December 2017 Graduates

Name Department Degree

Abdelaziz, Lamiaa Biomedical Engineering BS
Abdelmalak, Mina Chemical Engineering BS
Abdelmalak, Steven S. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Abdelsayed, Ahmed Computer Engineering BS
Abdo, Samir S. Electrical Engineering MS
Abdul Hussein, Ammar Civil Engineering MS
Abdulai, Mohammed Business & Information Systems MS
Abedi, Shabab Chemistry BS
Abou El Khair, Omar G. Chemical Engineering BS
Abraham, Joshua V. Biology BA
Abu, Samuel T. Chemical Engineering MS
Abudalal, Deeb S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Abukwaik, Basma N. Biology BA
Adamson, Adam Science, Technology & Society BS
Adewuyi, Mayowa B. Applied Physics BS
Adiraju, Phanikumar Computer Science MS
Adjei, Thomas K. Business Administration MBA
Afolabi, Agbolade S. Chemical Engineering BS
Agas, Michael Computer Engineering BS
Agnish, Meghna M. Information Systems MS
Agrawal, Nupur Kalpesh Biostatistics MS
Agrawal, Palak Computer Science MS
Ahmadi, Hedaeatullah Civil Engineering MS
Ahmed, Ahmed K. Environmental Engineering PHD
Ahmed, Islam A. Business BS
Ahmed, Nabil A. Information Technology BS
Akhtar, Fatimah Biology BA
Aladly, Ahmed K. Engineering Management MS
Alam, Mohammad R. Computer Science BS
Alcid, Timothy A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Aldakhlallah, Sarah L. Biochemistry BS
Aldalbahi, Adel S. Electrical Engineering PHD
Alemari, Wasseem Alhasan A Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Alfonso, Brian J. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Algharbi, Imouline Biomedical Engineering BS
Ali, Abdus S. Biomedical Engineering MS
Ali, Sayyid M. Information Technology BS
Aly, Jaser S. Civil Engineering BS
Aly, Noor H. Engineering Management MS
Amable, Ryan P. Computer Engineering BS
Ami, Hossain A. Computer Engineering MS
Amin, Manan K. Business Administration MBA
Amin, Omer Information Technology BS
Amruthaluri, Mahesh Computer Science MS
Anbarasu, Naveen R. Industrial Engineering MS
Ancion, Alan Electrical Engineering MS
Anderson, Eric S. Information Technology BS
Angeles, Frederick V. Architecture BAR
Anjaria, Aashay A. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Antonicello, Nicole D. Biomedical Engineering MS
Antonio, Mariza Concrete Industry Management BS
Antoun, Roy Civil Engineering MS
Anumolu, Vishal Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Anwar, Saad M. Computer Science BS
Applegate, Shelly A. Science, Technology & Society BS
Araujo, Anthony A. Engineering Management MS
Arguello, Jose J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Arnedo Florian, Jesus D. Information Technology BS
Arno, Stephen L. Mechanical Engineering BS
Arockiam, Siril Biopharmaceutical Engineering MS
Arowolo, Abayomi D. Civil Engineering MS
Arrieta, Ryan Computer Engineering BS
Aryasri, Archit Information Systems MS
Ashok, Pratishtha Information Systems MS
Ashwene, Hariprasad Computer Science MS
Asmat, Benjair Electrical Engineering BS
Assan, Pearl M. Business Administration MBA
Atmakuri, Sravani Computer Science MS
Avichal, Sonam N. Information Technology BS
Aydin, Zuleyha Occup. Safety & Health Engr. MS
Ayman, Dina Computer Engineering BS
Ayoub, Mina Computer Engineering BS
Azhar, Mohammad Absaar Electrical Engineering MS
Babatunde, Olajuwon O. Electrical Engineering BS
Badani, Manan Viresh Information Systems MS
Bafna, Rishi Kishore Engineering Management MS
Bairekdar, Mohamad N. Chemical Engineering BS
Baldwin, Savanna C. Business BS
Bamisaiye, Olumuyiwa O. Manufacturing Systems Engr MS
Bandeira, Thomas J. Mathematical Sciences BS
Bannon, Mark S. Chemical Engineering BS
Barba, Gerardo J. Civil Engineering BS
Barkho, Solomon Civil Engineering BS
Barrantes, Manuel A. Business Administration MBA
Basanti, Clara Civil Engineering BS
Baskar, Akshaya K. Biomedical Engineering MS
Bathula, Venkata Sai Kiran Information Systems MS
Batista, Jeffrey Web & Information Systems BS
Batra, Devin IT Administration & Security MS
Bauer, Eric H. Web & Information Systems BS
Bayla, Ansel A. Electrical Engineering BS
Bayya, Himani Information Systems MS
Bedrosian, Kelly A. Communication BS
Bekheet, Omar Mechanical Engineering BS
Bentley, Ian A. Civil Engineering MS
Bhimireddy, Nikhil Reddy Computer Science MS
Bhupathi, Apoorva Biology BA
Biner, Chana Civil Engineering BS
Binkert, Nicholas J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Bird, David T. Materials Science & Engr MS
Birman, Daniel Information Technology BS
Bismarck Ramos, Natalia E. Biomedical Engineering MS
Biviano, Joseph Information Technology BS
Blanco Sanchez, Jorge A. Computer Science BS
Blomquist, Thomas Electrical Engineering BS
Boafo, Peter Electrical Engineering BS
Boddupally, Preeti Computer Science MS
Bodhare, Amol Sanjay Computer Science MS
Borbely, Ryan M. Information Technology BS
Boudreau, John T. Biology BS
Brigati, Salvatore G. Biomedical Engineering BS
Brody, Marc V. Architecture BAR
Budinoski, Stevan Electrical Engineering BS
Bush, Dakota J. Construction Management Tech BET
Bussoli, Ajayreddy Business & Information Systems MS
Bustamante, Kenny Information Technology BS
Cabalar, Maykela N. Electrical Engineering BS
Cabrales, Cristian P. Digital Design BA
Calderon, Francis Architecture BAR
Camille, Spencer Computer Science BS
Campos, Erika A. Civil Engineering BS
Cao, Rui Mathematical Sciences PHD
Cao, Shuang Computer Science MS
Capizzi, Vincent G. Computer Engineering BS
Cappelluti, Shaun Mechanical Engineering BS
Carbonaro, Edward J. Information Technology BS
Carmo, Phillip D. Information Technology BS
Carmona, Carlos Information Systems MS
Casey, John P. Computer Science BA
Castro, Oscar M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Causing, Jennifer A. Information Technology BS
Chahal, Ashima Computer Science MS
Chambers, Latoya S. Chemical Engineering BS
Chan, Kevin K. Computer Science BS
Chan, Ridge S. Computer Engineering BS
Chanco, Richard J. Civil Engineering BS
Chang, Wei Chemical Engineering BS
Chang, Xiao Applied Physics MS
Changuan, Gino A. Civil Engineering BS
Chau, Dorothy Business & Information Systems BS
Chaudhary, Mohammad F. Engineering Management MS
Chen, Wei Chun Bioinformatics MS
Chen, Yi-Fang Management MS
Chen, Yunfei Materials Science & Engr PHD
Cheng, Hong Environmental Science MS
Cheng, Yangfan Computer Science BS
Chhabriya, Lakhan Shankar Information Systems MS
Chiappelli, Julia Mechanical Engineering BS
Chinmayee Sharma, Fnu Power and Energy Systems MS
Chitta, Sarvesh G. Engineering Management MS
Chohan, Sohaib Nazar Mechanical Engineering BS
Chok, Brian J. Information Technology BS
Chokshi, Parthvi Himanshubhai Information Systems MS
Cholera, Raxit Mukeshbhai Computer Science MS
Choudhury, Praloy Information Systems MS
Choudhury, Sabbir Computer Technology BET
Chowdhury, Nader M. Information Technology BS
Chue, Victor Human Computer Interaction BS
Chunawala, Dhruv D. Software Engineering MS
Cline, Alexander H. Computer Science BS
Coleman, Scott Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Collins, Terrene Business Administration MBA
Connelly, Thomas Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Contractor, Jimit S. Chemical Engineering MS
Contreras, William C. Electrical Engineering PHD
Cordero, Andres Information Technology BS
Correa, Jaysen Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Corrente, Matthew C. Civil Engineering BS
Corujo, Brandon Computer Science BS
Curran, Adam M. Theater Arts and Technology BA
Damacela, Richard Electrical Engineering BS
Dang, Xiaotong Information Technology BS
Daniel, Shawn Electrical Engineering BS
Daoud, Anthony Construction Engineering Tech BET
Das, Ankita Information Systems MS
Dave, Apurv M. Civil Engineering MS
Davis, Bryan A. Electrical Engineering BS
Dawkins, Omar M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
de Vergara, John Edison A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Deasis, Kent Electrical Engineering BS
DeCocco, Christopher M. Electrical Engineering BS
Degraw, Brandon J. Applied Physics BS
Deignan, John T. Computer Science BS
Del Rio, Rogelio Construction Engineering Tech BET
Delacruz, Cruz M. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Demuro, Daniel J. Information Technology BS
Deng, Ruichen Environmental Engineering MS
Deng, Sikang Electrical Engineering MS
Denisova, Irina Computer Technology BET
Dentroux, Matthew A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Desai, Viraj N. Biomedical Engineering MS
Desham, Tejasvi Computer Science MS
Devuono, Michael D. Civil Engineering MS
Dhaliwal, Jashanjot Singh Electrical Engineering MS
Dhondiyal, Dhairya Computer Science MS
Diaz, Walter A. Computer Science BS
Diciano, Peter M. Construction Management Tech BET
Ditaranto, Cecilia R. Computer Science MS
Divakar, Vindhyashree Information Systems MS
Diwan, Sahil Computer Science MS
Dixon, Bryan Biology BA
Dong, Zhuolei Computer Science MS
Dubagunta, Sai Krishna Computer Science MS
Dudhani, Kshitij Software Engineering MS
Duval, Lisa E. Electrical Engineering BS
Edwin, Alden A. Electrical Engineering BS
Eizadkhah, Ehssan Computer Engineering MS
Ejjaki, Malak C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Elabed, Baraa I. Business BS
Elagami, Ahmed Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Elias, Adriano Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ellahi, Amad S. Business BS
Ellis, Timothy T. Industrial Engineering BS
Elsabbagh, Abdelrhman Y. Electrical Engineering BS
Elsayed, Salma Business Administration MBA
Emmerson, Matthew J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Engineer, Yash Medical Informatics Tech BET
Engram-Marshall, Ma'At E. Civil Engineering BS
Epps, Ali A. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Escobar Rodriguez, Giannina Chemical Engineering BS
Espejo, Nahiaska Industrial Engineering BS
Eswar, Swati Electrical Engineering MS
Etler, David R. Computer Engineering BS
Eustice, Matthew Business & Information Systems MS
Ezra, Binah D. Mathematical Sciences BS
Ezra, Reena I. Biology BS
Fahmy, Mena E. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Fahmy, Mina R. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Fakhry, Efriam R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Fakile, Modupeoluwa O. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Fanelli, Charles M. Applied Physics BS
Fardos, Ali I. Civil Engineering BS
Fardos, Ali I. Concrete Industry Management BET
Fargose, Flevia Francis Computer Science MS
Farino, Gustavo J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Fattah, Neehad Computer Science BS
Feretzanis, Apostolos Civil Engineering MS
Fernandes, Gina Chemistry BS
Fernandes, Melissa Information Systems MS
Ferreira, Brian N. Business BS
Flores, Piedad Information Technology BS
Fortak, Brian Mechanical Engineering BS
Fowler, Daniel B. Electrical Engineering MS
Fox, David M. Biology PHD
Franco, Washington F. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Franqui, Jason I. Mechanical Engineering BS
Frees, Brody J. Chemical Engineering BS
Frosinos, John G. Mechanical Engineering MS
Fuentes, Lilian Civil Engineering BS
Fuentespina, Corben I. Transportation MS
Gabra, Christina W. Computer Engineering BS
Gaddamedi, Krishnarchana Engineering Management MS
Gajera, Yash M. Computer Science MS
Galindo, Mauro Civil Engineering BS
Gandhi, Zeel Rajiv Materials Science & Engr MS
Garces, Carlos G. Engineering Management MS
Garcia, Rafael G. Computer Engineering BS
Gately, Christopher D. Information Technology BS
Gautam, Pankaj Business & Information Systems MS
Gawryluk, Michael Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Gedela, Harshita Engineering Management MS
George, Anitha Computer Science MS
George, Merinmole C. Computer Science MS
Geschwindt, Mary M. Architecture BS
Gharbia, Marwan M. Civil Engineering MS
Gharib, Ahmed Mechanical Engineering BS
Gilcrest Jr., Christopher S. Information Technology BS
Gjorsoska, Angela Biology BA
Gluhic, Gal Business BS
Gomez, Arnold Franz D. Civil Engineering BS
Gomez, Daniel Civil Engineering BS
Gomez, Shalom J. Chemical Engineering BS
Gonzales, Andrea S. Industrial Engineering BS
Gonzalez Pereira, Jose A. Computer Science BS
Gonzalez-Sitja, Nicole A. Civil Engineering BS
Gopinath, Akhil Computer Science MS
Gor, Nisarg B. Computer Science MS
Gottstine, William A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Gould, David A. Biomedical Engineering MS
Graf, Mark E. Information Technology BS
Granda, Euler P. Architecture BS
Green, Bianca T. Civil Engineering BS
Grieco, Matthew Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Grimm, Derek J. Architecture BAR
Guarino, Kelly E. Business BS
Gulliford, Steven Chemical Engineering BS
Gulve, Rohan S. Information Systems MS
Guo, Bingjie Engineering Management MS
Gupta, Aman Anupkumar Electrical Engineering MS
Gupta, Soumil Mechanical Engineering BS
Halder, Rahul Mathematical Sciences BS
Hameed, Shereen Computer Science MS
Hamilton, William A. Construction Management Tech BET
Harrison, Ryan Business & Information Systems MS
Hasan, Hamza Biology BS
Hasegawa, Margarita Business BS
He, Mengxin Chemical Engineering BS
Hebbar, Nitin Biomedical Engineering MS
Henala, Hani Industrial Engineering MS
Henriquez Perez, Lorenzo A. Information Technology BS
Henriquez, Ronald Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Heras, Jhann C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Hernandez, Cesar Computer Science BS
Hernandez, Jovanni M. Computer Science MS
Herrera, Ariel A. Information Systems MS
Hosein, Premnath K. Concrete Industry Management BS
Houser, Chad P. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Huang, Derek Electrical Engineering BS
Huertas, Kevin L. Electrical Engineering BS
Hughes, Kevin J. Civil Engineering BS
Hume, Daniel J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Hummel, Brett A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Huynh Doan, Dung C. Mechanical Engineering BS
Irungu, Anthony M. Electrical Engineering MS
Itani, Assma Biology BA
Izgordu, Yigiter Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Jadhav, Saurabh M. Information Systems MS
Jagannadhan, Aswin Information Systems MS
Jain, Shreya Information Systems MS
Jaitly, Akshay Computer Science MS
Jalan, Nikita Information Systems MS
Jaramillo, Leonardo Architecture BAR
Jariwala, Krunalkumar Ashokbhai A. Electrical Engineering MS
Javed, Mohamad A. Industrial Engineering BS
Javins, Stephen V. Information Technology BS
Jiang, Jinghui Business Administration MBA
Jimenez, Junior R. Computer Technology BET
Jimenez, Steve O. Mechanical Engineering BS
Jin, Lianhua Biomedical Engineering MS
Joisil, Samuel Engineering Management MS
Jones, Megan T. Biology BS
Jorda, Jonathan J. Business Administration MBA
Josef, Marvin V. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Joshi, Kruti N. Biomedical Engineering BS
Joshi, Kshitija Infrastructure Planning MS
Joshi, Sanjana Aniruddha Computer Engineering MS
Joy, Timy Civil Engineering BS
Kalemi, Ohrid Bioinformatics BS
Kandalai, Ananth K. Computer Engineering BS
Kankanala, Saikrishna Information Systems MS
Karadavut, Omer F. Information Technology BS
Kasibhotla, Ramchaitanya V. Computer Science MS
Kasumov, Aliyar Civil Engineering BS
Kate, Tejashree Information Systems MS
Katta, Srihari Information Systems MS
Katumba, Disan K. Engineering Management MS
Kaur, Sukhpreet Software Engineering MS
Kesani, Arjun Computer Engineering MS
Keshk, Khaled M. Electrical Engineering BS
Khalawan, Justin N. Civil Engineering BS
Khatiwala, Dhawal R. Computer Science BS
Kheiralla, Ahmad H. Chemical Engineering BS
Khoblall, Farah D. Engineering Management MS
Killikelly, Oren N. Electrical Engineering BS
Kim, Mangab Information Technology BS
Kinsella, Monica K. Business BS
Kithanahalli Parvathayya, Shivakumar Computer Science MS
Klocek, Katarzyna A. Science, Technology & Society BS
Kloss, Allison V. Biology BA
Kloss, Steven A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Klutse, Henry K. Chemical Engineering BS
Kohli, Jigyasa Business & Information Systems MS
Kong, David Digital Design BA
Koottiyanickal, Varghese V. Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Koppula, Ashok Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Korostelev, Kirill Civil Engineering BS
Kothari, Shail A. Business BS
Kotik, Viktoriya Computer Science BS
Koutsoubis, Demetri C. Civil Engineering BS
Kowalik, Fabian Business BS
Kowalski, Raymond F. Information Technology BS
Kramer, Matthew C. Civil Engineering MS
Kreider, Zachary Information Technology BS
Kreutner, Debra L. Computer Science MS
Kullmann, Joseph W. Computer Science BS
Kumar, Shirish Telecommunications MS
Kumarjiguda, Divya Electrical Engineering MS
Kunwar, Devendra Business & Information Systems MS
Lafferre, Tabitha M. Civil Engineering MS
Laggui, John Paulo A. Information Technology BS
Lakshmanatirthakatte, Rohit D. Software Engineering MS
Landers, Kevin P. Computer Science BS
Larose, Ashley M. Chemical Engineering MS
Lautz, Katrina E. Environmental Science MS
Lawrance, Jignesh F. Electrical Engineering MS
Laxina, Lyndon A. Electrical Engineering BS
Le, Samantha Civil Engineering BS
Leary, Sean Information Technology BS
Lee, Ryan D. Electrical Engineering MS
Leiser, Randolph J. Mathematical Sciences PHD
Letizia, Luke T. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Levitz, Daniel J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Lewis, Ricardo Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Li, Dongqing Computer Science MS
Li, Meng Chemical Engineering PHD
Li, Zheng Telecommunications MS
Lieberum, Joel K. Mechanical Engineering BS
Likhar, Anchita Komalchand Information Systems MS
Ling, Yun Mathematical Sciences BS
Litvak, Maxim Engineering Management MS
Liu, Feng Computer Science MS
Liu, Haoran Computer Science MS
Liu, Yuxuan Management MS
Liu, Zhe Computer Science MS
Lo, Andrew Management MS
Lohani, Punit Harish Computer Science MS
Lombardi, John T. Biomedical Engineering MS
Long, Christopher J. Architecture BAR
Lourenco, Diogo A. Computer Engineering BS
Lozada, Rafael Business & Information Systems MS
Lucena, Johnathan Surveying Engineering Tech BET
Lugard, Clifford D. Computer Engineering BS
Lutawan, Satyanand Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Ma, Ji Management MS
Ma, Ting Wei Computer Engineering MS
Madda, Shrutika Business & Information Systems BS
Madden, John-Paul C. Architecture BS
Madiraju, Abhishek Computer Science MS
Madras Narayanan, Lekshmi Narasimman Information Systems MS
Mahecha, Bryan Biomedical Engineering BS
Malhotra, Nitin Information Systems MS
Mallaya, Supriya Management MS
Manaem, Ahmed A. Computer Engineering BS
Mandal, Debdyuti Mechanical Engineering MS
Mandaliya, Ronak Biomedical Engineering BS
Manlangit, Matthew F. Applied Physics BS
Mannanal, Subash K. Mechanical Engineering MS
Mao, Ruochen Computer Science MS
Mapleh, A-Marcus Computer Science BA
Maradia, Ravi R. Information Technology BS
Marcelo, Kevin Y. Industrial Engineering BS
Markarova, Viktoriya Civil Engineering BS
Marner, Matthew N. Mathematical Sciences BS
Marshall, Ainsley L. Engineering Management MS
Marthi, Sita Rajyalaxmi Materials Science & Engr PHD
Martin, Lataunja S. Civil Engineering MS
Martin, Sean Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Massoni, Matthew P. Computer Science BS
Matallana, Juan F. Civil Engineering BS
Mathur, Abhishek Engineering Management MS
Matias, William Computer Technology BET
Matlosz, Gregory J. Civil Engineering MS
Mazza, Nicholas A. Concrete Industry Management BS
Mazza, Nicholas A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
McArthur, Evan C. Information Technology BS
McConaghie, Andrew J. Computer Science MS
Mcternan, John Communication BA
Mehrotra, Abhinav Mechanical Engineering MS
Mejia, Ledvir E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Melman, Paul Bioinformatics MS
Mendez, Sergio R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mene, Meehir Information Systems MS
Merz, Derek W. Construction Management Tech BET
Metry, Beshoy A. Civil Engineering BS
Meyers, Jared Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Michalak, David R. Industrial Design BS
Michel, Orest J. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Miguel, Matthew J. Occup. Safety & Health Engr. MS
Miller, Colleen P. Information Technology BS
Miller, Duyhane O. Chemical Engineering BS
Miller, Sara M. Civil Engineering MS
Minichino, Vincent J. Business & Information Systems MS
Misko, Matthew Civil Engineering BS
Moawad, Mina Concrete Industry Management BS
Modi, Ronit D. Computer Science MS
Mohammed Sultan, Masihuddin Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Mohammed, Omair Engineering Management MS
Molinaro, Frank C. Construction Management Tech BET
Moncayo, David Civil Engineering BS
Montagano, Connor Mechanical Engineering BS
Mora, Ricardo A. Mechanical Engineering BS
Mora, Stephanye R. Biology BA
Morales, Carlos M. Electrical Engineering BS
Moreno, Raul A. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Morris, Nicholas A. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Mosaad, Peter Mechanical Engineering BS
Moturi, Venkata Bhaskara Anuraag Computer Science MS
Mouchayad, Justin Civil Engineering MS
Muralidharan, Sadhana Business & Information Systems MS
Murphy, Christopher Business BS
Murphy, Ryan P. Civil Engineering BS
Murray, John Engineering Management MS
Mustafa, Deana S. Biology BA
Nabeel, Saba Information Technology BS
Nag, Sharmili Information Systems MS
Nagpal, Lakshya Electrical Engineering MS
Nagpal, Rahul Information Technology BS
Naik, Anuradha D. Information Systems MS
Naik, Yash H. Electrical Engineering BS
Nair, Mahesh M. Information Systems MS
Nambiar, Rajil Ramesh Information Systems MS
Namburi, Sudha Electrical Engineering MS
Nandi, Keka Information Systems MS
Napierkowski, Dakota M. Computer Engineering BS
Nassiah, Aneil A. Civil Engineering BS
Nayak, Tanuka Information Systems MS
Neerukonda, Chaitanya K. Computer Science MS
Ng, Chit Yee Architecture BAR
Nguyen, Tuan Civil Engineering BS
Nicholas, Adrien Computer Science MS
Nikiema, Boureima Civil Engineering BS
Nikolov, Lubomir T. Mechanical Engineering BS
Nil, Aishwarya Bidya Bedabrata Electrical Engineering MS
Nimmo, Keith G. Architecture MAR
Nolan, Alissa M. Biomedical Engineering BS
Noreen, Tayyaba Biomedical Engineering MS
Nukalapati, Arvind Information Systems MS
Nwankwo, Nkwuda Lynda Information Systems BA
Nyangweso, Duke O. Electrical Engineering MS
Ogulin, Steven J. Chemistry MS
Ohene, Frederick D. Information Technology BS
Oliveira, Michael Business & Information Systems BS
Omoni, Brian A. Information Technology BS
Onuzi, Aurel A. Computer Science BS
Onyeaka, Jonathan O. Chemical Engineering BS
Ordonez, George E. Computer Science BS
Osorio, Leonardo S. Information Technology BS
Padala, Monica Electrical Engineering MS
Pai, Aditi K. Information Technology BS
Palmarozza, Robert L. Computer Science MS
Pan, Gao Mechanical Engineering PHD
Panda, Abhisek Computer Science MS
Pansare, Kshitija Dilip Computer Science MS
Paradkar, Dharmaraj A. Computer Science MS
Parajuli, Abinav Computer Science BS
Pardhe, Naman Sahebrao Electrical Engineering MS
Parekh, Ronitkumar Business & Information Systems MS
Parsons, Luke H. Biomedical Engineering BS
Patel, Akash Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Patel, Akash Information Technology BS
Patel, Biraj K. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Biran Computer Science BS
Patel, Brijesh J. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Chintankumar Information Technology BS
Patel, Chirayu D. Computer Science BS
Patel, Daksh Business BS
Patel, Darshan Information Systems MS
Patel, Darshankumar Atulbhai Computer Science MS
Patel, Dhaval V. Biology BA
Patel, Hardik V. Environmental Engineering MS
Patel, Harsh Computer Science BS
Patel, Harsh S. Electrical Engineering BS
Patel, Jasmin Biomedical Engineering MS
Patel, Jay Harshad Power and Energy Systems MS
Patel, Jay Manishkumar Electrical Engineering MS
Patel, Jeni Vijaykumar Computer Science MS
Patel, Kanisha Architecture BAR
Patel, Kuldeep H. Information Technology BS
Patel, Manthan Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Patel, Monica Civil Engineering BS
Patel, Neil B. Information Technology BS
Patel, Parth K. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Patel, Pavan Industrial Engineering MS
Patel, Priyam Computer Science MS
Patel, Sheel P. Information Technology BS
Patel, Shivam U. Applied Statistics MS
Patel, Smith M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Patel, Vidhi N. Electrical Engineering MS
Patel, Vishal S. Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Pathak, Hard Harenkumar Computer Science MS
Pathak, Yash D. Information Technology BS
Patibandla, Sai Hemanth Computer Engineering MS
Patronick, Zachary J. Information Technology BS
Patterson, Matthew J. Civil Engineering MS
Paul, Reon Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Pawar, Gauravkumar Arvind Information Systems MS
Pecho, Franklin G. Civil Engineering BS
Pena, Christopher A. Architecture BS
Pena, Eric Computer Engineering BS
Peng, Zhiqi Computer Science MS
Perez, Ashley Business BS
Perez, Elliott Architecture BAR
Perez, Sam J. Civil Engineering BS
Perry, Michael Mechanical Engineering BS
Pestano, Rommel R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Petrou, Christos S. Construction Engineering Tech BET
Phung, Vinh Architecture BAR
Pierre, Carl E. Management MS
Pillai, Dharani Seenu Environmental Engineering MS
Pimpale, Anirudha Krishnakumar Computer Science MS
Pineda, Roberto G. Biomedical Engineering BS
Pogili, Subramanyam Reddy Computer Science MS
Polo Cuero, Diana M. Industrial Engineering BS
Prabhu, Anagha Dattaprasad Information Systems MS
Punde, Akshay Umesh Information Systems MS
Purnell, Douglas L. Chemistry PHD
Puthussery Jerome, Vasanth Information Systems MS
Pytlowany, Mathew D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Qari, Omar B. Biology BA
Qiao, Zhenbo Electrical Engineering MS
Quijano, Zahir Computer Engineering BS
Raghupathy, Mathangi Architecture MAR
Ragunathan, Vasanth Business & Information Systems MS
Raja Gopal, Avinash Information Systems MS
Rajaei Dehkordi, Sharareh Industrial Engineering PHD
Rajgure, Sheetal Neeraj Computer Science PHD
Rajshekar, Praveen Information Systems MS
Ramanathan, Thirunavukkarasu Computer Science MS
Ramirez, Faye E. Chemical Engineering MS
Ramos, Joshua Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Rana, Divyesh Mechanical Engineering BS
Rana, Krishna J. Industrial Engineering MS
Rana, Mehul Business & Information Systems BS
Raste, Parth Computer Science MS
Ratnaparkhi, Shivani Hemant Business & Information Systems MS
Raval, Het D. Mechanical Engineering BS
Ravindranath, Kedarnath Information Systems MS
Recuerdo, Donnell Civil Engineering BS
Reich, Tyler Engineering Management MS
Renson IV, Marcel Engineering Management MS
Restrepo, Margarita Civil Engineering MS
Reyes, Brian C. Chemical Engineering BS
Reyes, Reymatthew I. Electrical Engineering BS
Reynaga, Catherine J. Bioinformatics MS
Reynolds, Miguelle Information Technology BS
Riaz, Maliha S. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Richards, Justin T. Information Technology BS
Richmond, Rebecca R. Information Systems BA
Rincon Morales, Henry E. Industrial Engineering BS
Rivera, Krystian Engineering Management MS
Rivera, Michael A. Mathematical Sciences BS
Robinson, Fitzroy A. Business Administration MBA
Rocha, Nicolas Information Technology BS
Rocha, Richard Electrical Engineering BS
Rodas Lara, Sebastian Computer Science BS
Rodriguez-Rojas, Jonathan Y. Electrical Engineering BS
Rojas Ramirez, Juan S. Information Technology BS
Rolon, Stephanie Occup. Safety & Health Engr. MS
Roman, Richard Engineering Management MS
Romano, Nicholas Electrical Engineering BS
Romero, Silvana IT Administration & Security MS
Rooney, Molly Civil Engineering MS
Roppolo, Daniel M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Rose, Lauren M. Architecture BS
Rose, Lauren M. Concrete Industry Management BS
Rosen, Alex S. Computer Science BS
Rosero, Fernando M. Engineering Management MS
Rovayo, Eric E. Communication BS
Ruiz, Gabriel A. Biomedical Engineering BS
Ryan, Christopher K. IT Administration & Security MS
Ryan, Trevor J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Sadafule, Gaurang D. Information Systems MS
Sadikoski, Emil Information Systems BA
Salam, Zonaid Information Technology BS
Saleeb, Mina Concrete Industry Management BS
Saleh, Mohammed N. Information Technology BS
Samuel, David W. Business Administration MBA
Sanchez, Edgar J. Computer Engineering BS
Sandhu, Gagandeep S. Information Technology BS
Sangale, Priya Bhimrao Information Systems MS
Sanghavi, Arpit P. Information Systems MS
Sannor, Seku Business Administration MBA
Santangeli, Joseph J. Engineering Management MS
Santaniello, Joseph M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Santiago, Efrain Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Sanu, Anurag Computer Science MS
Sapienza, Vincent F. Construction Management Tech BET
Sappa, Harsha Management MS
Schorniy, Roman Architecture BAR
Schreiner, Patrick A. Computer Science MS
Schuler III, Richard P. Information Systems PHD
Sclippa, Carlo Business Administration MBA
Scully, Kellie A. Civil Engineering MS
Sea, Gaius K. Business BS
Sebbagh, Mohammed Applied Physics BS
Seci, Drilona Chemical Engineering MS
Senel, Ergun Engineering Management MS
Serpa, Bryant I. Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Amar P. Business Administration MBA
Shah, Charmi Mechanical Engineering BS
Shah, Dhruv K. Computer Science BS
Shah, Dhruv P. Industrial Engineering MS
Shah, Jainam Chetankumar Computer Science MS
Shah, Jalay Parimal Civil Engineering MS
Shah, Kishan J. Civil Engineering BS
Shah, Neel Electrical Engineering MS
Shah, Neil Environmental Science MS
Shah, Nilay A. Electrical Engineering BS
Shah, Ritu P. Business BS
Shah, Shrujal P. Computer Engineering BS
Shah, Sidra B. Chemical Engineering BS
Shah, Tejas M. Business Administration MBA
Shao, Ningning Chemical Engineering MS
Sharma, Aditya Gulshanrai Computer Science MS
Sharma, Nishant Business & Information Systems MS
Shekar, Vikas Business & Information Systems MS
Sheth, Deep Biology BA
Shetty, Nithish Yedthadi Information Systems MS
Shetty, Rahul Raghuram Computer Science MS
Shi, Yuhao Electrical Engineering MS
Shields, Chatrian Science, Technology & Society BS
Shinde, Aishwarya Deepak Industrial Engineering MS
Shirwalkar, Kalyani Vinodbhai Computer Science MS
Shustov, Vladimir Management MS
Sikdar, Sadikul Science, Technology & Society BS
Sikder, Amina M. Biology BA
Sikka, Sumit Electrical Engineering MS
Simms, Jamieson R. Industrial Engineering MS
Simpson, Germaine N. Mechanical Engineering BS
Singer, David V. Biology BA
Singer, Kevin Applied Statistics MS
Singer, Omar A. Biology BS
Singh, Amitoj Computer Science MS
Singh, Harsimranjit Mechanical Engineering MS
Singh, Manjot Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Singh, Matthew A. Civil Engineering BS
Singh, Taran Mechanical Engineering BS
Sivaramakrishnan, Natesan Computer Science MS
Sledgeski, Daniel J. Civil Engineering MS
Smith, Benjamin Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Soad, Nayeem A. Chemical Engineering MS
Sokoloff, Drew T. Information Technology BS
Sondergard, Brian R. Mechanical Engineering BS
Soni, Neha Anil Computer Science MS
Sosa Sosa, Marcos A. Civil Engineering BS
Spadaro, Wesley R. Power and Energy Systems MS
Spoth, Matthew J. Civil Engineering MS
Srikanth, Padmashree Computer Engineering MS
Srinivas, Nikitha Information Systems MS
Srinivasan, Iswarya Information Systems MS
Srushti Sushilkumar, Fnu Information Systems MS
Stanton, Brian M. Human Computer Interaction BS
Stephens, Noah Mechanical Engineering BS
Stijovic, Jelena Engineering Management MS
Stijovic, Jovana Engineering Management MS
Stintzcum, Jeremy D. Electrical Engineering BS
Su, Zhaoqian Applied Physics PHD
Subramanyam, Vennela Information Systems MS
Sun, Yufang Computer Science MS
Sundaram, Roshini Business & Information Systems MS
Sungurov, Michael Business BS
Suriel, Indiana Chemical Engineering BS
Susanibar, Steve Electrical Engineering MS
Suter, Kevin M. Mechanical Engineering BS
Swain, Abinash Kumar A. Information Systems MS
Syed, Haneef Software Engineering MS
Syed, Maria Infrastructure Planning MS
Szymanski, Justin E. Civil Engineering BS
Tadros, Michael Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Tai, Adela Information Technology BS
Tandel, Nirbhay Amrutlal Materials Science & Engr MS
Tang, Lin Computer Science MS
Tawfik, Hazem S. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Taylor, Marcus J. Chemical Engineering BS
Taylor, Richard M. Information Systems MS
Telavane, Pranjali Chandrakant Information Systems MS
Teshome, Lyke T. Computer Engineering BS
Thakkar, Ronak Business & Information Systems MS
Thakrar, Ankur Kishor Cyber Security & Privacy MS
Thele, Robert B. Information Systems MS
Thiruvalluvan, Siddharth Bioinformatics BS
Thiruvengadam, Arivanandham Computer Science MS
Thomas Jr, Surfield O. Web & Information Systems BS
Thomas, Joseph R. Power and Energy Systems MS
Thomas, Moheb Electrical Engineering MS
Tissera, Ashani Engineering Science BS
Tokarczyk, Daniel M. Computer Engineering MS
Torres, Kevin Mechanical Engineering BS
Torres, Liliana M. Architecture BAR
Torres-Roberts, Tatianna A. Law, Technology, & Culture BA
Tran, Bryan C. Biomedical Engineering BS
Tran, Quang Information Systems MS
Tripuraneni, Rajasekhar Mechanical Engineering PHD
Trivedi, Dhruv B. Information Technology BS
Trivedi, Shivang K. Computer Engineering BS
Tsymbala, Danyco Electrical Engineering BS
Turan, Mustafa E. Architecture BS
Udayashankar, Sanjana Biomedical Engineering MS
Ugwu, Ugochukwu O. Applied Mathematics MS
Ulahanna, Joel A. Computer Science MS
Umer, Sarah Biology BA
Upganlawar, Rucha P. Information Systems MS
Usman, Muhammad Business BS
Uzzaman, Shahan Computer Engineering BS
Vadlakunta, Raghu Vamshi Electrical Engineering MS
Vadlamani, Bhaskar Kaushik Computer Science MS
Valdez, Julio J. Business BS
Van Meerbeke, Brian P. Electrical Engineering BS
Van Nortwick, Brian M. Environmental Engineering MS
Vasudevan, Ashvin Kumar Materials Science & Engr MS
Vasudevan, Shruti Computer Science MS
Vavilthota, Charitha Information Systems MS
Ved, Ravi S. Information Systems MS
Veliandi, Karan Sundeep Business & Information Systems MS
Velmurugan, Kasinathan Biopharmaceutical Engineering MS
Vemula, Hemanth K. Computer Science MS
Venkata Raju, Tejaswini Information Systems MS
Verma, Pooja Business BS
Vernekar, Rohan Satish Engineering Management MS
Vertucci, Samantha E. Mechanical Engineering BS
Vichare, Akash Anil Computer Science MS
Viguilla, Allan Web & Information Systems BS
Vijayan, Hemant Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Villardi, Scott T. Computer Technology BET
Villegas, Sebastian Electrical Engineering BS
Vroman, Kevin M. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Vyas, Harsh H. Biomedical Engineering BS
Wagner, Adam Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Wagoner, Tyler A. Mechanical Engineering Tech BET
Walker, Annmarie C. Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Walli, Yiser Information Technology BS
Wang, Andrew Information Systems BA
Wang, Chenyuan Architecture BAR
Wang, Mingrui Industrial Engineering MS
Wang, Rouyun Mechanical Engineering MS
Wang, Siying Environmental Engineering MS
Wang, Song Chemical Engineering PHD
Wang, Yiming Management MS
Wang, Yuan Pharmaceutical Engineering MS
Waqif, Asad Electrical & Computer Eng Tech BET
Wehrhagen, Erik H. Civil Engineering BS
Wei, Naixiang Computer Science MS
Wensell, Kyle P. Electrical Engineering BS
Wenzelberg, Stephen Mechanical Engineering BS
Western, Connor J. Civil Engineering MS
Wiezik, Weronika Science, Technology & Society BS
Wilches, Rafael E. Business Administration MBA
Williams, Danae Biostatistics MS
Wilson, Apphia Electrical Engineering MS
Wu, Hao Information Systems MS
Wu, Linlin Business Administration MBA
Wu, Xiaoyu Civil Engineering MS
Wu, Yi Computer Science MS
Xiao, Bicheng Computer Science MS
Xie, Mingxuan Electrical Engineering MS
Xu, Barkley Computer Science BS
Xu, Fei Bioinformatics MS
Yactayo, Luis J. Mechanical Engineering BS
Yadav, Shachi Biomedical Engineering MS
Yadav, Somya Business & Information Systems MS
Yanamandra, Sai Sandeep Electrical Engineering MS
Yang, Hongda Computer Engineering MS
Yang, Qing Chemical Engineering MS
Yao, Na Chemical Engineering PHD
Yaraballi Kotreshappa, Rakshith Electrical Engineering MS
Yaramothu, Chang Biomedical Engineering PHD
Yepes, Esteban Computer Engineering BS
Yuan, Rui Electrical Engineering PHD
Zanjare, Shridatta Govind Information Systems MS
Zhan, Huaiyu Computer Science MS
Zhang, Jiayu Computer Science MS
Zhang, Jing Computer Engineering BS
Zhang, Yipeng Computer Science MS
Zhao, Hengqin Computer Science MS
Zhao, Lei Engineering Management MS
Zhao, Qingchun Environmental Engineering MS
Zhu, Linxin Materials Science & Engr PHD
Zhu, Yanfen Biostatistics MS
Zhu, Yu Chemical Engineering MS
Zhu, Yuan Chemical Engineering PHD
Zhuang, Hao IT Administration & Security MS
Zhuang, Shiqiang Mechanical Engineering PHD
Zilovic, Tamara Architecture BS
Zongwe, Kiwele S. Electrical Engineering BS
Zuberi, Anas Information Technology BS
Zwerin, Michael Mechanical Engineering Tech BET

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