Transfer Story: Jeremy Hochheiser

NJIT Transfer Success Story: 

Jeremy Hochheiser


Why did you transfer to NJIT?

I transferred to NJIT most notably for its reputation of success to obtain a MSCS and begin my career.


What advice would you give to incoming transfer students?

Keep in communication with the transfer advisor, and your major advisor at all times. Ask questions, and do not be shy to reach out to Bursar, Registrar, or any other departments for extra help.


What are the three things you like best about NJIT?

- Real applicable knowledge is taught, so it isn't all crockpot theory.

- Many extracurricular options, and real sense of belonging in the community.

- Easy to find like-minded people on this campus.


Name some offices that are the most helpful for transfer students

Major Advisor



Career Development Services


What is a major difference between NJIT and the previous school you transferred from?

NJIT truly prepared me for a career when my last school didn't do quite as an amazing of a job. Real feedback can be presented when you're doing practice interviews, looking for a job, and they stick with you from start to end.


Since transferring to NJIT please share your job, internship, or co-op experience.

Through their online career development portal, I've applied to about 30 jobs and heard back from 10. I was able to get out there in the field and have real interviews, practicing my skills. Also, at the career fair, I had 8 companies interests', and lined up 4 interviews. A full-time job offer was then presented to me about a month later, quite literally a day after the in-person interview, and I am now a Software Engineer at Vanguard.


What activities/organizations/clubs are you involved in at NJIT?

NJIT Chess Club


What do you wish you would have known before transferring to NJIT?

Know your course path before you transfer. Understand what courses you will have to take, and try to plan when you will be taking them. Some courses are better to take before others. I also wish I knew how awesome NJIT would be because I would've just came here in the first place!