Refunds are issued to students based upon the date registration add/drop activity takes place.  Refunds are in accordance with the refund dates as set by the Registrar's office and as listed on the academic calendar.  Please review the Academic Calendar each semester for important refunding dates.

  • Refunds of tuition and fees occurs during the 100% refund period for all semesters (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).
  • After the 100% refund period ends, refunds are for tuition only, all fees are to be paid by the student. 
  • Students who are recieving any Financial aid are subject to the Uniform Awarding and Application of Payment Policy which may impact anticipated refunds.  Please review the policy if questions exists regarding your refund.
  • Refunds for credit balances are returned in the form of a check, via regular postal mail, and they are  processed once a week.
  • Please allow 14 business days from the date your credit balance was realized on your student account for the check to arrive.  Make certain you have the most current postal address listed in Highlander Pipeline, this is where the refund check will be mailed.  
  • If 14 business days have passed and you have not recieved your check you may complete a Student Replacement check form.