Tuition Payment Policy

NJIT Payment Policy

Prior to beginning the semester, all students must ensure that all financial responsibilities to the University are satisfied.  As payment of accounts at NJIT usually involves both financial aid and direct payments, it is necessary for all students to handle these matters before returning to campus.

  • Student bills for each semester are due on the Wednesday prior to the first day of the semester.  
  • Any student that registers after the due date will be expected to make payment immediately.  
  • All accounts NOT showing a zero balance will be reviewed the day immediately following the last day for 100% refund, as established by the Academic Calendar.  and those accounts will be assessed the $500 payment penalty fee.
  • All accounts are placed on a Bursar Hold, which will release when the account is paid in full and the balance is zero.  
  • Any account with a Bursar Hold will be restricted from having access to transcripts, grades or performing any registration related activities.
  • Students on payment plans are required to have a zero balance prior to being permitted to register, even if the installment due date occurs after registration has opened. The setting up of a payment plans do not supersede NJIT policy regarding registration activities.