Selecting or retaining appropriate schools to include in your college relations program is critically important to companies seeking to increase their return on investment (ROI).  Among the various criteria used by companies to determine which schools best fit its recruitment strategy are curriculum, enrollment, diversity, reputation, and past success. 

To assist organizations in assessing information pertinent to the decision making process, we have compiled and listed information about NJIT programs, students, and graduates. We hope that you find the information useful and that you select NJIT as a target recruitment school.      

NJIT is recognized nationally for its strong academic standards and computing-intensive approach to education. Organizations from every sector and size look to NJIT to identify qualified graduates who make an immediate impact in the work place.  With over 10,000 students majoring in over 90 distinct engineering, computing, science, math, technology, design, and management majors, NJIT is a best source for diverse, high-tech talent. 

As your organization develops its upcoming campus recruiting schedule, we ask that you strongly consider NJIT.  NJIT’s Division of Career Development Services is your one-stop, centralized connection to students and graduates.