Items of Interest

Grants-In Aid of Research and other Awards

The Grants-in-Aid of Research Program of Sigma Xi provides limited support for research activity of undergraduate and graduate students. There are specific guidelines, which list some exclusions such as educational development, stipends, travel to scientific meetings and more. However, fundable items may include project-specific equipment and travel to field research sites. Awards are generally limited to $1000. For vision related research or astronomy, awards may go up to $2,500 or $5,000 respectively. Information and application material may be obtained from: Committee on Grants-in-Aid of Research, Sigma Xi Headquarters, 99 Alexander Drive-Box 13975, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. [Tel: (800)243-6534 or (919)549-4691, Fax: (919)549-0090].

Sigma Xi has created the Young Investigator Award, which includes a certificate and $5,000. This award will alternate between physical sciences including engineering and mathematics and life sciences including social sciences. The first award, was presented at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting in November 1998.

Student Research Conference during Annual Sigma Xi Meetings

During each Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference, undergraduates from North America and abroad join distinguished researchers for a celebration of research accomplishments. Students present research posters, attend career development workshops, participate in mentoring and networking activities, panel discussions, and other events, meet graduate school recruiters and network with Sigma Xi members. Monetary awards will be presented for outstanding research. Though these student events are primarily aimed at undergraduates, opportunities for graduate students and doctoral candidates also exist.

The 2004 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Conference took place in Montreal, Canada. Student events took place on November 12 and 13. Featured speakers included environmentalist and science communicator David Suzuki, Nobel Laureate in physics Murray Gell-Mann, Young Investigator Award Winner Jason Neih and astronaut Julie Payette. Student participation included three NJIT students, sponsored by the Dorman Honors College, who presented research posters. Their experiences are described in a student participant's report.


International Programs and Activities

The mission of Sigma Xi's Educational Programs includes working toward the improvement of the global network of scientists and engineers across disciplines, to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue. and especially to help bring scientists of developing nations into international scientific and engineering endeavors. Limited funds for such activity are available from the Packard International Science Networking Initiative.