Sponsored Research

Contact Sponsored Research Administration

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Office of Sponsored Research Administration (SRA)
Suite 340, Fenster Hall
323 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Phone:  (973) 596-5275

Fax: (973) 596-6056

E-mail:  srard@njit.edu        (This email address will deliver the message to

                                            everyone in the SRA Office except the Admin Asst)

SRA is located in Suite 340, 3rd Floor, Fenster Hall.

Norma Y. Rubio
(973) 596-6053; norma.rubio@njit.edu

Assistant Director (Pre Award)
Frank Moss
(973) 596-3428; frank.moss@njit.edu

Assistant Director (Post Award)
Michael R. Liska, Jr.
(973) 596-5228; michael.liska@njit.edu

Research Specialist (Subcontracts & Consulting Contracts)
Louis Noto
(973) 642-4874; louis.noto@njit.edu

Project Manager
Felicia Margolies
(973) 596-5377; felicia.h.margolies@njit.edu

Project Manager
Lynn Failla
(973) 642-4074; lynn.failla@njit.edu

Project Manager
Mukesh K. Gadhia
(973) 596-3230; gadhia@njit.edu

Administrative Assistant
Sonia V. Henderson
(973) 642-4877; sonia.v.henderson@njit.edu