Post Award and Closing Requirements


SRA ensures that funds provided from external sources to support research and other projects are administered in accordance with University policies as well as those of the sponsor.  External sources include both governmental and private organizations.   Guidance and assistance is also provided for the management of the project in meeting deliverables and other requirements.



Ensuring that all requirements have been met and final reports/deliverables have been submitted to the sponsor and coordination with Grants and Contracts Services to ensure final invoices are submitted for payment by the sponsor.


No Cost Extension

Occasionally a PI may need a no-cost extension to the award because of unforeseen technical circumstances, which prevented the completion of the deliverables in an award during the awarded period of performance.  In such cases the PI may request a no-cost extension.  The use of remaining funds as the justification is not a valid reason for a no-cost extension.

We will require the following information in order for us to request a no cost extension from the awarding agency:

  • NJIT Index Number:
  • Awarding Agency:
  • Award Number:
  • Project Title:
  • Awarding Agency Point of Contact Information, Email Address:
  • Justification:
  • What was the cause for the delay in completing the award in the required period?
  • Why do you need the no cost extension?
  • What will be the effect on the project without it?
  • Proposed New End Date

Budget Revisions

A PI may need a budget revision to an award because of unforeseen circumstances which changes the manner in which funds are expended during the awarded period of performance.  In such cases the PI may request a budget revision.

Criteria: What is the benefit to NJIT?

Chair & Dean approval is required to transfer AY release time to summer salary or to any other category.


  • Need justification as to why funds are being taken away from students.
  • The Chair and Dean approval is required when funds are being taken away from students (stipend or tuition).

F&A Effects:

  • Gain for NJIT = no justification required.
  • Loss for NJIT = requires full justification.

All budget revisions that affect the following, the SRA must be processed through this office, SRA, email:

  • Sponsor Agency Approval is required
  • Indirect Costs
  • AY Release Time
  • Student Stipend
  • Student Tuition
  • $1,000 or above

All budget revisions that do not affect the above areas and are under $1,000 may be processed directly through G&C without SRA approval.

A budget revision/modification requires justification.  It should contain the following:

  • NJIT Index Number:
  • Awarding Agency:
  • Agency Award Number:
  • How much money you want to transfer?
  • Where do you want to take the money from? (Banner Account Number: supply, equipment, personnel, etc.)
  • Where do you want to move the money to? (Banner Account: supply, equipment, personnel, etc.)
  • Why do you need to transfer the money?
  • What will be the effect on the project?
  • Is the awarding Agency approval needed?
  • If Agency approval is required, Agency POC email address.

More information on policies related to budget revisions, and grants and accounts reporting requirements