iLEAD Certificate Program

What is the iLEAD Certificate Program?

iLEAD Certificate Program is a FREE Leadership Certificate Program offered to NJIT students. We provide students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills by attending a diversity of workshops.  Students who complete 4 workshops within a specific track will be presented with a Leadership Certificate at the Highlander Student Leadership Awards. Workshops are presented by our Leadership Trainers or faculty/staff.

What are the iLEAD Tracks?

The iLEAD Certificate Program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Specifically, each track speaks to a different leadership skill that a student con develop and enhance throughout the workshops.

iLEAD100 Track (Self Knowledge/Awareness)

New to the leadership scene and don’t know where you fit in? Check out sessions in this track to start building foundational skills that will help you thrive as a leader on campus and in life. Participants in this track will be able to identify their leadership skills, explore values & personality, analyze strengths and weaknesses, as well as develop an enhanced self awareness of what it means to be a leader.

iLEAD200 Track (Organizational Leadership)

This track is designed for those currently leading or aspiring to lead an organization. Sessions in this track will address the complexity of leading others and utilizing leadership skills to take on this responsibility. Programs in this track will focus on the specifics of being an officer, peer leader, handling difficult situations and working as a leader in a team setting.

iLEAD300 Track (Leading After College “Charm School”)

Interested to take your leadership skills to the next level? If you are an upper-class student who already holds an advanced position or will be graduating soon, take this track. Learn how your leadership experiences can transfer to the “real world”. Also learn about work force etiquettes as well as the do’s and don’ts. Different from the rest, the more workshops you attend within this track, the higher the certificate/"degree" you will earn. Students who complete:

4 workshops – BS degree in Charm
5 workshops – MS degree  in Charm
6 workshops – PhD degree in Charm

Check Your Progress Here!

iLead workshops are open to NJIT students only.  To receive an iLead Certificate, you must be sure to attend 4 workshops and sign the attendance sheet to receive credit. In order to check your progress towards receiving a certificate at the Highlander Achievement Awards Ceremony, students can CLICK HERE.