Transfer Story: Faras Khalaifeh

NJIT Transfer Success Story: 

Faras Khalaifeh


Why did you transfer to NJIT?

I transferred to NJIT to pursue my career in engineering in specific an industrial engineer. I have many friends who suggested it and doing my research I found it to be one of the top colleges in the area for the education it provides. NJIT is known as one of the top engineering schools that helps their students in acquiring jobs in their field of study by the time of graduation and that also motivated me to attend NJIT.


What advice would you give to incoming transfer students?

I would advise incoming transfer students to be consistent with their majors by taking the necessary courses that are needed or transfer toward their major at NJIT at their community colleges. As by experience I worked close with NJIT advisors before transferring in first by making my decision as to which engineering field I would like to pursue my career in after many times of research and networking around with people who have found jobs in these fields and even students who attend NJIT. Also worked close with the advisors in NJIT making sure ever class I took at Passaic County Community College counted towards my major at NJIT. It is important to know what you would like to pursue before attending NJIT that way you waste no time by taking courses that will not be counted toward your major or even switching from major to major. I had it all planned out in front of me as to what major i was pursuing and what classes I had to take at Passaic County College.


What are the three things you like best about NJIT?

NJIT has great diversity where we have many different cultures that all come together as one on our campus.

NJIT has great educational programs and professors that are ready to assist you and teach you in order to help you reach your goals.

NJIT has many activities that are set up on campus to keep the students actively involved and up to date with everything that goes on at the campus.



Name some offices that are the most helpful for transfer students

EOF office

Advisors office

Admissions office

Financial Aid offices


What is a major difference between NJIT and the previous school you transferred from?

NJIT is completely different from Passaic County College. At county college students are told what to do, they are handed everything given direct directions as what it expected from them. While once at a university pursay NJIT now you have to make your own stand, you have to follow what you want and go after it. It is time to take risks. There is nobody there to help you unless you look for help and network , you have to work your way up and build yourself. You now have to expect the unexpected.


Since transferring to NJIT please share your job, internship, or co-op experience.

I am currently a sales associate at Cole Haan. I am working my way up into their corporate offices and applying for an intern with them. They have industrial engineers who work on manufacturing and enhancing shoe quality and ability for better comfortability for we the people.  I am also applying to other various internships as NJIT gives many opportunities and networking options.


What activities/organizations/clubs are you involved in at NJIT?

I am involved in the Muslim Student Association as I love to teach people more about my religion, culture and learn more about theirs. I am very diverse and love to try new things from various traditions cultures and religions. It also nice to know about the various things about peoples customs and where they come from because no matter what goes on you cant judge people unless before you put yourself in their shoes. I am working on getting into the Institute of Industrial Engineers where I know there will be many opportunities for me and my future. It is only my 2nd semester as NJIT so I am still learning about various organizations and taking the advantage of being able to join them so I can help myself and others and live the college experience.


What do you wish you would have known before transferring to NJIT?

There is nothing that I didn't know before transferring to NJIT. If you do the research the right way, talk to the right people and make the right decisions toward where you want to be when attending NJIT then you are well prepared. Nothing in life comes easy everything is a challenge so I was expecting a challenge, I had prepared myself to face anything to succeed and reach my goals here at NJIT.