Success Stories

The pursuit of brownfield reuse and redevelopment has many benefits, however, for the entity just beginning the process it may seem daunting.  NJIT TAB provides many services to assist those embarking on these endeavors, and one particularly useful tool has been to provide examples of successful brownfields reuse. 

The following is a collection of “success stories” that cover a wide breadth of site types and reuse scenarios that the reader can peruse, and hopefully find an example, that is most applicable to their particular set of circumstances.  It is NJIT TAB Team’s hope that these examples will also promote peer to peer exchanges between communities just beginning the process to those that have successfully completed it. 

The “success stories” presented on this website have been provided by various partnering entities and with their expressed permission.

State of Kentucky


      (PDFs courtesy of KYDCA)

State of Pennsylvania




      (PDFs courtesy of TNDEC​)