Welcome to Career Development Services - Green Careers

A significant percentage of today’s students have expressed a desire to work in careers that are good for the planet.  Even greater percentages have indicated that they wish to work for companies or organizations that are proactively reducing humans' impact on the environment or promoting its restoration. Given this tremendous interest, we have created Green Careers, a website for students seeking to match their passion for the environment with a career that can make a difference.

What are Green Careers?

  • Includes jobs that focus on environmental protection and preservation, regardless of the industry or place of work.

What are some benefits of Green Careers?

  • An exciting range of career paths
  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Excellent training
  • Long-term careers that make a difference to the environment
  • Good salaries and good progression opportunities
  • Opportunity to travel as more countries seek expertise in green issues
  • Includes those jobs that are not green until they are filled by people who are determined to make them green

Green Careers is organized within six separate sections each containing specific and unique content related to exploring and entering a green career.  

Section 1.     What I can do green with a major in … Contains a list of majors that are offered through New Jersey Institute of Technology and how they relate to green careers.

Section 2.     Green Jobs -  Contains a database of green jobs and internship opportunities specifically for NJIT students and graduates.

Section 3.     Green Companies - Contains lists of companies and organizations that have been certified or highly recognized as being eco-friendly from multiple sources including ceres.org, EPA’s Green Power Partnership, and or The Vault Guide to Green Programs.

Section 4.     Green Civic Engagement - Describes volunteer opportunities, websites, agencies, projects and internships available to students interested in green.

Section 5.     Green Academics & Research at NJIT -  Contains information and updates about the many existing and new green academic and research initiatives occurring at NJIT.

Section 6.     Green Podcasts & Blogs -  View green videos and podcasts relating to green initiatives, listen to green lectures, and view blogs.

What Can I Do Green With a Major In?

Green Jobs

Green Companies

Green Civic Engagement

Green Academics & Research at NJIT

Green Podcasts & Blogs