E-Commerce: NJIT Offers Bachelor's, Master's and Graduate Certificate in "Hottest" Way to Do Business (Ref.#1)

NEWARK, NJ , August 3, 1999 - New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has become one of the first universities in the nation to offer graduate and undergraduate specializations in E-commerce management and an E-commerce graduate certificate.

      The new specializations at NJIT's School of Management, one offered under a new Master in Business Administration degree in the Management of Technology and the other, under a Bachelor of Science in Management, are accepting students now. The new courses, all three credit offerings, will be available beginning Fall 2000.

     According to Dr. Gale Tenen Spak, Associate Vice President for Continuing Professional Education, the E-commerce graduate certificate consists of four courses: Internet for Managers, Management for Telecommunications or Computing Concepts for Managers, Internet Marketing Strategy, and Management Strategies for Electronic Commerce. The certificate relates in its entirety to NJIT's M.S. in Management and its MBA in the Management of Technology.

E-Commerce Learning for Tomorrow's Business Leaders

      The Master's degree specialization features four courses designed to help students understand the Internet from a manager's viewpoint, including its business and corporate impact, and prepare them to effectively manage Internet businesses and electronic commerce in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace.

      The Bachelor of Science specialization includes courses on Internet Technology, Internet Marketing, and Internet for Managers that detail the development of the technology and how to manage and use it for marketing and commerce.

      The programs are part of NJIT's long-standing commitment to leadership in information technology, both in the university's course offerings and as an educational and communications tool.

      "The Internet and its related technology is revolutionizing the way business is done," notes Alok K. Chakrabarti, Dean of NJIT's School of Management. "These courses will help business executives and managers to keep ahead of the revolution in our technology-driven economy."

      The university was recently named America's "most wired" public university by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine for the second consecutive year. Yahoo! Internet Life's annual survey, now in its third year, ranked NJIT the second most wired technological university in the nation, after MIT, and the fourth most wired university overall.

      NJIT is one of only four universities, the others are MIT, Rensselaer, and Indiana University - that have consistently ranked among the top 10 in the Yahoo! survey.

           NJIT researchers developed the first computerized conferencing system, and later pioneered the Virtual ClassroomŪ for distance learning, and NJIT's School of Architecture has been a pioneer in computer-aided design.

      Intent on maintaining its lead in information technologies, NJIT recently launched a $50-million spending plan that ties the development of information technologies with the university's strategic goals.


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