Volunteers/Ambassadors at the NJIT Fair

Career Development Services is seeking Student Volunteers/Ambassadors to assist with the upcoming Career Fair. Interested in becoming a volunteer at the NJIT Career Fair?  The most important benefit is that you will be interacting with representatives of your favorite companies on a casual level.

Other Incentives

  • Free T-shirt
  • Free lunch for the full-time volunteers
  • Gain experience in running an event

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Career-Fair Publicity Volunteer
  • Campus Bulletin Board
  • Campus Signs
  • Employer Registration/Information Desk
  • Assist with Employer Package Drop Offs
  • Assist with Setting up Employer Tables
  • Student Registration/Information Desk
  • Student Entrance Monitoring
  • Line Control
  • Assist with Employer Table Clean up

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail Christine Cervelli at Cervelli@njit.edu with your name and the hours that you will be available to volunteer.  You will be assigned based upon your timely response, your availability on the day of the fair, and the need for coverage at specific venues. You will receive an e-mail to attend a mandatory volunteer meeting about 2 weeks before the fair at 11:45 a.m. in Fenster Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room 225.