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I'm a faculty member... how can I get my own web page?

All NJIT faculty (as well as staff and students) may get an account and storage space in the AFS webspace. That AFS account comes "as is". In other words, you may build a website there, but you are essentially on your own in a UNIX environment.

NJIT provides no standard template or content management software to help you.

The NJIT Computing Helpdesk (x2900) provides some assistance (e.g., establishing an account, providing upload instructions, etc). Additionally, NJIT's Teaching, Learning, and Technology group (http://www.njit.edu/tlt) provides workshops on how-to-build-a-website techniques.



Wow! That sounds difficult. Any other alternatives or suggestions?

Yes! Every faculty member has a Faculty Profile Page created under the People menu of their academic department.


This page has "slots" for:

  • General information about you (personal statement, education, etc.)
  • Your teaching interests and automatically-updated teaching schedule
  • Your research interests
  • Your publications and projects
  • Photos and Video
  • Custom links to other websites (e.g., your lab, your Facebook profile, etc.)
  • Automatically-updated list of every news story about you in the NJIT newsroom.



faculty profile


For most faculty members, this Faculty Profile Page is a sufficient and convenient alternative. Speak to your department's Web Content Officer to create and/or update your Faculty Profile Page.


I have course syllabi. Where can I put those? Don't I need my own AFS space to put those up?
No! The Provost requires all faculty to upload syllabi to the centrally-accessible Course Schedules Website. (http://courseschedules.njit.edu). You log on with your UCID and upload your syllabi and other "course profile" information.

Students see a View Profile button for each course that has such uploaded information.


What about other course content? Lecture Notes, Assigments, Sample Quizzes? Don't I need my own AFS website to host these?

Nope! You have a few alternatives.

First, Moodle is NJIT's official Learning Management System (LMS) (http://moodle.njit.edu). It is well-supported by NJIT and has all the features required to run an online course or support a face-to-face course (e.g., weekly lessons, uploaded lecture notes, online quizzes, etc.)

Second, NJIT has recently joined the OpenCourseWare Consortium and is actively working with faculty to provide quality course content open to the world. If you'd like to contribute to that effort, email instruction@njit.edu .


 What if I have other website questions?

Email Office of Strategic Communications (OSC)