Taurus International Partners With New Jersey Institute of Technology In A “Personalized Weapons Technology” Research and Development Project

NEWARK, June 27- Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. (www.taurususa.com), Miami, FL, announced today that it has partnered with the prestigious New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) (www.njit.edu), in the pursuit of “Personalized Weapons Technology” which will provide user identifiable firing controls for firearms. Sometimes erroneously referred to as “Smart Gun Technology” the NJIT has been working on this project for some time.

In a presentation recently made to the State of New Jersey Legislature, NJIT made the following observations:

  • A personalized weapon with an automatic authentication system that allows discharge of the weapon only by an authorized user has not yet been developed for consumer usage.
  • However, biometric technologies have matured sufficiently to enable creation of such a weapon.
  • Researching, developing and implementing the technologies for such a weapon to meet reliable automatic authentication requirements will take a minimum of three years at an estimated cost of at least $5 million.
  • Gun manufacturers lack the resources to create a personalized weapon.
As a result of these observations NJIT requested and has received approval to create a public/private R&D partnership to ensure competitive commercialization of a personalized weapon.

Forjas Taurus has been researching user-identifying technology for over two years. At this time, the product is still sensitive to environmental factors, power source levels and can only "identify" one user. With this in mind Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc., of Miami, Florida, has enthusiastically agreed to join with NJIT in this partnership to make strides as quickly as possible to achieve the creation of a biometric solution to this perplexing problem.
At the historic signing of this R&D partnership Taurus International’s Executive Vice President, Robert G. Morrison made the following statement:

“We are taking this bold step to partner with NJIT due to their realistic and well researched position in this matter. Their studies are very convincing and point up the requirement for an R&D partnership with commercial gun companies who have neither the resources nor the laboratories that equal those found at this august institution. After reviewing their recommendations and findings we agree that we can cooperate to bring about an early and reliable solution to the “Personalized Weapons Technology” requirement. It is our position that once this technology is discovered we can then apply it to firearms and create a safer product for use by our customers.”

NJIT Vice President of Research and Development Donald H. Sebastian, said,
“We are delighted that Taurus International will join us in this monumental effort. Creating this R&D partnership will allow us to more aggressively pursue the creation of this meaningful solution to a perplexing safety problem. A company with the size and breadth of Taurus is exactly what we had in mind when we made the partnership recommendation to the New Jersey Legislature. Taurus is well known for their leadership and aggressive pursuit of advanced technology in the firearms industry. With their support and our advanced resources we will undoubtedly progress together to the betterment of society and the safe and practical ownership of firearms in general.”

Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. is a leader in the handgun business.

NJIT is a public research university enrolling over 8,200 bachelor's, master's and doctoral students in 80 degree programs through its five colleges: Newark College of Engineering, New Jersey School of Architecture, College of Science and Liberal Arts, the School of Management and the Albert Dorman Honors College. Research initiatives include manufacturing, microelectronics, multimedia, transportation, computer science, solar astrophysics, environmental engineering and science, and architecture and building science. According to Yahoo! Internet Life magazine rankings, NJIT has been America's most wired public university for three consecutive years.

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