Green Academics and Research at NJIT

At our university, some faculty and students are engaged in academic pursuits and research that center on different aspects of preserving the environment and making better use of systems already in place. Some representative projects and centers are listed below.

TELUS, Transportation, Economic and Land Use System: An information management and decision support system designed to help Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science: Hazardous substance management, pollution remediation and prevention, sustainable manufacturing.

Center for Airborne Organics: Detecting and tracing organic pollutants, preventing pollutant emissions.

Northeast Hazardous Substance Research Center: Hazardous substance handling, reduction, assessment and management.

Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory: Solid waste management and disposal, environmental systems, waste water treatment, site remediation.

Laboratory for Process and Field Analytical Chemistry: On-line process analysis, environmental monitoring, portable instruments for on-site environmental measurement.

Materials Characterization Laboratory: Elemental, organic and structural analysis.  - a coalition of institutions of higher education in NJ. Their vision is to inspire higher education to become models and messengers of sustainability.

Center for Architecture and Building Science Research (CABSR) - Engages in a comprehensive program of applied research focused in the built environment and on the institutions, policies, technologies, and trends that shape it.