Testing Accommodation Form

The Learning Center provides the following academic support services:  individual and group tutorial services in Kupfrian Hall - Room 200; academic support workshops; academic counsel for students on probation; and testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Individual and Group Tutorial Services

  • Tutoring for students struggling in their courses
  • Assistance for students who seek to strengthen their academic skills and enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills to help improve their course grades.
  • Study group sessions enable facilitators to focus on specific subjects while monitoring student progress throughout the semester.
  • Peer tutors and study group facilitators address specific topics which traditionally give students problems.
  • Tutors are trained to provide students with systematic methods of analyzing and solving problems to enhance student comprehension.
  • Tutoring is a supplement to classroom instruction. TLC’s services do not replace classroom attendance. Students should attend all classroom lectures.
  • Mentoring

Academic support workshops

The following important topics are offered in small group workshops by TLC staff:

  • Creating Your Academic Toolbox: Develop and create learning tools to successfully navigate throughout your college years.
  • Study Skills: The Formula for Success- Develop study skills necessary for college success. Tips include note-taking, effective listening, time management and maintaining health.
  • Exercising Common Sense & Time Management: Improve decision making and balance life roles
  • Preparing for Finals: Create and implement strategies to prepare for finals

Academic Counsel

TLC staff members regularly meet with students on probation to provide encouragement, discuss learning strategies, review study skills, and focus on time management issues to assist students in their quest for success.

Testing Accommodations

TLC provides testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If students are eligible for services, they must be registered with the Office of Student Disability Services located in the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services located in  Campbell Hall 205.