The Learning Center

TLC Administration

Sandra Taylor, Interim Director of TLC - Athletic Academic Advisor

Sandra Taylor joined NJIT in January 2010 as Academic Advisor for Student-Athletes working in NJIT’s Learning Center (TLC). She will focus on five key areas: academic support, career development, personal development, leadership, and community service, including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and CHAMPS Life Skills for NJIT’s nearly 300 student-athletes. Prior to joining NJIT, Sandra spent her professional career at Manhattan College, which is also her alma mater.

Barry Broxton

Barry Broxton, Associate Director of TLC

Barry Broxton is the Associate Director of The Learning Center at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He enjoys empowering and promoting independence among students. In addition, he feels that it is important to keep track of student trends as well as acknowledging different learning styles. Prior to coming to NJIT, Barry spent his professional career at Montclair State University and New Jersey City University.

Mike Spisto - Eligibility Certification Office/Academic Advisor for Athletics

Mike Spisto joined NJIT’s Learning Center (TLC) as the Academic Advisor for Athletics in May of 2013 after a five-year stint as top assistant of the NJIT men's basketball team. Mike is a 1997 graduate of  Oneonta State. In addition to his bachelor’s degree from Oneonta, he earned an associate’s degree from SUNY Delhi, as well as an MSS from United States Sports Academy.  He brings a wealth of experience to TLC, ranging from college administration to coaching and recruiting, as well as academic advising.

Tanya Youmans, Secretarial Assistant

Tanya Youmans has worked with NJIT students in various capacities for over 25 years in Graduate Studies, with the EOF and EOP programs, the URE - University Research Experience, and as a member of the TLC staff.  In addition, Tanya currently plays a vital administrative role with the McNair Summer Scholars Program.Tanya's vast experience interacting with and guiding university students are an invaluable resource for the TLC.  Tanya's current responsibilities include hiring, training and scheduling student office assistants, meeting with and directing students and keeping the TLC staff and office organized and running smoothly and efficiently.