Emerging Leaders Program

What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 6-8 week seminar for freshman that utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership Development curriculum. The program started in the fall 2011 semester under the leadership of Sherlene Ayala. As of December 2015, 117 students completed the program.  It is a structured program that provides students the necessary set of skills to be a symbol of change on campus and within their respective communities. There is space available for about 30 students to participate each semester. 


Informational Video for Emerging Leaders Program

Program Structure

The Emerging Leaders Program utilizes the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Its emphasis is on three distinct categories; the individual, the group, and the community.

  • The Individual
    • It is important to know yourself, to know your leadership style and to understand exactly how much you're capable of doing.
  • The Group
    • One must understand how a group works, how you can integrate what you have learned about yourself to further the groups goals. To teach students how groups can be started and how a proper group dynamic can be kept.
  • The Community
    • The community is where our heart lies and the place we are to use these skills that we learn to create change.

The logo for the Social Change Model

Benefits of participating in the Emerging Leaders Program ?

  • You will learn to lead & inspire others
  • Uncover your Leadership Potential
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Build your resume
  • And much more…

Where are past graduates?

Many of our past graduates have gone on to take on leadership positions in various organizations on campus, Resident Assistants and some have also gone on to be part of the LEAD Team as Leadership Trainers to further promote the goal of leadership development throughout the campus.

How do I participate?

Our next class will be held for the Fall 2017 semester. Please check soon for an online application.