Freshmen Survey Describes Why Students Select New Jersey Institute of Technology

NEWARK, November 27-- Students choose to study at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) because of the high quality and reputation of the university’s strong and varied academic programs, according to a recent enrollment survey of freshmen conducted by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at NJIT.

The availability of programs students want, the career focus of the university, the scientific and technological orientation of the school, as well as its reputation for good quality instruction, are what draw students to NJIT. The university’s reasonable cost and academic facilities are also major influences on the enrollment decisions of students.

The survey of 636 freshmen students, or 98 percent of the class, paints a picture of a pragmatic, career-oriented group. NJIT students focus on their future careers and jobs – a focus they believe will increase their income and improve their professional status. The top three goals of NJIT freshmen are to obtain a degree, to prepare for a career and to attain useful job skills.

Goals of lesser importance to the students are improving self image, learning how to participate effectively as a citizen and increasing their awareness of different philosophies.

Most freshmen - 320 - are enrolled in Newark College of Engineering, while 146 attend College of Computing Sciences; School of Architecture has 106; College of Science and Liberal Arts has 40; and School of Management has 13. More than 20 percent of freshmen have also been accepted into Albert Dorman Honors College.

Some 81 percent of students who responded to the survey are men; nearly 18 percent are women.

A majority of the freshmen are first-generation college students, while 43 percent have parents with college degrees. Most are full-time day students, who learned about NJIT from relatives, friends or acquaintances. And consistent with past surveys, high-school guidance counselors, teachers, and principals continue to guide students to NJIT.

The Internet also continues to increase students’ knowledge about NJIT. Thirty-three percent of students have learned about NJIT from the Internet, almost a 10 percent increase from the Fall 1999 Enrolling Student Survey.

Eighty-eight percent of students intend to complete their degree at NJIT. Only 11.6 percent of the students plan to transfer before they are due to graduate. These proportions have been consistent since the Fall 1999 Enrolling Student Survey. NJIT is the first-choice school for 62 percent of the students - a four percent gain from last year’s survey.

Eighty-nine percent of students have a computer for primary use, and the majority of students have a Windows-based desktop. Students use their computers most commonly for E-mail, surfing the Internet, word processing and research. Fifty-five percent of students reported needing minimal computer support.


NJIT is a public, scientific and technological research university enrolling more than 8,800 students. The university offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to students in 80 degree programs throughout its six colleges: Newark College of Engineering, New Jersey School of Architecture, College of Science and Liberal Arts, School of Management, Albert Dorman Honors College and College of Computing Sciences. The division of continuing professional education offers adults eLearning, off campus degrees and short courses. Expertise and research initiatives include architecture and building science, applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering and science, information technology, manufacturing, materials, microelectronics, multimedia, telecommunications, transportation and solar astrophysics. Yahoo! Internet Life magazine cites NJIT as a "perennially most wired" university.

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