NJIT Sloan-C Premium Membership

As part of NJIT's membership in the Sloan-C College Pass program NJIT has obtained an institutional Sloan-C Premium Membership. Details are available here.  This offers all NJIT staff a number of benefits which can be reviewed at The Sloan Consortium web site. You can register for the FREE extended services and benefits at the Sloan Consortium Membership Registration page by clicking on the Visitor (free account) link. Leave the default button "United States Higher Education" selected, type in New Jersey Institute of  Technology in the Organizational Name field. Click the Search button and when the list of colleges comes up at the bottom of the page click the select next to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (the one with the Yes under the Premium Member column.:

Details on these and many more available workshops are available at http://sloanconsortium.org/institute/workshops/2013/upcoming-by-date

With our "College Pass" membership, NJIT has become a "Sloan-C Premium Member" giving all NJIT staff access to a variety of benefits. Details here on how to set up your own account.