Magazine Names New Jersey Institute of Technology Most Wired Again

NEWARK, Dec. 4--Yahoo! Internet Life (YIL) magazine for the fifth consecutive year named New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) among the nation's top ten wired universities and sang its praises with a score of 91.11 percent out of 100 percent for NJIT's attention to "wired" detailing.

Wired schools make computing easy, say YIL editors, because these institutions invest in infrastructure, student resources, and strong technical support. They heed web sites, distance learning and wireless access. Details follow on the meaning of top scores.

NJIT Gets 'A' For Infrastructure (28 percent)

"A" means the university has a "lightening -quick" network that students can access anywhere on campus, including in dorm rooms, classrooms and public facilities.

Infrastructure details the quality and degree of the cabling and computer ports in the dormitory walls, the number and quality of desktop systems in computer labs, the percentage of new public computers purchased in each of the last five years and the availability of these computers to students.

Looking at infrastructure also means examining how many public computers are available round-the clock, the percentage of classrooms with active Ethernet ports per desk, and the frequency of network outages.

NJIT Gets 'A' for Student Resources (22 percent)

This grade commends on-line school services or resources such as online class registration, advising, an on-line bookstore, web-based tuition payments and more.

NJIT Gets 'B' for Web Portal (22 percent)

According to YIL, a B website features a comprehensive design, but the design must be made more accessible for surfers to navigate.

NJIT Gets 'A' for E-Learning (12 percent)

A good e-learning site means that educators can digitally archive reading materials, build interactive courses and create on-line exams. They have access to LCD projectors, laptop stations, course management software and video-teleconferencing. Students can choose from internet-related courses as well as courses taught online.

NJIT Gets 'A' for Technical Support ( 11 percent)

Outstanding technical support includes round-the-clock free technical support , on-site training and at least 14 hours of daily support. Such schools pay student advisers to handle weekend or late-night emergencies in dorms to provide free Internet instruction.

NJIT Gets 'A' for Wireless Access (5 percent)

Schools that have adapted some degree of wireless technology, YIL considers "pioneers." These schools have wireless access already available in many academic buildings and plans are in place to expand coverage to the rest of the campus this year.


NJIT is a public, scientific and technological research university enrolling more than 8,800 students. The university offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to students in 80 degree programs throughout its six colleges: Newark College of Engineering, New Jersey School of Architecture, College of Science and Liberal Arts, School of Management, Albert Dorman Honors College and College of Computing Sciences. The division of continuing professional education offers adults eLearning, off campus degrees and short courses. Expertise and research initiatives include architecture and building science, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering and science, information technology, manufacturing, materials, microelectronics, multimedia, telecommunications, transportation and solar astrophysics. Yahoo! Internet Life magazine cites NJIT as a "perennially most wired" university.

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