New Jersey Institute of Technology Math Professor Predicts Baseball Playoffs

Who:  Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences Bruce Bukiet, Ph.D., who has developed a computer model to predict a team's odds of winning, has issued his playoff analysis. Bukiet's model has proven so prescient this season that had he bet on the games he predicted, he would have won $3,450.

Predictions::  Since the Yankees won the first game against the Mariners, they now have a 60 percent chance of winning the series, according to Bukiet's computer model. And with the Arizona and Atlanta series now tied 1-1, Arizona has a 52.5 percent chance to beat the Braves. So far, Bukiet's playoff picks have been on; he's predicted 9 out of 15 games. Had he bet on those games, he would have won $175 dollars. Bukiet has a good overall track record: He predicted six of the eight teams that made the playoffs

Website:   Reporters can visit Bukiet's Website, which is updated daily, at

Where:  Reporters are also welcome to visit Bukiet at his NJIT office - 518 Cullimore Hall. His model is designed to determine optimal batting orders and runs scored as well as victories. He is also available for phone interviews.
(Editor's Note: Call the Public Relations Office (973) 596-5203 to arrange interviews and visits).

Background:  Bukiet, an avid baseball fan, adapted the computer model to baseball as a hobby in 1987. His findings have been published in a 10-page paper, "A Markov Chain Approach to Baseball," for the journal Operations Research. Bukiet's "Markov Chain" model works on the theory that there are a finite number of situations in a baseball game. A Markov Chain is a type of random analysis in which only the present is used to predict the future. His model has performed well as compared to other sport's publications over the past years. "It's great to be able to apply the power of math to the joys of baseball," Bukiet says.

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