Civic Engagement @ NJIT

Civic Engagement, or community service, at NJIT is fundamentally established as one of the four mission pillars for the University.  Engagement in service helps to prepare our students and graduates for positions of leadership as professionals and as citizens.  We are proud to say that over 1500 students annually commit to the pursuit of excellence  in service to both its urban environment and the broader society of the state and nation by:
  • conducting public policy studies
  • making educational opportunities widely available
  • initiating community-building projects

Civic Engagement at NJIT serves as an integral part of the university’s culture, harmonizing academic learning, personal development, and community benefit.  As we look at the endeavors and accomplishments of our students in the context of community service, we are reminded that NJIT’s existence in Newark, the State of New Jersey, and the national/global society offers a living laboratory for civic involvement.

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