CDS Advisory Board Mission Statement


The mission of the NJIT Career Development Services (CDS) Advisory Board is to provide CDS leadership with broad-based advice and guidance on strategies and tactics which assist:

  • Students in gaining a clear understanding of their career options and workplace requirements, in obtaining experiential learning opportunities, in developing job search and interviewing skills, and in fulfilling their first destination choice of employment, service and or continuing education; 
  • Alumni in refining their job search and interviewing skills, career objectives, gaining a clear understanding of their career options and workplace requirements, and obtaining meaningful employment in a specialty consistent with their education, experience, and personal goals;
  • Employers in staffing their organizations with qualified students, graduates, and alumni capable of filling their workforce needs, and in developing closer and more effective relationships with university staff;
  • The community in linking students, alumni, faculty, and staff directly to service and civic engagement activities with organizations committed to improving the quality of life for New Jersey residents;

And to ensure that the office effectively demonstrates and disseminates outcomes attained in meeting these objectives.

Advisory Board Members’ Responsibilities

CDS advisory board members are actively involved in, committed to, and effectively contribute to attaining board objectives. Board members are selected and affirmed by the NJIT Board of Trustees based on their ability to meet the following responsibilities.

1. Attend three scheduled meetings annually;

2. Review and provide advice concerning the office’s long term vision and strategic planning in areas pertaining to college relations and diverse talent acquisition functions for summer, co-op, internships and regular job opportunities;

3. Advise on business development strategy;

4. Participate in sub-committees, if needed, in support of specific initiatives; 

5. Identify resources that assist CDS in sustaining and advancing its objectives; and

6. Identify sources of employment for students with majors that are in lesser demand.

   Advisory Board Meetings

The CDS Advisory Board meets three times per year at NJIT during January, April, and September.  If needed, board members serving on ad hoc committees will meet on an as-needed basis at a time and location convenient to the members.  It is advised that, if possible, sub-committee meetings be facilitated through the use of technology-based conferencing.  

  Advisory Board Members

The CDS Advisory Board shall include representatives from organizations with recruiting and or experiential education relationships with NJIT, representatives of professional associations, community and government agencies, and one each staff, faculty, and student member.  The Advisory Board shall be appointed by the NJIT Board of Trustees to serve in staggered two-year terms.  Advisory Board members shall be appointed based on their ability to participate effectively in fulfilling the Board’s responsibilities.

Contact Information

Gregory Mass, Executive Director
NJIT  Career Development Services
973.642.4297 Fax