Charge and Purview

Mission of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Committee

Teaching, Learning and Technology Committee

Charge and Purview
Deliberate and make recommendations regarding the formulation and implementation of a coherent strategy for improvement of all teaching and learning environments at the university, and the use of information technology in support of these objectives; make policy recommendations concerning the needs of faculty and instructional staff who develop and teach distance-delivered courses and students who enroll in such courses, with a view toward increasing NJIT’s global stature and cost-effectiveness through excellence in this area.


Voting members: one faculty member or member of the Lecturers and Educators Congress from each academic unit, ideally previously recognized for excellence in teaching (e.g., Master Teacher or the winner of an Excellence in Teaching Award or other teaching award); one representative from the Registrar’s office; one professional representative from Continuing Professional Education; one undergraduate student selected by the Student Senate; one graduate student selected by the Graduate Student Association; one student from the Albert Dorman Honors College, nominated by the Dean of that college.

Non-voting members: the University Librarian; the Associate Vice President for Continuing and Distance Education; the Director of the University Learning Center; and support staff from Instructional Technology and Media Services, Academic Computing Services, the Office of the Registrar, and the Library; and one faculty representative from the voting membership of the Faculty Senate, appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate. 
As needed: one representative from the Institutional Research office.

Meeting Frequency

The TLT Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday from 1:00PM - 2:30PM during the fall and spring semesters.

Committee Reports

The TLT Committee receives input from the entire university community, deliberates, and makes recommendations to the Provost, the Vice President for Academic and Student Services, and the Associate Vice President of Continuing and Distance Education regarding the implementation of a coherent strategy for improvement of the all teaching and learning environments and culture at the university, and the use of information technology in support and growth of such, on policy and direction with respect to addressing the needs of faculty who develop and teach distance-delivered courses, of students who enroll in such courses, and of the university as a whole insofar as it desires to gain increased global recognition and revenue production through excellence in this area The committee may establish standing or ad-hoc sub-committees as needed for the conduct of its business.

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