Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Department of Mathematical Sciences?
The Department of Mathematical Sciences is located in Cullimore Hall on the 2nd, 5th and 6th floors. While they offer many esteemed programs of study, the Department is critical in the development, implementation and structure of the mathematics learning at NJIT. For more information please visit their website -

What is the Math Placement Exam?
The Mathematics Placement Exam determines where a student’s strengths and areas for improvement are in concepts of math. At NJIT we do not allow the use of calculators which can be an adjustment for students as well. The Mathematics Placement Exam results will indicate what level of math you are prepared for at NJIT so please take the exam seriously as most of our curriculum​s​ begin with Calculus. For more information click here

What about food? How do I eat?
Lunch will be catered and provided throughout the duration of the program Monday-Friday. Students are encouraged to be aware of their dietary restrictions and/or needs as well. 


Is there an option to live on campus?
Our program does not yet have a Residential Plan though we do hope to implement one in the future. Interested students can however, reach out to The Office of Residence Life to inquire about summer housing options. To find out more, click here.


Can I use the gym or other campus resources while I am there?
All NJIT students, once enrolled, are welcome to utilize many of the campus facilities and resources throughout the year. We have the Fleisher Athletic Center gym as well as the Warren Street Fitness Center. For more information on location and hours click here

How much does this program cost?
The Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp will cost about $ - Please be aware that this is a different program than the summer program offered by NJITs EOP office. 


About how many students can attend this program?
While we try to accommodate as many students as reasonably possible, we do have a limit of what we can provide. Typically we have room for about 70-80 students in this program however, seats tend to fill up quickly so be sure to submit your intent form and enroll as soon as possible.

Do we focus only on class and academics?
The main focus will of course be on your math and educational opportunities at NJIT however, we do add some fun to the mix. With group projects, team builders, field trips and general activities we try to allow students a good balance of class, study time and down time. Our goal is to support students in their academics while creating an atmosphere in which they are comfortable to make friends and strong bonds.

What is the attendance policy?

Daily attendance is mandatory through the duration of the 6-week program. 


Is there Wifi/Internet available on campus?

Yes! For more information on how to register a device and set up internet access click here.

Where do I park?
During the summer months, all parking lots and parking decks are available at no additional cost to NJIT students. If you do plan to continue to park on campus lots during the academic semester though you will have to purchase a parking permit. For more information on parking please click here.

What about public transportation?
NJ Transit, the Light Rail and Busses are all within a few blocks of campus making public transportation a relatively easy and accessible resource for our NJIT community. For schedules and transit information click here.

How do I know if I am eligible for this program?
If you answer YES to the following questions than you are eligible:

  • Are you a First Time Full Time Freshmen at NJIT?
  • Did you take the Math Placement Exam?
  • Were you placed into Math 108 or Math 110?


What do I need to earn in order to move to the next level of math in the Fall?
Students who earn a C grade or better at the end of the course can move on to the next level of math in the Fall term. For example if a student passed Math 108 in this summer program with a B+ they could take Math 110 in the Fall. 
I am an incoming transfer student, can I apply to the program?
No, the Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp is limited to incoming first-time full-time freshmen. Students not eligible for this program may take an equivalent math course at a community college or register for summer courses at NJIT that do not fall within this specific program. 
What if I fill out the Intent Form but later retake the Mathematics Placement Exam and place into Calculus?
If you filled out the online survey/intent form and later place out of pre-calculus you must email to notify that you will no longer be participating. Please do this as soon as possible so allow other interested students to register for a seat in the program. 
Can I take my pre-calculus math course at a community college instead?
Absolutely! You can choose to take the pre-calculus course equivalent at your local community college and if you earn a C grade or higher that course will transfer for credit at NJIT. This means that students placed in Math 108 and pass the community college equivalent, would be eligible for Math 110 in the Fall term. Students who place into Math 110 and pass the community college equivalent would be eligible for Math 111 in the Fall term. (NOTE: Students must take correct equivalent course option, earn a "C" letter grade or higher and send official transcripts to NJIT to receive credits). 

Will I earn a grade and GPA for this class?
Yes, all students will earn a grade for the 3 or 4 credit course they are enrolled in during this program. This will be reflected on the students official NJIT Transcript along with a GPA and any future college courses taken at the Institution.