Our office oversees academic issues within NJIT as well as with entities outside the university.  Working with the Provost and College Deans we ensure the correct implementation of policies that have been put in place so that all students have the best possible experience, oversee the scheduling and offering of courses, and help create opportunities for students to get milestone experiences during their studies.  Outside NJIT we work with the State on getting approval of new degree programs that equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s world, with community colleges to ensure seamless transition of transfer students to NJIT, with foreign universities on the development of agreements that afford our students opportunities for studying abroad, and with industrial partners on creating co-op and internship opportunities for our students.

Through the Office of Admissions we work on bringing to NJIT a diverse student body that has the profile we believe is necessary to successfully go through our programs; students come to NJIT from a variety of milieus representing 79 countries and 38 states.  The Office of Financial Aid helps students address and meet their study-associated financial needs, and administers need- and merit-based awards.

In close collaboration with colleges and departments, the Office of the Registrar plans and schedules courses in ways meant to meet the needs of our students, keeps student records, and is responsible for the final degree certification and issuing of diplomas.

The Office of Global Initiatives helps our foreign students comply with federal regulations, and creates pathways for students and faculty to engage in education and research opportunities across the globe.

The Office of Career Development Services helps graduating students and alumni with job opportunities and interview preparation; creates co-op, internship and service opportunities for all interested students; and organizes career fairs on campus.

Having a student-focused approach, our goal is to serve our students during their formative years of study at NJIT while ensuring we offer them stimulating, rigorous and career-relevant curricula and experiences.