Frequently Asked Questions


What should a student do if he/she has a disability and would like accommodations from Disability Support Services?
A student with a disability should contact DSS and make an appointment.  In addition, each student with a disability is responsible for providing documentation with regard to their disability.


Can I request accommodations for my son or daughter?
No.  All students that have a disability must self identify to DSS and request accommodations.


Does Disability Support Services provide evaluations for students with disabilities?
No.  Disability Support Services does not provide evaluations for disabilities.  Please contact DSS for assistance in finding professionals that can offer evaluations.


Do I have to be a full time student to receive accommodations?
No.  All students who are enrolled at NJIT whether full time or part time status are eligible to receive accommodations.


What if I need housing accommodations?
The Office of Residence Life with support from Disability Support Services provides reasonable accommodations for on campus university housing for students with documented disabilities.  Students requesting reasonable accommodations for on campus housing must indicate the need on their housing application or contact Disability Support Services.


I’m a non-matriculating student taking a course at NJIT.  I currently receive accommodations at my college/university.  Am I eligible for accommodations at NJIT?
Yes.  Please contact DSS to schedule an appointment to discuss the procedure in requesting accommodations.


I recently broke my arm and cannot write.  What should I do?
Disability Support Services provides temporary accommodations such as additional testing time and/or scribe services. Students must make an appointment and provide supporting documentation to determine the appropriate accommodation.


My son/daughter is an incoming first year student who needs to take a placement test. Can he/she receive accommodations for this test?
Yes.  In collaboration with the Associate Director of Placement Testing, DSS arranges separate testing dates for previously identified students requesting accommodations for the placement test. Please contact DSS to schedule an appointment.