Yegor Computer Technology BET
Jaber, Samer Computer Science BS
Jackson, Romario Chemical Engineering BS
Jain, Amar Biology BA
Jain, Palash Web & Information Systems BS
Jain, Shreyans Engineering Management MS
Jain, Tanmay Computer Science MS
Jajoo, Himanshu S. Computer Science MS
Jaludi, Jasmin A. History BA
Jamali, Atiqullah Mechanical Engineering BS
Janarathnam Mohanraj, Vignesh Industrial Engineering MS
Jani, Vivek H. Engineering Management MS
Jaoudar, Nabil Civil Engineering BS
Jaramillo, Christian Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Jayanti, Tushar Computer Science MS
Jen, Stephanie Interior Design BA
Jenkins, Christopher L. Communication BS
Jensen, Paul A. Electrical Engineering BS
Jeudy, Clairemirna Biology BA
Jha, Prerna Computer Science MS
Jia, Xieyang Mathematical Sciences PHD
Joaquin, Ismael E. Biomedical Engineering BS
Joel, Adekunle S. Civil Engineering MS
John, Nikhil Computer Engineering BS
John-Mahon, Ainsworth C. Information Technology BS
Johnson, Andre Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Johnson, Cal R. Business Administration MBA
Johnson, Justin Information Technology BS
Johnson, Richard J. Civil Engineering MS
Johnson, Tiffany E. Information Systems MS
Jones, Anthony Computer Science BS
Jones, Jonathan C. Urban Systems PHD
Jones, Wanye L. Business BS
Jordan, Louis O. Civil Engineering MS
Joshi, Deep J. Electrical Engineering MS
Joshi, Krushnang V. Computer Technology BET
Joshi, Kshitij Computer Science MS
Joshi, Vidhee S. Information Systems MS
Jukus, Michael Construction Engineering Tech BET
Jung, Kee Hyun Business & Information Systems BS
Jurri, Munib M. Business Administration MBA
Kaba, Saibou Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kabrawala, Krunal A. Software Engineering MS
Kadam, Afifa Information Technology BS
Kadiravel, Kalpana Computing & Business MS
Kalata, Mateusz Electrical Engineering BS
Kalliny, John P. Biology BA
Kalu, Akuwa Mathematical & Comp Finance MS
Kamat, Aditya A. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Kamath, Sonali Mathematical Sciences BS
Kamel, Mikel M. Civil Engineering BS
Kaminsky, Spencer Information Technology BS
Kamra, Tamanna Electrical Engineering BS
Kamran, Sarmad Construction Engineering Tech BET
Kanagala, Rachana Business & Information Systems MS
Kanchanapalli, Sravani Computer Engineering BS
Kane, James F. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kangwantas, Thanathip Computer Science BS
Kannan, Adithya Biomedical Engineering BS
Kantrowitz, David C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kapadia, Jashna Tusharbhai Information Systems MS
Kapadia, Mitesh Computer Engineering BS
Kaplan, Zachary T. Computer Science BS
Karanovic, Jovan Business BS
Karode, Aakash Rajiv Information Systems MS
Karoo, Mayur Arun Electrical Engineering MS
Karpe, Snehal S. Electrical Engineering MS
Kasem, Omar K. Occupational Safety & Hlth Eng MS
Kasireddy, Charitharth Computer Science MS
Kathiria, Vedant V. Information Technology BS
Katragadda, Poojitha Information Systems MS
Kaufman, Chase Mechanical Engineering BS
Kaur, Harpuneet Business BS
KAUR, JASPAL Chemical Engineering MS
Kaveria, Darshan S. Information Systems MS
Kc, Prabhakar Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kelkar, Akshay Shrikant Computer Science MS
Keller, Ryan C. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kelliny, Mariana E. Chemical Engineering BS
Keren, Roy M. Computer Science BS
Kermanian, Ruzbeh Sharukh Business & Information Systems MS
Kerolos, Ebram S. Information Technology BS
Ketha, Rashmi B. Management MS
Kettani, Mehdi Business & Information Systems BS
Ketterer, Daniel J. Business Administration MBA
Kewalramani, Jitendra Anil Civil Engineering MS
Keyes, Bryan W. Civil Engineering BS
Khader, Ateka Mohd Arabi Biomedical Engineering PHD
Khajuria, Ishan Computer Science MS
Khalaf, Ali H. Civil Engineering MS
Khalaifeh, Faras H. Industrial Engineering BS
Khalid, Muhammad B. Computer Science BS
Khalil, Mahmoud M. Electrical Engineering MS
Khalsa, Ratanamolsingh Computer Science MS
Khamar, Krishna B. Information Technology BS
Khan, Afshan Business BS
Khan, Faizan A. Computer Science BS
Khan, Mahmood Y. Information Technology BS
Khan, Mariya Information Technology BS
Khan, Maryam Civil Engineering MS
Khan, Mohammad Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Khan, Tariq Information Technology BS
Khanna, Prerna Information Systems MS
Kharadi, Pratik D. Computer Science MS
Kharidia, Aalok S. Electrical Engineering BS
Khawja, Usman Computer Science BS
Khella, Monica A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Khemraj, Johanna W. Civil Engineering BS
Khode, Chidanand R. Computer Science BS
Khorozian, Varoujan J. Information Technology BS
Kiani, Abbas Electrical Engineering PHD
Kidd, Davone J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kikiowo, Sherif Mechanical Engineering BS
Kim, Blair W. Mechanical Engineering BS
King, Airel O. Mathematical Sciences BS
King, Jack-Hollis L. Power and Energy Systems MS
King, Kristen K. Business BS
King, Timothy D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Kinnie, Justin S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Kiran Sanghoi, Trupthi Management MS
Klesitz, Lindsay Civil Engineering MS
Knowles, Kendra A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Kogan, Alexander I. Computer Science MS
Kokil, Ruta Narendra Computer Engineering MS
Kolaitis, Angelo Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Kolano, Mateusz S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Kolawole, Samuel Biology BA
Kong, Aaron Electrical Engineering BS
Koochak, Jamak Environmental Engineering MS
Kosciolek, Zachary Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Koshykar, Eric Information Technology BS
Kota, Snigdha Reddy Computer Engineering MS
Kotta, Prithvi Krishna Reddy Industrial Engineering MS
Kotz, Steven Mechanical Engineering BS
Kouna Obama, Alain J. Mechanical Engineering MS
Kowalik, Marek Computer Science BS
Krake, Anthony M. Occup. Safety & Health Engr. MS
Krichevsky, Genry Computer Science MS
Krishnamurthy, Arvindh Information Systems BA
Krishnaswamy, Srinidhi Information Systems MS
Kritou, Justin M. Computer Science BS
Kulkarni, Nehal Abdul Nasir Industrial Engineering MS
Kulkarni, Sanket Shankar Electrical Engineering MS
Kulkarni, Vishal Computer Science MS
Kurda, Alexander Civil Engineering BS
Kuriakose, Matthew J. Biomedical Engineering PHD
Kveton, Nicholas J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Kwan, Michelle Y. Business & Information Systems BS
Kwiatek, Vincent P. Electrical Engineering BS
La Rocca, Sabrina General Studies BGS
Laast, Francis W. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Labarbiera Jr., Richard A. Civil Engineering BS
Lad, Deepesh Information Technology BS
Ladak, Aali Architecture BS
Lagoviyer, Oleg S. Chemical Engineering MS
Laka, Patrick Business & Information Systems BS
Lakshmanan, Anita Information Systems MS
Lal, Brijesh Computer Science MS
Lam, Lyna C. Biology BA
Lam, Michael A. Mathematical Sciences PHD
Lama, Kevin Information Technology BS
Lamboy, Ken Mechanical Engineering BS
Landaverde, Michael S. Chemical Engineering BS
Lantry, Matthew J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Lanzano, Michael S. Architecture BS
Lapeyre, Brandon H. Civil Engineering BS
Laroco, Carl A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Lavangare, Prajakta S. Information Systems MS
Lawandy, Ramy Civil Engineering MS
Lazar, Dawid Chemical Engineering BS
Lazo, Christian A. Architecture BS
Lazo, Jefferson O. Engineering Management MS
Lazzaro, Michael Electrical Engineering BS
Lee, Richard Management MS
Lee, Ryan M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Legge, Ralph J. Computer Science BS
Lehrer, Peter G. Mathematical Sciences BS
Leichtman, Miriam R. Materials Science & Engr MS
Lelikov, Philip S. Industrial Engineering BS
Lenard, Kamil K. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Leon, Frederick Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Leong, Michael P. Information Technology BS
Lescrinier, Danielle R. Civil Engineering BS
Leung, Daniel Engineering Management MS
Leung, Tiffanie Y. Architecture BAR
Leusink, Matthew R. Civil Engineering BS
Levchuk, Alexander P. IT Administration & Security MS
Leverett, John T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Levitina, Svetlana Chemical Engineering MS
Levy, Rayon C. Chemical Engineering BS
Levy, Reuven Computer Science BS
Lewis, Tajmahnae D. Science, Technology & Society BS
Li, Geng Electrical Engineering MS
Li, Ji Electrical Engineering MS
Li, Liping Applied Statistics MS
Li, Qiang Civil Engineering MS
Li, Vicki H. Business BS
Li, Yiran Management MS
Li, Zhongheng Computer Science BA
Li, Zhongyu Chemical Engineering MS
Liao, Junquan Environmental Engineering MS
Ligot, James V. Chemical Engineering BS
Lin, Fuxin Mechanical Engineering MS
Lin, Hongjie Mechanical Engineering MS
Lin, Shuifeng Computer Science MS
Lin, Yueqi Computer Science MS
Lin, Zhenzhe Electrical Engineering MS
Lin, Zhixing Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS
Linsangan, Renzell Joshua P. Computer Engineering BS
Lio, Joshi Business BS
Lisboa, Anthony R. Construction Management Tech BET
Lischick, Paige M. Architecture BAR
Liu, Fang Computer Science MS
Liu, Jesse Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Liu, Mingjia Electrical Engineering MS
Liu, Qingyang Mechanical Engineering MS
Liu, Shuchen Electrical Engineering MS
Liu, Xinglei Chemistry PHD
Liu, Xinyu Electrical Engineering MS
Liu, Yen Ting Materials Science & Engr MS
Livera, Peter J. Business Administration MBA
Llewellyn, Helen C. General Studies BGS
Lloyd, Irene A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Lo, Ben Information Technology BS
Loaiza, Jonathan Construction Engineering Tech BET
Lombardi, Joseph A. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Long, Kevin A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Longinetti, Shulynn J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Lopatosky, Evan G. Computer Science BS
Lopez Benitez, Johanna A. Electrical Engineering BS
Lopez, Brandon A. Electrical Engineering MS
Lopez, Sebastian Architecture BAR
Losito, John J. Computer Science BS
Lougheed, Daniel K. Information Technology BS
Lourduraj, Haris Naven Industrial Engineering MS
Lozarito, Kimberly S. Computer Science BS
Lu, Xuetao Computer Science MS
Lubreski, Sean G. Communication BA
Luna, Alexis M. Architecture BAR
Luna, Charles J. Computer Science BS
Luo, Feilong Engineering Management MS
Luo, Xinyi Electrical Engineering MS
Lusardi, Terence M. Management MS
Lushaj, Kevin Architecture BAR
Macachor, Myton Biomedical Engineering MS
Macfarlane, Joseph A. Chemical Engineering BS
Macias, Christian Mechanical Engineering BS
Mack, Miciah N. Information Technology BS
Madahar, Parikshit Software Engineering MS
Maghamez, George Computer Science BS
Maghamez, Karam Business BS
Maguina, Tracey T. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Maher, Micheal Computer Engineering BS
Mahmood, Shadab Engineering Management MS
Maidana, Matias E. Biomedical Engineering BS
Major, Brandon Web & Information Systems BS
Malatesta, John Civil Engineering BS
Malave, Ivette A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Maldonado, Macarena A. Interior Design BA
Malhi, Mohannad N. Chemical Engineering BS
Malik, Ali M. Computer Engineering BS
Malik, Babar M. Business BS
Malveda, Jared R. Civil Engineering BS
Mamidela Chitti, Keerthi Software Engineering MS
Mamilla, Rishi Venkatesh Computer Science MS
Mammen, Helen Biomedical Engineering BS
Mamnoon, Towsif Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Manavalan, Sriram Industrial Engineering MS
Mancinelli, Luca M. Engineering Management MS
Maner, Mustafa M. Biology BA
Mangukia, Yajurved H. Civil Engineering MS
Manjrekar, Utkarsh H. Industrial Engineering MS
Mann Jr., Edward S. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Mansour, Michael Mechanical Engineering BS
Manuele, David C. Business Administration MBA
Manzo, Allison D. Human Computer Interaction BS
Manzo, Allison D. Science, Technology & Society BS
Maramba, Brandon Mechanical Engineering BS
Marcatoma, Lenin J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Markenzon, Aleksandr Information Technology BS
Marmolejo, Rebecca J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Maroz, Maryana Civil Engineering BS
Marques, Paulino A. Civil Engineering BS
Marques, Vanessa Chemical Engineering BS
Marquez, Ron-nie Derick L. Civil Engineering BS
Marroquin, Emmy C. Biomedical Engineering BS
Martinez, Alfred S. Mechanical Engineering MS
Martinez, Christopher L. Computer Engineering BS
Martinez, Dayrene Electrical Engineering BS
Maru, Aalap Yogesh Computer Science MS
Marzouq, Amal Industrial Engineering BS
Marzullo, Nicholas Civil Engineering BS
Masand, Ashish Information Systems MS
Mason, Joshua S. Architecture BAR
Mason, Malcolm Theater Arts and Technology BA
Mathew, Austin J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Matthews, Joel P. Business & Information Systems BS
Mattie, Michael J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Matusiak, Jack B. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Mavani, Rohanbhai K. Computer Science BS
Maxwell, Nicoia G. Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS
Mayanan, Jonathan N. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Mayer, Oksana Medical Informatics Tech BET
Mazketly, Mohammad IT Administration & Security MS
Mazur, Karen A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mbagwu, Chidiebere O. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mbah, Fernadez D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mbe Fokam, Dejolie Christelle Software Engineering MS
McAllister, Ian L. Science, Technology & Society BS
McConnell, Julia E. Science, Technology & Society BS
McCullagh, Niall J. Computer Technology BET
Mcdonnell, Matthew J. Mechanical Engineering BS
McDonough, Mary Kate Business Administration MBA
McDowell, Brian R. Civil Engineering BS
McGeever, Stephen Biopharmaceutical Engineering MS
McGinn, Michael A. Mechanical Engineering BS
McGourty, Aidan J. Business & Information Systems BS
Mcgrath, Kyle P. Chemical Engineering BS
McGrath, Patrick J. Information Technology BS
McKenzie, Kevin L. IT Administration & Security MS
McMillon, James D. Electrical Engineering BS
McNamara, Erick C. Mechanical Engineering BS
McSpiritt, Liam C. Electrical Engineering BS
Mdeiwayeh, Mara Architecture BAR
Mechtemel-Belkad, Abderrahim Computer Science BS
Medasani, Gokul Mathematical & Comp Finance MS
Medich, Benjamin O. Electrical Engineering MS
Medina, Carlos Information Technology BS
Medina, Onixa S. Construction Management Tech BET
Meguid, Mohamed E. Electrical Engineering BS
Mehta, Mithil G. Electrical Engineering MS
Mehta, Parth Ketan Computer Science MS
Mehta, Rushabh H. Business BS
Mejia, Diego F. Information Technology BS
Mele, Robert A. Industrial Engineering BS
Melendez, Wilson I. Chemical Engineering BS
Memon, Aatqa S. Biology BA
Memon, Wajihah A. Biology BA
Mena, Julian M. Industrial Design BS
Mendez, Robert P. Industrial Engineering BS
Mendoza, Richard L. Information Technology BS
Mendoza, Thomas I. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mendoza, Yahira N. Mathematical Sciences BS
Merdan, Noureen A. Chemical Engineering BS
Mertiri, Julia Chemical Engineering BS
Messiha, Andrew A. Electrical Engineering BS
Messina, Brittany P. Civil Engineering MS
Metrio, Erick Mechanical Engineering BS
Mevoglioni, Tyler A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Michie, Eileen M. Information Systems MS
Mierzwa Jr., Wesley Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Mikaeel, Abanob H. Computer Science BS
Mikhaylishin, Ivan Computer Technology BET
Miletta, Zachary Computer Engineering BS
Milewski, Adrian Concrete Industry Management BET
Milla, Arianna J. Interior Design BA
Miller, Aziah A. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Miller, Charles C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mirani, Harsha A. Information Systems MS
Miraoui, Mohamed Biophysics BS
Mirhaji, Pedram Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Mirza, Talib A. Business BS
Mishra, Archana Information Systems MS
Mistry, Jagrutiben M. Electrical Engineering MS
Mistry, Jaykumar Jagdishbhai Computer Science MS
Mistry, Mukti Medical Informatics Tech BET
Mistry, Niraj Medical Informatics Tech BET
Mitevski, Ivan Electrical Engineering BS
Mitevski, Ivan Mathematical Sciences BS
Modi, Karan Hiteshkumar Mechanical Engineering MS
Modi, Nehal Narendrakumar Electrical Engineering MS
Modugno, Christopher L. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Mody, Gaurangkumar Bakulbhai Computer Science MS
Mohamed, Akram T. Concrete Industry Management BET
Mohamed, Ali M. Civil Engineering BS
Mohamed, Hend H. Biology BA
Mohekar, Akash Anil Chemical Engineering MS
Moledo, Miguel Mechanical Engineering BS
Molina, Bryant Mechanical Engineering BS
Monahan, Immanuel J. Computer Science BS
Monk, Ian W. Chemical Engineering PHD
Montalvo Velasco, Javier A. Computer Technology BET
Montarroyos, Matheus M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Montenegro, Luis E. Information Technology BS
Montoya, Joaquin Business Administration MBA
Montoya, Juan P. Civil Engineering BS
Moodey, Philip G. Biology BA
Moon, Dae Kil Information Technology BS
Moon, Mehnaz Chemical Engineering BS
Moore, Michael J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Mora, Emil Information Technology BS
Morales, Anthony M. Information Technology BS
Morales, Maritza Chemical Engineering BS
Morales, Rebecca Architecture BS
Morales, Yanira L. Business & Information Systems BS
Morales-fernandez, Lindy Civil Engineering BS
Moran, Garrett R. Communication BS
Morshed, Evelyn S. Chemical Engineering BS
Mosbah, Mohamed I. Mechanical Engineering BS
Motta, Luis M. Computer Science BS
Moturu, Pranavi Information Systems MS
Mount, Michael M. Electrical Engineering BS
Mourato, Brian F. Architecture BAR
Moustafa, Abdelrhman H. Information Technology BS
Moustafa, Marwa A. Biology BA
Moyal, Saurabh M. Information Systems MS
Muchintala, Rahul R. Biology BA
Mucyo, Christian Information Systems MS
Mudunuri, Rohit Varma Engineering Management MS
Mugabe, Takudzwa Benox Civil Engineering MS
Mujib, Humza K. Information Technology BS
Mukherjee, Sreya R. Construction Management Tech BET
Mulic, Shabo Information Technology BS
Murawski, David J. Civil Engineering BS
Murzello, Jason J. Electrical Engineering BS
Muscarella, Matthew C. Information Technology BS
Music Jr., Richard A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Muskaj, Irena Information Technology BS
Mustafa, Sara Chemical Engineering BS
Mustafa, Wisam M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Muthiyan, Aneesh S. Information Technology BS
Myren, Kevin P. Biology BA
Mysore Kalyan Kumar, Yashaswini Computer Engineering MS
Nafees, Saniya Computer Engineering BS
Nagle, Brandon Infrastructure Planning MS
Naidu, Karthik Computer Technology BET
Nair, Sree Kumar Engineering Management MS
Nakhla, Abanoub Electrical Engineering BS
Nalla, Vineeth R. Computer Science MS
Nangini, Jessy J. Information Technology BS
Narayan, Aravind Adithya Computer Science MS
Narula, Resham Biomedical Engineering MS
Narvaez, Christian F. Biomedical Engineering BS
Nasello, Eric M. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Navarro, Kevin Digital Design BA
Navarro, Xavier F. Computer Science BS
Nawaz, Zeshan Science, Technology & Society BS
Nayak, Sagar J. Industrial Engineering MS
Nayee, Bhavini M. Data Science MS
Naylis, Melissa N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ndukwe, Chukwuka Business BS
Negi, Vineet Computer Science MS
Nelloore, Krishna Chaitanya Software Engineering MS
Nelson, Monica J. Digital Design BA
Netta, Matthew J. Architecture MAR
Neubauer, Mark Biomedical Engineering BS
Newmark, Rivka E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Newson, Michael A. Business Administration MBA
Ng, Chit Yee Infrastructure Planning MS
Ngobi, Titus K. Electrical Engineering BS
Nguyen, Jeffrey H. Computer Engineering BS
Nichols, Benjamin J. IT Administration & Security MS
Nicoletti, Vincent A. Civil Engineering MS
Nilsen, Taylor Mechanical Engineering BS
Nissen, Kiera A. Civil Engineering BS
Niu, Yiran Computer Science MS
Njogu, Catherine W. Architecture BAR
Nocum, Emmanuel R. Industrial Engineering BS
Nomani, Hatim Mechanical Engineering BS
Noreen, Tayyaba Engineering Management MS
Nuguid, Enrico S. Architecture BAR
Nunez, Joel Architecture BAR
Nunez, Lyudmila Business BS
Nunez, Martina Communication BS
Nunna, Bharath Babu Mechanical Engineering PHD
Nyby, Kathryn Information Technology BS
O'Brien, Alexander F. Electrical Engineering BS
O'buckley, Jonathan D. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
O'Connor Jr., Kevin M. Mechanical Engineering BS
O'Connor, Kevin J. Chemical Engineering BS
Odak, Shantanu Business & Information Systems MS
O'Donnell, Brian E. Applied Physics BS
Odoom, Jason Information Technology BS
O'Grady, Jessica N. Civil Engineering BS
Ogunnowo, Wuraola A. Industrial Design BS
Ojo, Babatunde J. Business & Information Systems BS
Ojoye, Damilola U. Mechanical Engineering BS
Okeke, Friday E. IT Administration & Security MS
O'Krinsky, John Mechanical Engineering BS
Okula, Austin A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Olayinka, Joshua B. Computing & Business BS
O'Leary, Ryan D. Civil Engineering BS
Oliveira Sartorio, Gabriela Architecture BAR
Olmeda, Adrian Mechanical Engineering BS
Omer, Mohammad K. Computer Science BS
Opara, Uzoma A. Business BS
Ordonez, Geovanna L. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Orellana, Ezequiel I. Chemical Engineering BS
Orlowski, Arthur D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Ortega, Alejandro Chemical Engineering BS
Ortega, Alex Mechanical Engineering BS
Ortega, Alexis D. Computer Engineering BS
Ortega, Andres E. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Ortega, Edisson O. Civil Engineering BS
Ortiz, Bryan Digital Design BA
Ortiz, Richard Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Osborn, Lucille A. Information Technology BS
Oshun, Ibrahim T. Chemical Engineering BS
Osmanoff, Alex Information Technology BS
Ospina, Pamela M. Interior Design BA
Osuwah, Chisom Christian Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Owaga, Nixon Otieno Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Owlasiuk, Mark Computer Science BS
Oya, Manosha B. Architecture BAR
Pabbathi, Venkatkrishnarohith Computer Science MS
Pachas, Melissa J. Engineering Management MS
Pahadiya, Shruti Information Systems MS
Pala, Pier P. Architecture BAR
Palacios, Reyna K. Information Technology BS
Paladino, Leonardo Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Palaric, Karina Computer Science BS
Palella, Joseph C. Information Technology BS
Pan, Zhaomin Computer Science MS
Panchal, Sarthak N. Industrial Engineering MS
Panchal, Vishal G. Information Technology BS
Pandhare, Kedar P. Computer Engineering MS
Pandya, Vidhi M. Management MS
Panesar, Isha Information Systems MS
Panneer Selvam, Revathi Computer Science MS
Panucci, Alexander N. Electrical Engineering BS
Paolella, Christian Business & Information Systems BS
Papajani, Kosti Engineering Management MS
Paredes, Juan C. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Pareja, Henry A. Electrical Engineering BS
Parekh, Bridgen G. Human Computer Interaction BS
Parekh, Daxesh N. Computer Science BS
Parekh, Dhruv Information Technology BS
Parekh, Jash M. Computer Science MS
Parente, Michael G. Business BS
Parikh, Darshan Architecture BAR
Parikh, Honey T. Chemical Engineering BS
Parikh, Shanay D. Civil Engineering MS
Parillon, Elenor R. Industrial Engineering BS
Park, Sohui Chemical Engineering BS
Parker, Nathaniel D. Chemical Engineering BS
Parmar, Dhruv Manoj Information Systems MS
Parmar, Puneet S. Biomedical Engineering MS
Paronis, Thomas E. Computer Science MS
Parra Jr., Moises Information Technology BS
Parsatoon, Anastasia I. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Passalacqua, Frank J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Passalacqua, Kevin M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Passaro, Roman C. Mathematical Sciences BS
Pastor, Francis Romeo C. Computer Science BS
Pastori, Ronald Computer Science BS
Patel, Aesha K. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Patel, Ajay R. Information Technology BS
Patel, Apurva N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Bansari R. Biology BS
Patel, Brijen D. Architecture BS
Patel, Charmi Engineering Management MS
Patel, Darshan D. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Deep A. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Deep D. Computer Science BA
Patel, Dharmil S. Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Dipan Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Gaurang Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Harsh N. Information Technology BS
Patel, Heeral Information Technology BS
Patel, Het N. Electrical Engineering MS
Patel, Himalaya B. Computer Science MS
Patel, Hinal D. Information Technology BS
Patel, Hiral R. Business BS
Patel, Hrishi Tushar Information Technology BS
Patel, Ilaxy A. Information Technology BS
Patel, Jackie B. Management MS
Patel, Jay J. Computer Science MS
Patel, Jeet A. Information Technology BS
Patel, Jinal J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Kairav Y. Computer Science MS
Patel, Karan Applied Physics BS
Patel, Karan M. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Karankumar Business BS
Patel, Karm V. Computer Science MS
Patel, Kevin H. Business & Information Systems BS
Patel, Kishan D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Patel, Krunal Arvindbhai Computer Science BS
Patel, Kruti Information Technology BS
Patel, Maitrey U. Computer Science BS
Patel, Malay J. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Miren A. Industrial Engineering MS
Patel, Mitesh S. Computer Engineering BS
Patel, Mitesh S. Electrical Engineering BS
Patel, Mitul R. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Nihar Information Technology BS
Patel, Nilov R. Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Nipun M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Parash Computer Science BS
Patel, Parth G. Computer Science BS
Patel, Parth P. Biology BA
Patel, Pratik S. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Purav P. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Rachel K. Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Raj Harilal Civil Engineering MS
Patel, Rashmin B. Information Technology BS
Patel, Ravi Computer Science BS
Patel, Ravi B. Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Rikin Computer Technology BET
Patel, Ritu S. Computer Science BS
Patel, Sahaj J. Business & Information Systems BS
Patel, Shrina Biology BA
Patel, Swetaben B. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Patel, Tasha Applied Statistics MS
Patel, Tej N. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Urvish Software Engineering MS
Patel, Viral Sharadkumar Computer Science MS
Patel, Vraj Computer Engineering BS
Patel, Vraj M. Business & Information Systems MS
Pathak, Chaitanya N. Civil Engineering PHD
Pathak, Virali Vikrambhai Information Systems MS
Patil, Sanjana Ajay Engineering Management MS
Patino, Marcus Computer Engineering BS
Pattanayak, Monika Business & Information Systems MS
Pattison, Irina A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Paturi, Manideep Computer Science MS
Pavelko, Richard Industrial Engineering MS
Pavlyuk, Oleksiy Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Pavoni, Edward D. Electrical Engineering MS
Paz, Paulo D. Mathematical Sciences BS
Pazmino, Christian O. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Pedalino, Michael R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Peddi, Neha Biology BA
Pedo, Benjamin M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pena, Blas Mechanical Engineering BS
Pencinger, Austin T. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Penmetsa, Tarun S. Biology BA
Pera, Phillip Chemical Engineering BS
Peralta, David Business BS
Pereyra, Jorge R. Chemical Engineering BS
Perez, Jorge R. Architecture BAR
Perez-Uzzle, Marquise A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Perryman, Joshua Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Peters, Rupert E. IT Administration & Security MS
Petersen, Keith R. Biomedical Engineering BS
Petrillo, Mario Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Pfleger, Robert J. Biochemistry BS
Philomin Raja, Rojin Electrical Engineering MS
Phipps, Brea K. Biology BA
Piekutowski, Adam M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pietronico, Evan M. Communication BA
Pinca, Justin Chemical Engineering BS
Pinto, Clinton Computer Science MS
Pinto, David M. Chemical Engineering BS
Piper, Christopher H. Civil Engineering MS
Pirondi, Lorenzo Engineering Management MS
Pisarnsongkram, Genneral Architecture MAR
Pishey Ramesh, Santosh Electrical Engineering MS
Plewa, Gabriel Information Technology BS
Plunkett, Sean F. Business BS
Pope, Colin E. Computer Science BS
Poppe, Jason T. Civil Engineering MS
Porcelli, Vincent W. Mathematical Sciences BS
Porcello, Jake Engineering Management MS
Porcello, Zachary A. Civil Engineering MS
Pore, Saurabh Computer Science MS
Powell, Clayton L. Chemical Engineering BS
Pozo, Florencia Interior Design BA
Premkumar, Rohit Biology BA
Prince, Kyle J. Chemical Engineering BS
Provencher Jr., Robert A. Computer Science BS
Pujari, Yamini Electrical Engineering MS
Puleo, Alexandra D. Science, Technology & Society BS
Pulido, Cristian Computer Technology BET
Puma, Edwin J. Civil Engineering MS
Pyrka, Thomas R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Pyrrhus, Lenerson Industrial Engineering BS
Qin, Tian Applied Statistics MS
Quackenbush, Robert L. Civil Engineering BS
Quaye, Aaron A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Quijano, Gabrielle A. Chemical Engineering BS
Quinton, Tristan G. History BA
Quirie, Scott A. Chemical Engineering BS
Quispilema, Frank J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Rackett, Taylor W. Mechanical Engineering BS
Racki, Jonathan S. Biomedical Engineering BS
Radhakrishna, Advaith Computer Science MS
Rahman, Riya S. Science, Technology & Society BS
Raiten, Jeremy Environmental Science BS
Rajah, Joel V. Biomedical Engineering BS
Rajasekar, Mahendra Varman Computer Science MS
Rajhpaul, Gavin Civil Engineering BS
Rajpal, Luv Laxminarayan Information Systems MS
Rajpura, Sumaiya Biomedical Engineering BS
Ralli, Kyle D. Industrial Design BS
Ramakrishna, Shashank Information Systems MS
Ramanujam, Shreyas Computer Science BS
Ramaswamy, Durga Prasad Engineering Management MS
Ramdyal, John Civil Engineering BS
Rameshkumar, Deepak Information Systems MS
Ramirez Diaz, Darling Industrial Engineering BS
Ramirez, David Information Technology BS
Ramirez, Kevin R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ramistella, Dylan M. Concrete Industry Management BET
Ramos Galindo, Miguel A. Engineering Management MS
Ramzy, John Mechanical Engineering BS
Rana, Hemali Information Technology BS
Rana, Mehul Mechanical Engineering BS
Rana, Parth M. Civil Engineering BS
Rana, Priyanka Information Systems MS
Rana, Urvi K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Rana, Vatsal R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Randazzo, Joseph Civil Engineering MS
Randazzo, Mary J. Business Administration MBA
Rane, Swapnil Shivputra Mechanical Engineering MS
Rangga, Richard Business BS
Ranjan, Raunak Computer Science MS
Ranpura, Akash H. Biomedical Engineering BS
Ransom, Jerrod T. Computer Science BS
Rao, Gandra Naga Ventaka Deepanshu Engineering Management MS
Raorane, Dweet Arvind Engineering Management MS
Rashed, Merzk Biomedical Engineering MS
Rastogi, Shivang Information Technology BS
Rathod, Dhanrajsinh Chemical Engineering BS
Rathod, Parthdevsinh H. Computer Science MS
Ravi, Himavarsha Information Technology BS
Ravi, Sathish Electrical Engineering MS
Ravikumar, Vivek Bharathwaj Computer Science MS
Ravindhran, Gopal Biology BS
Ravindhran, Gopal Computer Science BS
Rawat, Sumit Computer Science BS
Raymond, Karen M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Raza, Kamran Information Technology BS
Reda, Lauren M. Engineering Management MS
Reddy, Samtha Data Science MS
Regner, Dakota L. Computer Engineering BS
Rehman, Hamad Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Rela, Michael C. Biomedical Engineering BS
Renaud, Dylan L. Applied Physics BS
Revoredo, Jimmy Information Technology BS
Rey, Daniel F. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Reyes, Jose Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Reyes, Josue Civil Engineering MS
Reyes-De La Cruz, Arickson Industrial Engineering BS
Rezabala, Tia J. Business Administration MBA
Riaz, Manahil Information Technology BS
Ribeiro, Jason G. Civil Engineering BS
Ricken, Stephen Information Systems PHD
Riley, Christopher J. Civil Engineering BS
Rios Pineda, Diego A. Mathematical Sciences BS
Rivera, Alexavier J. Architecture BAR
Rivera, Alexavier J. Concrete Industry Management BS
Rivera, Pamela Biomedical Engineering BS
Rivero, Elva M. Civil Engineering BS
Rizell, Simon Felix Harald Business BS
Rizvi, Ali Business Administration MBA
Rizzo, Isabella Interior Design BA
Roach, Karla I. Environmental Science MS
Robbins, Nicholas Information Technology BS
Robles, Amanda G. Business & Information Systems BS
Roche, Patricia M. Civil Engineering BS
Rodd, Jason J. Computer Science BS
Rodowicz, Damian Mechanical Engineering BS
Rodriguez, Alexander E. Applied Physics BS
Rodriguez, Calixto Engineering Management MS
Rodriguez, Eduardo M. Architecture BAR
Rodriguez, Elizabeth F. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Rodriguez, Kevin D. Applied Statistics MS
Rodriguez, Pier Business BS
Rohafza, Mahdi Mechanical Engineering MS
Rolon, Gabriel L. Business BS
Roman, Kim M. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Romano, Alan J. Computer Science BS
Romano, Ivan P. Mechanical Engineering BS
Romero, Giuseppe A. Information Technology BS
Rosario, Blazer Information Systems BA
Rosario, Iris J. Computer Technology BET
Roseberry, Kyle Electrical Engineering MS
Rosenstein, Scott J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Roufaeal, Matthew Mechanical Engineering BS
Rowicki, Mateusz L. Civil Engineering BS
Roxas, Armani-Christian Chemical Engineering BS
Roy, Debrina Biomedical Engineering MS
Roy, Dhrubo Information Technology BS
Ruane, Timothy M. Industrial Engineering BS
Rubio, Christian D. Information Technology BS
Rubio-Serpa, Paul F. Business & Information Systems MS
Ruderman, Brian Applied Mathematics MS
Ruel, Christopher J. Architecture BAR
Ruiz, Yessenia Civil Engineering BS
Runtevski, Dime Business BS
Russ, Brett D. Architecture MAR
Ryan, Brett P. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ryan, John Computer Science BS
Saadalla, Raymon S. Computer Engineering BS
Saberi, Alisina Computer Science BS
Sabharwal, Manleen K. Computer Science MS
Sachdeva, Agrim Information Systems MS
Sadineni, Sahitya Biomedical Engineering BS
Saez, Olivia K. Chemical Engineering BS
Safsafi, Achraf Mathematical Sciences BS
Saini, Ankita Information Systems MS
Sajjan, Santosh Chemical Engineering MS
Sakhamuri, Shalini Biology BA
Salama, Daniel M. Chemical Engineering BS
Saleb, John G. Information Technology BS
Saleh, Sherief O. Business Administration MBA
Salemi, Filippo Electrical Engineering BS
Saliseema, Dvija Computer Science MS
Saloni, Fnu Electrical Engineering MS
Samaha, Elie R. Mathematical Sciences BS
Samoni, Adeena Biology BA
Samson, Alan S. Information Technology BS
Samuel, Raina E. Software Engineering MS
SanaUllah, Ahmed Computer Science BS
Sanchez, Andrew J. Civil Engineering MS
Sanchez, Jhajaira G. Biomedical Engineering BS
Sanchez, Katherine Mechanical Engineering BS
Sanchez, William Civil Engineering BS
Sande, Aejaj Mubarak Computer Science MS
Sandesara, Darshil H. Electrical Engineering BS
Sandhu, Jaspreet Singh Industrial Engineering MS
Sanfilippo, Joseph P. Civil Engineering BS
Sankar, Prajwal Namdev Electrical Engineering MS
Sankhala, Chaitali Subhash Computer Engineering MS
Sankharva, Pooja G. Information Systems MS
Santiago, Nicolas J. Information Technology BS
Santoro, Nicholas D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Santoro, Vincent Mechanical Engineering BS
Santos, Jeffrey Information Systems BA
Sao Pedro, Pedro Mechanical Engineering BS
Sarango, Jonathan S. Electrical Engineering BS
Saridi, Saimani Computer Science MS
Sarwal, Ankush Kumar Electrical Engineering MS
Saviano, John L. Business BS
Sawant, Saily Pradeep Computer Science MS
Sayson, Celdhan Information Technology BS
Scalcione-Hahn, Lucas N. Engineering Management MS
Scardelli, Eric R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Scott, William S. Computer Science MS
Scotti, Kristen A. Chemical Engineering BS
Scoullos, Zoe A. Chemical Engineering MS
Seaman, Jamison C. Applied Physics BS
Self, Thomas Chemical Engineering BS
Selim, Mohamed Business Administration MBA
Selvaraj, Sumathi Business & Information Systems MS
Senjalia, Trusha Information Technology BS
Serafin, Wojciech M. Mechanical Engineering MS
Serrano, Juan M. Civil Engineering BS
Seshadri, Ashwanth Chemical Engineering MS
Sestito, Alessandro F. Civil Engineering BS
Sethi, Abhishek Computer Science MS
Seuffert, Luke Computer Science BS
Seymour, Katarina S. Environmental Science MS
Shah, Abhi V. Computer Science MS
Shah, Arpan Computer Science MS
Shah, Arpun K. Biology BA
Shah, Bhavesh Suresh Computer Engineering MS
Shah, Bijal C. Biology BA
Shah, Chaitali Sanjay Information Systems MS
Shah, Darshil J. Information Systems MS
Shah, Dhruv V. Computer Science MS
Shah, Gunjan D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Shah, Keta J. Computer Engineering BS
Shah, Keya M. Business & Information Systems BS
Shah, Meet D. Computer Science BS
Shah, Miraal A. Business BS
Shah, Poojan D. Computer Engineering MS
Shah, Rushabh S. Computer Science MS
Shah, Sanil S. Information Technology BS
Shah, Shail D. Business & Information Systems BS
Shah, Smit P. Biomedical Engineering MS
Shah, Varun Sandeep Computer Science MS
Shaikh, Hamza A. Chemical Engineering BS
Shaikh, Ibraheem S. Biomedical Engineering BS
Shaltout, Tasneem Biochemistry BS
Shan, Jianchen Computer Science PHD
Shanmugam, Balakumar Information Systems MS
Shantzis, Roy M. Communication BA
Shao, Sihua Electrical Engineering PHD
Shapiro, Michael Mechanical Engineering BS
Sharma, Anjali Pharmaceutical Chemistry MS
Sharma, Kavita Computer Science MS
Sharma, Naman Computer Science MS
Sharma, Neha Data Science MS
Sharma, Nishant Business & Information Systems MS
Sharma, Shantanu N. Software Engineering MS
Sharma, Shveta Management MS
Sharma, Smarth Engineering Management MS
She, Harry X. Digital Design BA
She, Jimmy X. Information Technology BS
Shea, Erin O. Civil Engineering BS
Shehata, Rola Biology BS
Shen, Ruiqi Information Systems MS
Shen, Yiyun Computer Science MS
Shenoda, Samer A. Architecture MAR
Sherif, Mohamed Construction Engineering Tech BET
Sherrer, Richard N. Engineering Management MS
Sheth, Drumil Engineering Management MS
Sheth, Jai U. Biology BA
Sheth, Jil Information Technology BS
Sheth, Pushpen Chemical Engineering BS
Shetty, Rahul Ramesh Computer Science MS
Shigihara, Jule Biology BS
Shim, Steven J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Shirke, Abhishek J. Electrical Engineering MS
Shkreli, Joseph Mechanical Engineering BS
Shresth, Tanay Computer Science MS
Shukla, Pooja N. Biology BA
Shukri, Mustafa Electrical Engineering BS
Shulack Jr, Patrick C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Siddiquie, Moiez S. Computer Engineering BS
Sidhu, Mehtab S. Computer Science BS
Siegler, David M. Engineering Management MS
Silencieux, Jonah C. Information Technology BS
Silva Jr, Willy Electrical Engineering BS
Singh, Amanbir Information Technology BS
Singh, Ambuj Computer Science MS
Singh, Arshpreet Engineering Management MS
Singh, Bhavneet Computer Science MS
Singh, Harreet Biology BA
Singh, Inderpal Computer Science BS
Singh, Jagpreet Computer Science MS
Singh, Manish Information Technology BS
Singh, Pritinder Web & Information Systems BS
Singh, Sandy T. Computer Engineering BS
Singh, Sukhjinder Engineering Science BS
Singh, Vishaldeep Computer Science BS
Sinha, Juhi Engineering Management MS
Sinha, Rahul Computer Engineering MS
Sison, Christian D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Skaev, Alan Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Slawinski, Robert J. Web & Information Systems BS
Smighelschi, Brian D. Biomedical Engineering BS
Somasundaram, Arun Senthil Computer Science MS
Sommers, Enkhsanaa Computer Science BS
Sondergard, Brian R. Mechanical Engineering MS
Soni, Gunja D. Computer Technology BET
Sookhu, Kevin D. Civil Engineering BS
Souman, Faris M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Souza, Adam P. General Studies BGS
Spahn, Camerin Civil Engineering BS
Spano, Michael A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Spasovski, Sinisha Construction Engineering Tech BET
Spearman, Tameka Engineering Management MS
Spears, Ian J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Spryszynski, Adam Information Technology BS
Squarcio, Tulio Industrial Design BS
Sreerama, Deepthi Information Systems MS
Sridharan, Venkatesh Electrical Engineering MS
Srinivasan, Gokul Computer Science MS
Srinivasan, Muthu Subramani Materials Science & Engr MS
Srivastava, Mayank Computer Science MS
Srivastava, Shrishti Business & Information Systems MS
Srivastava, Shubhansh Electrical Engineering MS
Srivatsan Krishnan, Fnu Electrical Engineering MS
St. Edward, Steve M. Information Technology BS
Stack, Ryan J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ste. Marie, Ryan M. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Stefan, John T. Applied Physics MS
Stenko, Robert Construction Engineering Tech BET
Steppe, Tyrone B. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Stolarz, Mateusz S. Computer Science BS
Stratoberdha, John Mechanical Engineering BS
Stross, Joseph D. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Su, Jiujiu Electrical Engineering MS
Su, Nan Computer Science MS
Su, Ruicong Computer Science MS
Sukhe, Naima R. Business Administration MBA
Summerville, Colin W. Mechanical Engineering BS
Sun, Jiasi Business & Information Systems MS
Sun, Xiang Electrical Engineering PHD
Sun, Zhou Management MS
Suri, Gurjot Singh Electrical Engineering MS
Suriano, Justin Mechanical Engineering BS
Suthar, Jay C. Information Technology BS
Swaydan, Ibrahim Civil Engineering BS
Swensen, George W. Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Swietlik, Robert Mechanical Engineering BS
Syal, Rahul Computer Science BS
Syed, Sahla Chemical Engineering BS
Syed, Zulqar N. Business BS
Sylvain, McGregor J. Civil Engineering BS
Szu, Chunchin Business Administration MBA
Taak, Vishvas Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Tabago, Jose E. Electrical Engineering BS
Tadros, Kyrillos J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Tadros, Marina Chemical Engineering BS
Taha, Muhammad Biomedical Engineering BS
Tahir, Mohammad E. Chemical Engineering BS
Tahir, Ruqayyah Chemical Engineering BS
Tait, Cameron J. Business BS
Tali, Gonxhe Engineering Management MS
Tan, Xiao Electrical Engineering MS
Tandel, Snehalbhai Dhirubhai Business & Information Systems MS
Tanna, Bhagirath Sachin Industrial Engineering MS
Tanyos, Mena M. Civil Engineering BS
Tapia, Karina Civil Engineering BS
Taru, Kalyani Vitthal Computer Science MS
Tasneem, Fariha Communication BA
Tasovac, Natalija Chemical Engineering BS
Tati, Prasanna D. Biology BA
Tatka, Ashton R. Chemical Engineering BS
Tavella, Danielle E. Human Computer Interaction BS
Tavian Pereira Marques, Henrique Business BS
Teki, Akarsh L. Medical Informatics Tech BET
Tennant, Monique A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Thakkar, Pratik C. Computer Science MS
Thakkar, Zankrut Computer Science BS
Thiagarajan, Anupama Architecture MAR
Thomas, Joji Business BS
Thomas, Rita M. Chemical Engineering BS
Thomas-White, Nollan A. Transportation MS
Thompson, Josh E. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Thompson, Owen E. Chemical Engineering BS
Thompson, Tristan J. Biochemistry BS
Thompson, Ulysee S. Information Technology BS
Tieleman, Erik R. IT Administration & Security MS
Tillmann, Maxim Information Technology BS
Tippabhotla, Sai Apoorva Computer Science MS
Tiwari, Rajnish Ashok Mechanical Engineering MS
Tobias, Aa'eshah Architecture BAR
Tolentino, Gillian T. Architecture BAR
Tomaszewski, Krzysztof R. Business Administration MBA
Tomlinson, Nickeita Electrical Engineering BS
Torres, Julio A. Information Technology BS
Torres, Liliana M. Infrastructure Planning MS
Touma, Karim Civil Engineering MS
Toumanios, Joseph A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Tovar, Joseph A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Tran, Cecilia A. Electrical Engineering BS
Tran, Chau M. Architecture BAR
Tran, Kevin K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Tranchina, Justin M. Industrial Design BS
Tranquilli III, Dominick R. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Trawinski, Wojciech M. Mechanical Engineering MS
Tripathi, Malvika Information Systems MS
Triscari, Eugenio Civil Engineering BS
Trivedi, Aman Business BS
Trivedi, Tejas D. Business Administration MBA
Tsertsvadze, Teona Business Administration MBA
Tsiang, Michael G. Computer Science BS
Tu, Taylor K. Computer Science BS
Tudela, Cesar A. Computer Technology BET
Turay, Musu Business & Information Systems MS
Turki, Rusbeh Computer Technology BET
Turon, Jakub Mechanical Engineering BS
Twardowski, Patrick Mechanical Engineering BS
Tyryllo, Richard B. Chemical Engineering BS
Ulichny, Matthew R. Chemical Engineering BS
Ullattil, Vishnu Bhaskaran Electrical Engineering MS
Upadhyay, Manish R. Information Systems MS
Uttendorfer, Jesse D. Business Administration MBA
Vadakkedam, Tom J. Civil Engineering BS
Vadalia, Bansi Business Administration MBA
Vadalia, Kishankumar K. Industrial Engineering BS
Vadasserril, Kevin B. Chemical Engineering MS
Vadehra, Ketan Mechanical Engineering BS
Valdes, Ezequiel J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Valdez, Matthew J. Information Systems MS
Vale, David J. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Valos, Stephen N. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Van Treuren, Ryan L. Applied Physics BS
Van Winden, Kristoffel Civil Engineering MS
Vanblake, Henry E. Information Technology BS
Vargas, Jammy F. Civil Engineering BS
Vargas, Marco Civil Engineering BS
Vargas, Steven Information Technology BS
Vasani, Mithil Satishkumar Computer Science MS
Vasquez, Luis Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Vasquez, Luis S. Chemical Engineering BS
Vazquez, Kaitlyn M. Architecture BAR
Veeramachaneni, Sai Sri Akhil Computer Science MS
Vega, Ashley G. Electrical Engineering BS
Velasquez, Alvaro F. Electrical Engineering BS
Veloz, Angel Chemical Engineering BS
Vemuru, Venkata Saketh Ram Computer Science MS
Veneziano, Nicholas A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Ventura, Ayrton F. Information Technology BS
Vidal, Fiorella Construction Engineering Tech BET
Vidal, Miguel F. Mechanical Engineering BS
Vidhani, Parag N. Civil Engineering MS
Vijayakumar, Nikhil Rangaraajan Computer Engineering MS
Vincent, Rudy E. Chemical Engineering BS
Viola, Stephen M. Information Technology BS
Vitaletti, Angela G. Computer Science BS
Vitanza, Gregory Information Systems MS
Viuya, Julienne D. Biomedical Engineering BS
Vohra, Samrat Mechanical Engineering BS
Vora, Dhrumil H. Computer Science MS
Vujkovac, Ines Computer Science BS
Vyas, Aseem C. Power and Energy Systems MS
Wadhwa, Ayushi Computer Science MS
Wagle, Prachi Pradeep Information Systems MS
Wagner, Christopher J. Computer Engineering BS
Wagner, Theresa L. Information Technology BS
Wali, Sameh U. Civil Engineering BS
Walko, Francis N. Information Technology BS
Wallace, Jeremy Biomedical Engineering MS
Walsh, Brandon M. Architecture BAR
Wan, Zhaoxiong Chemistry MS
Waneis, Richard W. Chemical Engineering BS
Wang, Beibei Computer Science MS
Wang, Haoyu Environmental Engineering MS
Wang, Shu Software Engineering MS
Wang, Shuolun Mechanical Engineering PHD
Wang, Xuanhui Chemical Engineering MS
Wang, Yucheng Computer Science MS
Wang, Ziren Biomedical Engineering MS
Wanjiru, Julie Mechanical Engineering BS
Ward, William Patrick Civil Engineering BS
Waseem, Abbia Biomedical Engineering BS
Wasilewski, Stefan Mechanical Engineering BS
Watson, Connor W. Computer Science BS
Watson, Luan D. Electrical Engineering MS
Watt, Kyle J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Weiss, Jacob A. Architecture MAR
Whitley, Anthony F. Computer Science BS
Wild, Bryan M. Civil Engineering BS
Wildermuth, Kevin A. Web & Information Systems BS
Williams, Dane A. Business Administration MBA
Williams, Foster S. Industrial Engineering BS
Williams, Khadir J. Computer Science BS
Williams-murray, Zawadi B. Biomedical Engineering MS
Wilson, Anna Business & Information Systems MS
Wilson, Brandon C. Information Technology BS
Wilson, James L. Business Administration MBA
Winbush, Jimmie L. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Wojtowicz, Darek M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Won, Dongju Information Technology BS
Wong, Peter Information Technology BS
Wrobel, Krystian Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Wu, Hao Computer Engineering MS
Xiong, Ruixin Engineering Management MS
Xiong, Wei Mechanical Engineering MS
Xiong, Zilun Computer Science MS
Xue, Jialun Electrical Engineering MS
Yaccoub, Johny Biology BA
Yalaka, Vineeth Management MS
Yalakula, Christina Bhagya Rekha Biomedical Engineering MS
Yan, Chao Chemistry PHD
Yandamuri, Ganga Manjusha Business Administration MBA
Yang, Calvin Biomedical Engineering BS
Yang, Can Electrical Engineering MS
Yang, Huilin Biomedical Engineering MS
Yang, Shixiao Computer Science MS
Yang, William Computer Science BS
Yang, Ziyun Electrical Engineering MS
Yanza, Alan S. Computer Science BS
Yao, Di Computer Science MS
Yasmin, Shabiha Management MS
Ye, Xinjin Mathematical Sciences BS
Yederi, Tejas D. Electrical Engineering MS
Yeldham, Steven Business BS
Yerovi, Daniel A. Computer Science BS
Yingst, Robert J. Biology BA
Yoo, Jeffrey B. Computer Science BS
Youngblood, Trevor Architecture BAR
Yuhas, Matthew J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Yunis, Ian M. Digital Design BA
Zafar, Aroosha Biology BA
Zafar, Kainat Software Engineering MS
Zakaria, Mohammed Information Technology BS
Zaki, Mena Civil Engineering BS
Zaki, Shady S. IT Administration & Security MS
Zaki, Shenouda Z. Civil Engineering BS
Zalewski, Anthony R. Communication BA
Zaranski, Mateusz Civil Engineering BS
Zaveri, Krupali Business Administration MBA
Zehirov, Daniel V. Mechanical Engineering BS
Zembricki, William J. Biomedical Engineering BS
Zhang, Bolun Management MS
Zhang, Han Applied Physics PHD
Zhang, Hongyang Materials Science & Engr MS
Zhang, Lu Chemical Engineering PHD
Zhang, Rui Computer Engineering MS
Zhang, Xiaokai Chemistry MS
Zhang, Xiaotian Engineering Management MS
Zhang, Yiji Computer Engineering MS
Zhang, Yonghao Computer Science MS
Zhang, Yue Environmental Science MS
Zhao, Jiangsheng Electrical Engineering MS
Zheng, Honghao Computer Science MS
Zhong, Jeffrey Business BS
Zhong, Zijia Transportation PHD
Zhu, Linghua Applied Physics PHD
Zhu, Mo Applied Statistics MS
Zhu, Yan Computer Science MS
Zia, Faisal H. Civil Engineering MS
Zieder, Ian H. Electrical Engineering MS
Ziner, Jonathan E. Biomedical Engineering BS
Zinzuwadia, Tilak V. Biomedical Engineering BS
Zoller III, John F. Civil Engineering MS
Zreik, Hussein A. IT Administration & Security MS
Zu, Lin Computer Science MS
Zuluaga, Johnatan Civil Engineering BS
Zytko, Douglas A. Information Systems PHD

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