Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp

The Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp will NOT be happening this Summer 2018. You do have other options and resources:

1. Retake the Math Placement Exam

Call 973-596-8389 to schedule a new testing date
Every student can take the exam 2 times
Practice by taking some sample tests:
Take your sample test scores to the placement estimator to see what math you might place into:

2. Take your pre-calculus course at NJIT or Community College (consult with an academic advisor for more detials and course options)

You need to confirm with the NJIT Mathematics Department for the most current equivilent courses however, here is the list of the most common community college math course equivilencies:


Purpose & Philosophy

Although many students excel in math in their pre-college years, adjusting to the challenge and rigor of a Science, Technology, Engineering and, Mathematics (STEM) research institution can prove to be difficult at times. As educators, advisors and mentors we know that it is normal for a student need time to adjust to the increase in challenge and new environment. Therefore, our purpose for the Pre-Calculus Summer Boot Camp is to aid students in the learning process ​​foundational mathematics as they adapt to a college atmosphere and connect with like-minded peers. Incoming first-time full-time freshmen placed in Math-108, or Math-110 are encouraged to participate

Our program offers many resources to help students learn how to learn. We want our students to feel empowered and proud of their accomplishments! 

Students who take the Mathematics Placement Exam and are placed into Math 108 or Math 110 can take this course over the summer through this program. It is a 6-week program for incoming first time full time freshmen where you can complete your pre-calculus math. Earning a C grade or higher grade at the completion of the course will advance you to the next level of math at NJIT in the Fall term. Our program provides lunch, peer tutoring and interactive workshops to help explore engineering fields of study. 

Our philosophy is threefold:

Supplemental Instruction

  • Our high achieving, current STEM students offer Supplemental Peer Instruction daily. Students can follow up on the content from class, ask questions, and work through challenging assignments and concepts.


  • Through weekly activities like interactive workshops and team projects students can explore mathematics as it relates to many of the programs and degrees at NJIT and how those programs lead to future careers.


  • Through camaraderie students can connect and engage with peers and engaging faculty to begin building a strong network of support, and work together for high academic achievement. 

Please note: This program is separate from the NJIT EOP program. If you are looking to participate in the Educational Opportunity Program at NJIT for the summer, please Click Here

Please note: This program is currently limited to incoming first-time full-time freshmen only. If you are a transfer student and/or have earned any college credits, please contact your academic advisor for more information and options available to you.