Cooperative Education and Internships

NJIT places great value on co-op and internship programs as a means of establishing productive work-based relationships between students and employers.

NJIT supplies cooperative education and internship students for major companies such as AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, MTV Networks, Panasonic, Verizon Wireless, McGraw-Hill, Quest Diagnostics, L’Oreal USA, DOW Chemical, and Liberty Science Center. We also work with hundreds of mid-size, small and start-up businesses.

Cooperative Education Program

The Co-op Program administered through NJIT's Career Development Services(CDS) can boost an organization's productivity and strengthen recruiting efforts. CDS  assists students in identifying career interests and selecting appropriate prospective co-op work assignments. NJIT faculty members review the academic credentials of students as admission criteria. Students are available full- or part-time year round.

NJIT’s co-op program is academically integrated with faculty supervision and employer evaluations as important components of a high-quality learning and work experience. Each year some 400 students work at corporations, government agencies, nonprofit groups and research organizations nationwide.

Program Features

  • An established, university wide, academically integrated program involving students and faculty advisors to ensure quality workplace experiences
  • A full time Career Development Services staff dedicated to assisting students and employers in meeting their objectives
  • A centralized database of available students and employer work opportunities
  • Interview scheduling and coordination

Co-op Work Cycles

  • Spring: January through May
  • Summer: May through August
  • Fall: June, July or August through December

All co-op students can work on full time schedules (35-40/hours/week) and some majors can work part-time, usually 20-25/hours/week.

Employer Participation Requirements

Co-op employers must submit a job description, designate an immediate supervisor, and have a safe work environment.  All co-op students receive compensation, and work supervisors provide feedback on each student’s performance.In addition, there may be an on-site visit or phone conference by the faculty co-op advisor at the mid-point of the co-op work experience.

Sample Co-op Work Assignments

Computer Science / Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Database Development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Forecasting
  • MIS Development
  • Technical Report Writing
  • LAN Administration
  • Occupational Health & Safety Coordination
  • Production Scheduling
  • Computer Network Assistant
  • CAD
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Processes Analysis
  • Site Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Compliance Coordination
  • Model Making
  • Drawing
  • CAD Documentation
  • Housing Coordination
  • Blueprint Coordination
  • Construction Inspection


College of Science and Liberal Arts
  • Actuarial Science Trainee
  • Technical Report Writer
  • Pre-law Research Assistant
  • Digital Production Co-op

Internships at NJIT are work experiences that are related to a student’s major and occupational interest and provide a learning experience.  Work assignments vary in length, and most often coincide with a semester or the summer.  Most students seek paid internships and co-op assignments. Typically Employers offering unpaid internships are strongly encouraged to provide a stipend.  There is typically no formal faculty involvement in an internship, although a student may choose to consult a faculty member for advice and perspective on the work assignment. Please submit internship descriptions via your CDSlink account.

Organizations seeking to post unpaid internships should be familiar with NJIT Unpaid Internship Guidelines and the U.S. Department of Labor requirements to ensure that their company meets the test for hiring an unpaid intern.