Schedule an Appointment

We have moved to the Central King Building -- room CKB G17.

Please go to to schedule an appointment.

You may schedule up to two weeks in advance, and may make a total of two appointments a week.

If this is your first visit, you must first create an account; when you log on, simply go to "Click here to register" to set up your account.  That's all you need to do -- you can log in immediately.  There is no verification email process.  (Don't worry about the last section on email notifications -- we won't be mass-mailing you, just reminding you of appointments.)

If you can't get an appointment, keep checking back.  Students sometimes make appointments and later cancel them in advance, or sometimes they don't show up.  Sign up for our waitlist, and check back on our website or drop by to see if availability has come up.  If you still can't get an appointment,  please let Dr. Siemann know by email (; the more we know about unmet demand, the better our chances are of getting more Writing Consultant hours added to our schedule.

Try our automated waiting list on WCOnline.  If you click the clock icon on the upper left hand corner of the day you are looking for an appointment, you can get on a waiting list for canceled appointments that day.  The system will email you if any appointments open up. 

If you need to cancel, please do so as far in advance as you can.  Remember that this is a session that another student could have used; the earlier you cancel the more likely another student will see that it's available.  WCOnline will not allow you to cancel within two hours of your appointment;  last-minute cancellations count as no-shows (see below).  You may try phoning us at 973-596-3664 (please, no messages!).

If you don't show up for your appointment, it will be entered into the system as a missed appointment, also called a no-show.  This is inconsiderate both to your tutor and to the students who might have wanted that appointment, so do your best to cancel in advance.  After two no-shows, you will not be able to make appointments via WCOnline for the remainder of the semester;  you can still see us via walk-in appointments (if they are available) or get the Director to schedule for you.

We are now offering ongoing sessions, for a limited number of students who would like to work with the same Writing Consultant every week.  Speak to Dr. Siemann if you are interested.  If you prefer to work with the same Writing Consultant, but do not wish to make ongoing sessions, you may make appointments up to ten days in advance..

Walk-ins will be seen when there is a Writing Consultant or Peer Tutor available, but sessions often fill up several days in advance.  Plan ahead!

If you have any questions, please drop by the Writing Center, CKB G17, or email Dr. Catherine Siemann at