Transfer Story: Boubacar Jalloh

NJIT Transfer Success Story: 

Boubacar Jalloh


Why did you transfer to NJIT?

I transferred to NJIT because it’s a known university for STEM. Based of other student’s testimony there’s guaranty Job after you graduate. Also big known companies come to NJIT to recruit because student from there have a strong background and skill that companies are looking for. And also it's a good commute for me It takes 10 minutes to get to school. Which is awesome


What advice would you give to incoming transfer students?

If you want to succeed here, you have to study, you have to communicate, you have to get involve and explore different clubs. Don't just come here take class and pass, then called it a day, it’s a lot of opportunities here, be engage and learn about everything NJIT has to offer.


What are the three things you like best about NJIT?

Diversity – Friendly people, you meet people from every race

Education – Endless learning opportunity

Assistance - Easy to get help or find somebody that really knows the materials


Name some offices that are the most helpful for transfer students

I will just say all the offices here at NJIT are helpful. But to be more specific to the questions the top three offices that I really found helpful as an IT major will be:

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

ASC (Advising Success Center)

EOP (Educational Opportunity Program)


What is a major difference between NJIT and the previous school you transferred from?

The difference is NJIT is much more work load and complexities of the work. At ECC I didn't do a lot presentation but here I present pretty much in all my major classes. Some time you have to be in a leadership role, like in my field everything is based on projects. Another thing, Moodle was a big different, you live Class not expecting any homework but once you get home you check Moodle their assignments waiting for you. And also the diversity.


Since transferring to NJIT please share your job, internship, or co-op experience.

Since transferring to NJIT I have had one summer internships and a co-op with UPS. I start with them during the summer as an intern, which turning to a co-op. I found the internship through the career fair on campus, where I applied directly on there site. I work with the Business Intelligence team as a DB developer Under Corporate TSG.


What activities/organizations/clubs are you involved in at NJIT?

I am a student of EOP. Because I have to work, I didn’t get any chance of join club or activities.


What do you wish you would have known before transferring to NJIT?

Well for me since I didn’t take any class that doesn't apply to me it doesn’t really make a lot more difference. But I wish I knew a little more about the culture. I didn't come to student orientation so I didn't know what to expect.