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Quality, Leadership, and Excellence.


To prepare cadets for positions as United States Air Force Officers and to equip them with the skills they need to excel.

About Us

Air Force ROTC Detachment 490 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ has always taken pride in being a small elite detachment. Every year we grow in size and we mold determined cadets into sharp trailblazers, ready to lead others. Detachment 490 is made up of a very diverse group of cadets that learn from one another each and every day. Detachment 490 not only produces an elite unit of officers ready to lead the greatest Air Force in the world, but it also creates honorable leaders ready to defend this nation at any moments notice.

Detachment 490 offers incredible leadership training to prepare you for a successful future as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Besides providing cadets with quality Leadership Lab sessions, Detachment 490 offers additional training to develop the knowledge and skills needed to surpass your peers. Whether it is the Nighthawk Honor Guard Drill Team, Arnold Air Society, or Supplementary Military Training sessions, Detachment 490 gives cadets the tools to succeed. This is why the selection rate for entry into the pilot, combat systems officer, and air battle manager career fields has consistently surpassed the national average.

Located in the heart of the Tri-state area, Detachment 490 accepts cadets from all over Northern New Jersey. With 9 cross-town schools to choose from, the Detachment contains a highly diverse group of students. The Cadet Corps focuses on the Air Force Core Values and principles, including "never leave an Airman behind." The bonds and friendships that you make here in this program will follow you throughout your academic career and even after you graduate. This detachment is not only an opportunity to jump start your career as an Air Force Officer, but an opportunity to join something more than just a program - a family.