Transfer Story: Reena Ezra

NJIT Transfer Success Story: 

Reena Ezra


Why did you transfer to NJIT?

I transferred to NJIT because it was a better option financially and there is more opportunity to get a job straight out of college.


What advice would you give to incoming transfer students?

The advice I would give to incoming transfer students is to make sure of all the requirements with an adviser at NJIT. Make sure your credits transfer. I transferred from Bergen Community College and their advisers were helpful but you have to check with the university. I worked with Jasmine Howard at NJIT and she was terrific.


What are the three things you like best about NJIT?

Three things I like best about NJIT are the student diversity, the opportunity for employment such as career fairs, and the one on one I get with a professor.


Name some offices that are the most helpful for transfer students

Offices that are helpful for transfer students are registrar and undergraduate admissions.


What is a major difference between NJIT and the previous school you transferred from?

A major difference is that NJIT is more rigorous, but I like the challenge.


Since transferring to NJIT please share your job, internship, or co-op experience.

I work with a professor to do on campus biological research in the labs.


What activities/organizations/clubs are you involved in at NJIT?

I'm involved in Honors Social Committee and I have my own radio show with WJTB in NJIT.


What do you wish you would have known before transferring to NJIT?

I wish I would have known to discuss more with a transfer counselor at NJIT.