Welcome to the Lisa Pierce Center for Leadership


Student Leadership Development is integral to a student’s college experience. Here at NJIT, undergraduate and graduate students are provided opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

​In 2004, the Lisa A. Pierce Center for Leadership was established ​with the assistance of the NJIT Campus Center and Student Senate. Lisa Pierce contributed 10 years to the field of Higher Education before a fatal accident. In memory of her spirit and the values of Student Development, the Leadership Center is committed to  being the center of student leadership development, specifically providing students the opportunity to develop into leaders who will contribute to their community and society.

The ​center offers a wide variety of leadership development opportunities ​such as Freshman initiatives, a leadership certificate, membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society plus much more. Taking advantage of these opportunities will provide you with experiences and skills that will broaden your educational experiences ​as well as assist you in later life roles.

​We encourage students to check out what we offer and how you can get involved.