About Lisa A. Pierce

Lisa Ann Pierce (8/31/1968 - 3/8/2004)

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     Lisa worked in the field of Higher Education for over 10 years, and was extremely good at it. She worked at Sienna College and Stony Brook University before joining us at NJIT. Lisa had this impact to change people's lives, both students and staff. No matter who she came in contact with, she impacted them in some way or another.

     During her time at NJIT, Lisa worked for Residence Life and then moved to the Campus Center to work as the Assistant Director for Leadership and Wellness Programs. Her inspiration was to improve the NJIT campus community using her strong leadership skills and kind heart. She loved working with students and improving their college experience.

     Lisa impacted the NJIT campus in many ways. She created the Residence Hall Association, the Leadership Certificate Program, the MACUHO Volunteer Incentive Program, ACUI College Bowl, and helped create International Coffee Houses. She did so because she loved NJIT and felt that giving any less than 110% of herself wouldn't be enough.

     Her strong desire to promote student leadership is exemplified when she created the Center for Leadership in the Campus Center.

     Lisa brought energy and light to the room. She was fun, lighthearted, charismatic, and loved by many. When her colleagues created the "Fun Committee", she was on board ready to plan parties, gatherings and trips to watch local bands.

     Lisa also loved to travel. It was no surprise that when asked to moderate a student trip, she asked her parents to join her in Baltimore. Family was her priority and she wanted to spend a weekend with her parents. Unfortunately we lost both Lisa and her mother JoAnn M. Pierce in a tragic water taxi accident that weekend. It was a huge loss to the campus community, students and staff. Some described it as going "numb".

     Although she is gone, many can still feel the presence of Lisa's energetic, funny, radiant and beautiful personality. In reflecting on her life, many colleagues have shared that they are here today because of Lisa, and some of her former students have pursued a career in Higher Education to provide the mentorship Lisa had given them.

     As her dad, Thomas E. Pierce, wrote in his book titled, The Last Rose: A True Celebration of Eternal Life, "With love, all things are possible."

     As the season changes, and the leaves fall, we ask that you as a leader remember these words. Leadership should not be about position, it should be about the impact you make on the lives of others and our community. We are humbled by the gracious acts of Lisa, and hope that her lessons will remain with us as we lead out community, others and our selves for the years to come.